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We supply our construction customers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, washers, studs, bent anchors, u-bolts, nuts, pins, and much more. We are proud to serve many of small and mid-size construction firms across the nation including Schwager Davis, Big Ben Engineering, Stresscrete, DMZ, Entekk, and Beaty to name a few.

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  • 1/2-13 X 5-7/8 Custom Round Galvanized U-bolts - With Expedited Service

    These 1/2 diameter custom round galvanized u-bolts are one of three sizes we supply our construction customer in Raleigh NC. They are made domestically using A307 steel material with a hot dip galvanized finish at 63 pieces. The inside length measures 5-7/8 while the inside width was set at 3 inches for a pipe radius of 1-1/2 inches. Two inches of 1/2-13 thread was incorporated on each leg.

  • Charcoal Painted Truss Head Screws - 14-10 X 1-3/4 Type A Sheet Metal Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    We supply these charcoal painted truss head screws on a revolving blanket purchase order basis, with annual usage at approximately 100K pieces. The truss head screws measure 14-10 X 1-3/4 with type A sheet metal screw thread. The large sharp threads on these screws, combined with the large surface area of the truss head, make these parts very difficult to handle. Without extra care in packaging, with layers of protection between every 1,000 pcs or so, the painted head gets scratched enough to cause cosmetic issues.

  • Custom 1"-8 Grade 5 Serrated Hex Flange Nuts With Zinc Clear Finish

    These custom 1"-8 grade 5 serrated hex flange nuts were produced at approximately 27,000 pieces, with zinc clear finish per ASTM B633 Type III.  Full certs were provided with the parts to document surface and core hardness, material chemical properties, proof load, and certificate of conformance.  Outside diameter was set at 1.95"-2.00" and overall nut height at .700"-.730".

  • Custom 1/2" Round Shoulder Machined U-Bolts

    This is a custom shoulder u-bolt we supplied to our construction customer. They were manufactured domestically using plain steel material, using 1/2 bar stock. The threaded sections however needed to be 3/8-16 at 1.3125 lengths on each leg. The unthreaded shoulder portion measures .750 inches in length and the centered width between the legs is 2 inches. Our internal part number for this part is SUB37061-A.

  • Custom 1/2" U Bolts In 316 Stainless Steel Material - 2 Inches Center To Center & 5-1/4 Inches In Length

    These custom 1/2-13 u-bolts in 316 stainless steel material were manufactured domestically using domestic raw material.  They were supplied with a pair of standard hex nuts and hex jam nuts in 316 stainless steel for each u-bolt assembly. 3.5 inches of coarse thread was incorporated on each leg and the inside width was maintained at 1.5 inches.

  • Custom 18-8 Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screws

    We had slightly over 150,000 pieces of these custom 18-8 stainless steel self drilling screws manufactured for our construction customer.  The drill screws measured 1/4 X 1-1/2 with an undercut flat head and a #3 drill point.  Most off-the-shelf versions are either available in 410 stainless steel or carbon steel material while our customer specifically needed 18-8 stainless steel composition.

  • Custom 316 SS Bent Anchor Rods - Per AMS 5648

    These are custom 316 SS bent anchor rods per AMS 5648 we provided our construction customer. They were domestically produced with a lead time of 4-5 weeks. Material certs, First Article Inspection Report (FAIR), and a certificate of conformance was provided with the parts as well. 1/4-20 thread was incorporated at 2.25" in length, with the long leg overall length measuring at 5".

  • Custom 316 Stainless Sealing Washers - Neoprene Bonded Sealing Washers In 316 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom 316 stainless steel sealing washers measure 7/8" on the inside diameter, 1-1/2" on the outside diameter, and an overall nominal thickness of .101".  Dimensionally this sealing washer is relatively common in the market but only in 18-8 stainless steel or steel zinc material.  Our customer's application required the use of 316 stainless steel, which necessitated the custom production run.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Threaded Studs

    This is another 5/8-11 threaded stud made using 316 stainless steel material, at 10" lengths. Domestic raw material was used for the production, which was also done locally in Southern California. Standard chamfers were incorporated on both sides and parts were provided to our construction customer with full certs.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Threaded Studs Cut & Chamfered - 3/4-10 X 11-1/2

    These are custom 316 stainless steel threaded rods cut and chamfered to 11-1/2 lengths. We supplied this specific order at just 360 pieces with 3/4-10 thread. Material certs were supplied with the parts per the customer's request and the lead time was at just 3-4 days from the initial order. Our internal part number for these custom 316 stainless steel studs is ATR-075C11.5-J.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Tapered Head Screws - 10-13 X 1.75" Thread Forming Screws With Gimlet Point & Custom Rounded Tapered Hex Head

    These are custom 316 SS bent anchor rods per AMS 5648 we provided our construction customer. They were domestically produced with a lead time of 4-5 weeks. Material certs, First Article Inspection Report (FAIR), and a certificate of conformance was provided with the parts as well. 1/4-20 thread was incorporated at 2.25" in length, with the long leg overall length measuring at 5".

  • Custom 6-Lobe Wood Screws - 316 Stainless Steel Material With Custom Shape Head

    These are custom 6-lobe wood screws made in 316 stainless steel material measuring 1.888" in length +/- .005".  #10-13 thread tapping thread pitch is rolled after the custom shaped head is cold formed and T20 6-lobe drive incorporated.  Production is done domestically at approximately 50,000 pcs per run and the total quantity was provided to our customer in 2 batches with the first shipment containing 18,000 pcs.

  • Custom ACME Thread Studs - 1-1/4" in A108 Steel Material

    These are custom large ACME thread studs we supplied our customer in two different lengths: 2 ft 11 inch and 3 ft 5 inch. Both lengths were fully threaded with 1-1/4" ACME thread. 3 custom tapped heavy hex nuts per piece were supplied with the threaded studs. Parts were made in the USA and were supplied with material certs.

  • Custom Aluminum Cap Nuts - 3/8-16 Acorn Nut Manufactured Per Samples Provided

    Our customer required matching custom aluminum cap nuts for renovation of a historical building and only had a few samples to work from without any dimensional drawings. We used those samples to recreate the pictured replicas using plain aluminum material with 3/8-16 internal thread. 5,000 pieces were produced for our customer's need and were provided together with custom aluminum .403" X 1.38" fender washers at 2,000 pieces.

  • Custom Aluminum Standoffs - 6-32 X 4" Female/Female Round Standoffs

    These are 6-32 female/female custom aluminum standoffs measuring 4 inches in overall length and tapped 3/8" deep on each end.  Outside diameter is 1/4".  Production was done overseas for optimal cost and lead time for the first release is typically at 120-140 days.  This part we supply on a revolving annual blanket release arrangement that allows our customer to spread out the cost over the year as they use the parts.

  • Custom Assembled Galvanized U Bolts - 1/2 X 5" With Custom Plates & Nuts

    These are round custom assembled galvanized u bolts made using A36 steel material with hot dipped galvanized finish, made domestically at 1,000 pieces. Custom 5/16 X 1-1/2 X 4-1/2 galvanized steel plates were produced to fit the u-bolts. Per our customer's specifications we delivered the 1,000 sets fully assembled with the plate and two washers per u-bolt set. The u bolts were made with an inside width at 2-3/4" and an inside depth of 5". Three inches of coarse thread were incorporated on each leg.

  • Custom Bent Anchor Bolts - 1/2 X 5" Bent Concrete Anchor Bolts in A449 Plain Steel Material

    Plain A449 material was used to manufacture these custom 1/2 X 5 bent concrete anchor bolts domestically in the USA and the parts were ready to ship within 6 business days from order. 1/2" bar stock material was used and approximately 2 inches of coarse thread was incorporated on each leg. One leg was set at 3" and the other at 5" overall length from the inside of the bend.

  • Custom Bent Eye Bolts & U-Bolts In A36 Steel Material - 3/4-10 Thread

    These custom bent eye bolts were produced together with matching large round u-bolts in A36 material.  3/4-10 thread was incorporated on both parts and 6 eye bolts were produced together with 21 u-bolts, a relatively small production run.  Parts were produced within 4 days of order confirmation but could have been done faster with an expedited rush order and fee if necessary.  The diameter of the eye was set to 1-1/2" and the thread length was set to 2-1/2".  We were approx 1/4" shy of the thread length requested however as going beyond that would encroach onto the bending material.  The round u-bolts were made to 3-1/2" between the legs and 4" for the inside length.  1" of 3/4-10 thread was incorporated on each leg.

  • Custom Captive Stainless Screws - 10-32 X 1.76 In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom captive stainless steel screws we supplied to our construction customer, who refers to them as "Gripper Screws".  Production was done domestically in the USA at approximately 5,000 pieces and a lead time of 6-8 weeks.  The multi-step flat head was made using a cold heading process and the 10-32 thread was rolled at 0.2" in length.  The diameter of the unthreaded shoulder was set at 0.14" +/-.015.

  • Custom Cone Point Screws - 8-32 Slotted Machine Screw In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom cone point screws were manufactured using 304 stainless steel material with plain finish. 8-32 fine thread was incorporated with the overall length of the threaded portion and the cone point set at .2925"-.3125". The head diameter was .306"-.322" and slot depth at .045"-.058". Head height was set at .085"-.096". Production was completed at just over 13,000 pieces within 8 weeks from order.

  • Custom Construction Bent Anchors - 1-1/4" by 39.37" In A36 Material

    These custom construction bent anchors were manufactured domestically using A36 material with plain finish.  1-1/4" bar stock was used and the threaded portion was turned down to allow for cutting M42 thread.  Overall length was set at 1,000MM or 39.37", with the outside hook measuring 180MM.  Tricky part to bend within tolerance but ended up turning out great.  Two heavy hex nuts and washers per anchor bolt were included with the shipment.

  • Custom Domestic L Anchor Bolts - ASTM A675 Grade 80

    We supplied approximately 450 pieces of these custom domestic L anchor bolts to our construction engineering customer, with full certs.  The parts had to be domestic made using domestic melt material as well in ASTM A675 Grade 80 steel, with plain finish.  1/2-13 thread was incorporated on the 15" long leg, with 13.5" of actual thread - having to cut this length of thread on each piece made the production process significantly slower.  The short leg measured 2".

  • Custom Double Thread Lag Screws - 1/2 X 10.75"

    Overall length measured 10.75" +/- 0.20" and 1/2-6 lag screw thread was incorporated at one side, with the other side using rolled 1/2-13 thread.  Approximately 5.5" of lag thread was designed into the part and 1.2" of the machine screw thread.  The crimped shoulder was set to a height of .37" +/-.02" and a length of .625" to allow use of a wrench during the application.  

  • Custom Extra Thick Square Washer in Q195 Steel

    This is the third component of the thee piece assembly shown below that we supply our customer on a blanket purchase order basis. It is manufactured overseas using Q195 low carbon steel material, with plain and light oil finish. Approximately 1.96" across both directions, this square washer is .600" thick with a tolerance of +/- .06".

  • Custom Flat Washers in Steel Zinc

    This is a custom zinc plated low carbon steel washer made to ID of 1.504, OD of 2.187, and TH of .062 with standard tolerances in place per customer's specifications. We supply hundreds of custom washers in a variety of materials and parameters, both on an as-released blanket purchase order basis and single order release basis. Custom washers like this typically have a lead time of 6-8 weeks from a PO.

  • Custom Full Thread Hanger Bolts - 5/16-18 Thread

    We had 100,000 pieces of these custom full thread hanger bolts produced in grade 5 steel material per SAE J429 with zinc clear finish.  The overall length was at 3-1/2 inches with 1-1/2 inches of 5/16-18 machine screw thread.  The balance was rolled with 5/16-9 wood screw thread.  No unthreaded shoulder was incorporated with the parts per our customer's drawing requirements.  

  • Custom Galvanized Anchor Bolts - A36 Steel, Galvanized

    These custom galvanized anchor bolts were manufactured domestically with a rush timeline using A36 steel material with a galvanized finish.  7 inches of 1"-8 coarse thread was incorporate on the long leg, with cut thread as opposed to a rolled alternative.  Overall length was set at 17" and the length of the short leg on the outside is 3".  Two galvanized nuts and washers were supplied per anchor bolt.

  • Custom Geomet Coated Washers - M5 Flat Washer With Geomet 500 Finish

    These custom Geomet coated washers are produced and finished domestically using 3 runs of Geomet 500 coating.  The washer itself is made using HV-140 steel material and is dimensionally almost identical to a standard DIN125A flat washer, with the thinner height being its only variation.  The ID is 5.3-5.48MM, the OD is 9.64-10MM, and the thickness is 0.8-.85MM.  A large variety of different Geomet coatings are available, not to mention the Xylan, Magni, and other trademarked finish processes at your disposal.  Lead time to get the plan flat washers produced is typically 8-12 weeks, and another 3-4 weeks for the Geomet 500 coating process.

  • Custom Grade 5 3/4-10 Socket Head Flat Point Set Screws

    We had approximately 6,000 of these custom 3/4-10 X 5 SAE J995 grade 5 socket head flat point set screws manufactured for our construction customer with zinc clear finish.  Overall length was set to 4.97-5.03" and the 3/8 hex drive was cold formed to a minimum depth of .375".  Lab tests were performed to confirm proof load of 85,000 psi min while maintaining core hardness of Rc 25-34.  

  • Custom Grade 5 Dacromet Coated Sheet Metal Screws

    These custom Grade 5 #12 X 1-3/4" type AB sheet metal screws were manufactured to SAE J429 specifications with 25-34 core hardness, 120 KSI min tensile strength, and 92 KSI min yield strength.  Dacromet zinc flake coating was applied to complete the parts and a raised dot was incorporated to help our construction customer easily distinguish between these Grade 5 screws and the standard low carbon version also in use.

  • Custom Grade 8 T-Bolts

    These are custom 3/4-10 T-bolts made using Grade 8 40 CR material, with plain and light oil finish. It is supplied in combination with the coupling nut and washer as shown below. Sold on an annual blanket purchase order basis, this part is made overseas with our long time trusted factory source and is provided with all necessary paperwork/certs.

  • Custom Hex Flange Bolts - Grade 5 Zinc Plated

    We had slightly over 100,000 pieces of these serrated custom hex flange bolts manufactured for our construction customer to their drawing specifications and tolerances.  They were manufactured per SAE J429 Grade 5 requirements with Zinc Clear finish per ASTM B633.  Flange OD was set to .68" and across the flats dimension to .489-.500".  The screws were fully threaded with 5/16-18 2a thread at 2-1/2" in length.  

  • Custom Injection Molded Plastic Spacers For Construction

    We supply our construction customer hundreds of thousands of these custom injection molded plastic spacers in a variety of sizes and colors.  Recycled material is used for both the grey and black version shown here and both have a width of 15MM but all over dimensions vary.  The larger grey spacer has an ID of 18.4MM and OD of 52.7MM while the black spacer has an ID of 11.125MM and OD of 48.72MM.

  • Custom Internally & Externally Threaded Studs - Medium Carbon Steel Material

    Production of these custom internally and externally threaded studs was run at approximately 10,000 pieces, in medium carbon grade 5 equivalent steel material.  The specific hardness requirement was set to 25-35 HRC.  The custom threaded studs had an overall length of .75" +/.02" with a 45-50 degree tapered point on one side.  Slotted drives were incorporated at both sides for optimal flexibility in our customer's application.  1/2-13 thread was rolled on the outside and 1/4-20 thread tapped all the way through.

  • Custom J-Bolts - 1/2 X 10-3/4 In A36 Plain Steel Material

    Custom J-Bolts made domestically using A36 material without any finish. Our customer needed the parts urgently and we were able to get them made and shipped within 4 days of order. 1/2 inch bar stock was used with 1-1/4" inside width on the J-turn and 1-3/4" on the short leg.

  • Custom Knurled Hardware - Test Knurling Samples For Custom 41L40 Steel Plate Bolts

    Over the years we have provided countless custom knurled hardware pieces - below is a snapshot of a custom bolt we are working on producing for a customer that is intended to be hammered into a pre-drilled steel plate.  We noticed that the spec calls out for diamond knurling but realized that probably won't work for the intended purpose, which is to keep the bolt from spinning after being inserted.

    After discussing it with the factory engineers we suggested going with a straight knurl instead of the diamond knurl.  The straight knurl would work better in keeping engagement.  We put together these samples to allow our customer to test the idea before incorporating it fully into the production run.  The production parts would be made using the same 41L40 steel material with a zinc plated finish.

  • Custom L Brackets In Plain Steel Material - 3/4" x 1/2"

    These are custom L brackets we provided our long time OEM customer.  We initially had 100 pieces produced for testing and engineering inspection prior to a full commitment for 20,000 estimated annual usage.  Plain low carbon steel material was used and the initial sample lot of 100 pcs was done within 1 week of print confirmation.  The outside dimensions were 3/4 X 1/4 on the narrow side and 1/2 X 1/2 on the wider section, with 1/8" diameter holes drilled 1/2" from the 90 degree angle on each side.

  • Custom Large 316 Stainless U-bolts - 1/2 X 18" Round Custom U-bolts With 4 Hex Nuts Each

    These are custom large 316 stainless u-bolts we supplied our customer in San Diego.  They specialize in waterworks related construction and specifically needed 316 stainless steel material with a fast turnaround.  We were able to ship the parts within 4 days of order confirmation.  1/2" diameter bar stock was used with 2 inches of coarse thread on each leg, with inside width measuring 16.25" and inside length at 18".

  • Custom Large Anchor Bolts - F1554 Grade 36 Material, Galvanized

    These custom galvanized anchor bolts were manufactured domestically with a rush timeline using A36 steel material with a galvanized finish.  7 inches of 1"-8 coarse thread was incorporate on the long leg, with cut thread as opposed to a rolled alternative.  Overall length was set at 17" and the length of the short leg on the outside is 3".  Two galvanized nuts and washers were supplied per anchor bolt.

  • Custom Large Grade 5 Threaded Stud Socket Bolts - 1"-8 Thread With Zinc Clear Finish

    Total production of these custom large grade 5 threaded stud socket bolts was run at approximately 27,000 pieces using grade 5 steel material per SAE J429 with zinc clear finish per ASTM B633 Type III. Overall length of the bolts was 6" and a .566-.573" socket drive was incorporated on one side.

  • Custom Large Stainless Steel Pins

    We had approximately 10,000 pieces of these custom large stainless steel pins manufactured for a customer installation in Italy.  303 stainless steel was used for production and the pins measured .249" in diameter by 5" in overall length.  A slight 45 degree chamfer was added on both sides to remove any sharp edges.  

  • Custom Metric 316 Stainless Shoulder Bolts

    We had 24,000 pieces of these custom metric 316 stainless shoulder bolts manufactured for our design and construction customer.  The shoulder measured 4MM by 3MM and M3 X 0.5MM thread was incorporated at 5MM in length, including the relief shoulder transition.  Head diameter was at 6MM and a 2MM hex socket drive was cold formed.  

  • Custom Phil Flat Machine Screws To Print - 1/4-28 X 13/16 In Steel With Black Oxide Finish

    These custom phil flat machine screws are made domestically in the United States using low carbon steel material with black oxide finish and light oil.  We supply them on revolving 12 month blanket purchase orders with other custom hardware items the same customer purchases from us.  Initial lead time for custom machine screws like these is 5-6 weeks from order and drawing approval.

  • Custom Precision Cam Nuts - Mild Steel With Zinc Plating

    We had 12,000 pieces of these large custom precision cam nuts manufactured in mild steel for our construction component manufacturer.  Overall length measured 91.7MM and max OD at the base was set to 23.88MM.  M8 X 1.25 6g thread was incorporated on both sides and M12 X 1.75 6h thread was tapped in the center of the base.  Both shoulders were tuned to a 13.37-13.48MM diameter.  Material certs and certificate of conformance was provided with the parts.

  • Custom Ribbed Neck Carriage Bolts - 1/4-20 X 7/8 In Grade 5 Steel Material With Zinc & Bake

    These are custom ribbed neck carriage bolts we supply to one of our oldest customers.  They measure 1/4-20 X 7/8 and are manufactured domestically in the USA in Grade 5 steel material, with zinc and clear finish.  Production lead time is typically approximately 6-7 weeks for this custom part and all certs are available upon request.

  • Custom Slotted Round Metric Screws - M7 X 1.0 X 34.5MM In Mild Steel With Black Oxide

    These custom slotted round metric screws were manufactured using a cold heading process mild steel material, finished with a black oxide treatment. 90-92 degree angle was incorporated underneath the head, which had an outside diameter of 13.37MM-13.80MM and overall height of 5.15MM max inclusive of the undercut portion. Full M7 X 1.0M thread was rolled to a 6G thread fit.

  • Custom Stainless Button Head Cap Screws - Partially Threaded

    These are custom stainless button head cap screws with partial 8-32 thread made domestically in the United States to the customer's print.  303 stainless steel material was used and the unthreaded shank of the custom screw was made to a diameter of .125".  The 8-32 threaded portion was maintained to a max .225 inches in length.  The button head diameter was maintained within a maximum of .312 inches.

  • Custom Stainless Shoulder Captive Screws - Cold Drawn 303 SS

    These custom stainless shoulder captive screws were manufactured using cold drawn stainless steel bar stock material with a cold headed head and drive.  6-32 thread was incorporated at 5mm +/- 0.5, with a lead in chamfer per print.  The head was made to 8mm in diameter and 1.5mm in height, with the step shoulder measuring 3.6 in diameter by 2mm in length.  The long captive shoulder was set to 2.3mm +0/-0.2 diameter.  Overall length is 31.5mm and the head featured a #2 phillips drive.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Lag Screws

    We had 10,000 pieces of each size of these custom stainless steel fully threaded lag screws supplied to our construction customer.  304 stainless steel material was used and the parts were manufactured to ASME B18.2.1 other than the full thread feature requirement.  Tensile strength was required to surpass the minimum 90,000 psi requirement and both the material composition and the tensile strength (axial) were tested at a third party lab with full certs.  The two sizes pictured here are the 3/8-7 X 4" and 3/8-7 X 5.5".  The finish on both sizes is Geomet 321 with Plus L top coat.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Step Down Precision Pins

    We provided these custom stainless steel step down precision pins to our utilities customer.  It took a few iterations of the design and specifications to dial in the drawing and we then produced these parts using 18-8 stainless steel material with plain finish.  Prior to our production our customer was manually assembling this part using the 3 individual components and we eliminated that cumbersome process by providing a single fully machined version.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Washers - 304 Stainless Steel Material

    These flat custom stainless steel washers are supplied to our long time customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis.  They are manufactured domestically using 304 stainless steel material and measure .047 +/- .0030" on the thickness, .8720 +/-.0050" on the outside diameter, and .600 +/- .0050" on the inside diameter.  \

  • Custom Stamped Mounting Brackets - Steel Zinc

    Engineered Source supplies countless special stamped parts, from a number of different custom stamped washers to specialized stamped hardware items like these paired male and female flush mounting hardware parts.  They are stamped at a domestic US based factory that we have been working with for over 10 years and supplied on an as-needed blanket purchase order basis.

  • Custom Steel T-Bolts With Zinc Clear Finish - 8-32 X 3/4

    These custom steel T-bolts were manufactured domestically using medium carbon steel material with zinc clear finish.  8-32 thread was incorporated at a length of 3/4" underneath the head.  The head height is set to .04", head width across the flats at .32", and the width across the rounded sides at .438" +/-.015" max.  Lead time for mass production of a similar part is typically 8-10 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Thread Cutting Screw With Type 17 Point

    This is a custom #10-12 X 1" phillips square combo drive thread cutting screw made in the USA using 302 stainless steel. A type 17 point is incorporated to our customer's specifications and the parts are run through a black oxide and wax service as a final step. These parts are stocked and releases on a blanket purchase order basis annually.

  • Custom Ultra Fine Threaded Studs In 18-8 Stainless Steel - 5/16-32 X 1-1/4 Chamfered On Both Sides

    We supplied these custom ultra fine threaded studs to our customer in the civil engineering and construction field.  They measure 5/16-32 X 1-1/4 and are manufactured domestically with a lead time of 1-2 weeks.  100 pieces were produced with each side chamfered by hand.  Unlike the typical threaded studs used in construction, these ultra fine thread parts were very temperamental and required extra care during the production process and handling.  Even the smallest error in the chamfering process or a small dent in the thread from handling/shipping could ruin the thread run and cause jamming on the mating parts.

  • Custom Zinc Plated U Bolts - 5/16 X 3-1/2 With Plates & Hex Nuts

    These are custom zinc plated u bolts we supplied to our customer at 150 sets that included 2 hex nuts per u bolt and a flat plate measuring 1/8 X 2 X 3-1/4 inches.  The lead time without any rush service was at 2 weeks from order confirmation.  Material certs were provided with the parts per customer specifications.  The inside width of the u bolt was set at 2 inches, inside length at 3-1/2, and 2 inches of 5/16 coarse thread was incorporated on each leg.  The sets were delivered to the customer fully assembled as shown in the picture.

  • Custom/Special Grade 5 Coupling Nuts

    This is a custom Grade 5 coupling nut that is used together with a custom T bolt and square washer shown in accompanying posts. It measures 3/4-10 by 1-1/2 inches in length, and can be supplied with plain and light oil finish or hot dip galvanized finish as pictured here. Together with the other two components, this coupling nut is supplied on a blanket as-released order basis.

  • Large Double End Studs - 1"-8 Partially Threaded Studs In Plain B7 Material

    We supplied our customer with 3 different sizes of these large double end studs: 160 pieces of 1"-8 X 5.125" with 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" of thread lengths, 30 pieces of 3/4"-10 X 3.8125" with 1" and 1-1/4" of thread lengths, and 12 pieces of 1-1/8"-8 X 5-3/4" with 1-7/8" and 1-1/4" thread lengths.  All threaded studs were made domestically using B7 material with light oil plain finish.  One side of each double end stud was stamped with the B7 material designation.  Lead time to produce all three sizes was approximately 5 business days from order confirmation.

  • Light Brown Painted Button Socket Screws - 6/32 X 5/16 Tamper Proof Security Screws & Standard Socket Cap Screws

    Our customer requested these light brown painted button socket screws in batches of approximately 2,500 pcs of both the security screw version and the standard button socket version. Pin-in button socket drive was used for the security screw and both parts measured 6-32 X 5/16. Alloy steel with thermal black oxide was used for the base part material, and the security screws had a wax coating that required stripping prior to the paint application.

  • PTFE Blue Coated Threaded ASTM A193 Grade B7 Studs & Heavy Hex ASTM A194 Grade 2H Nuts

    Various types of coatings are available - Xylan 1000 series, 1400 series, 142X series, Teflon, Ceramic, Mil-Spec Coatings, Halar, and Dry Film Lubricants. The right coating selection is based on environmental considerations for the parts, such as presence of different degrees of moisture, heat, chemicals, etc. These particular parts included B7 studs measuring 3/4-10 X 3-3/4 with accompanying 3/4-10 Grade 2H heavy hex nuts.

  • Custom Modified Truss Self Tapping Screws - #9 X 1-5/8 Type A Self Tapping Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These #9 X 1-5/8" custom modified truss self tapping screws are manufactured using 303 stainless steel material and as of 2020 we supply this part in plain finish, black oxide finish shown here, satin sheen brown, and satin sheen grey colors.

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