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We supply our defense and military manufacturers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, standoffs/spacers, springs, washers, nuts, pins, machined components, and much more. We are proud to serve a small but critical part with many specialized defense manufacturers across the nation including Kihomac, Connectec, Ametek, and Navcom to name a few.

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  • Custom 1/72 Hex Machine Screw Nut Made to Print

    This is a custom to print machine screw nut we supply to a defense customer on an as-released purchase order basis, with the releases at approximately 6,000 pieces. Made in the USA, this 1/72 machine screw nut is DFAR compliant and was made using 303 stainless steel with 3B thread fit.

  • Custom 17-4 Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws

    These custom 17-4 stainless steel shoulder screws were manufactured using DFARS compliant material for our defense customer, with MIL-DTL-13924D black oxide finish and heat treat to condition 1025.  M3 X 0.50 thread was incorporated at a length of 4.06MM and the shoulder measured 3MM in diameter by 24.5MM.  The head incorporated an aggressive diamond knurl and a broached 6-lobe drive.  Full certs with a FAIR were provided with the parts.

  • Custom 17-4PH Dowel Pins - 5MM X 22.8MM In DFARS 17-4PH Material

    These custom 17-4PH dowel pins were manufactured domestically at 6,000 pieces.  DFARS 17-4PH stainless steel material was used, per AMS5622 with H900 heat treatment required.  Overall length was 22.8MM +0/-.4 and the critical diameter of the pins measured 5MM +0/-.013.  Our internal part number for this custom dowel pin is 12901978 and typical lead time is 12-14 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom 17-7PH Compression Springs - 0.125 X 1.016 Compression Springs For Aerospace Applications

    These custom 17-7PH compression springs were manufactured domestically and is intended for defense manufacturing applications. 17-7 PH Stainless steel material per AMS 5678 was used and the parts were passivated per MIL-S-5002. Heat treat was specificed per MIL-H-6875 and we also had to run the springs 100% through penetrant inspection in accordinace with MIL-STD-6866 Type I, Method A, Sensitivity Level 2. Outside diameter measured .800 inches, inside diameter at .53 inches, and 3-1/2 total coils. First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) was provided with the first batch of these compression springs per customer requirements.

  • Custom 440C Precision Machined Shaft Bushings

    We had these custom 440C precision machined shaft bushings manufactured using DFARS compliant AMS 5830 material for our aerospace customer, with a passivated finish to ASTM A967.  The inside diameter on the bushings was set to .6255 +/- .0005" and outside diameter to .7528 +/-.0005", with a width of .185 +/-.002".  Full certs were provided with the parts, including a FAIR and NADCAP certified certs for all secondary processes involved in manufacturing the parts complete to print.

  • Custom 6-Lobe (Torx Alternative) Shoulder Screws in 416 Stainless Steel

    We had these custom 6-lobe shoulder screws manufactured in 416 stainless steel in the USA for our electronics customer.  DFARS compliant material was used and the parts were heat treated to achieve 26-32 RC.  The 6-lobe drive (T10 size) was made using a combination of broaching and punch, allowing us to bypass cold forming that carries a much longer lead time in our current conditions.  The shoulder measures .13" X .500" in length and the threaded portion is #4-40 with a minimal undercut.

  • Custom 8740 Chrome Moly Slotted Bolts - CAD Plated

    These custom 8740 chrome moly slotted bolts were manufactured domestically in the USA for our aerospace customer, intended to offer min 160,000 psi tensile strength.  10-32 UNF 3A thread was incorporated and overall screw length underneath the head is .746 +.015/-.015".  A channel was formed at the bottom of the head to allow for an O-ring to be applied, allowing for a sealing screw application.

  • Custom 8740 Steel Phil Flat NSN-53505-01-093-0290 & NSN-5305-01-093-2450 Screws

    We provided our aerospace customer two variations of these custom 8740 steel phil flat screws, made using 8740 material per MIL-S-6049 with cadmium plating per QQ-P-416 Type I Class 2.  NSN-53505-01-093-0290 measured 10-32 X .713" while NSN-5305-01-093-2450 measured 10-32 X .837".  Both parts were manufactured domestically with full certs.  

  • Custom A286 Socket Head Captive Shoulder Screws

    These custom A286 socket head captive shoulder screws were manufactured domestically with full certs and FAIR using DFARS compliant A286 material hardened to minimum ultimate tensile strength of 1100 MPA.  The captive shoulder diameter was set to 1.64mm +0/-.05, 2-56 thread length at 3.78", and overall length under the head at 9.04mm +0/-0.76.  Parts were finished with Passivation per AMS2700, Method 1, Type 2, Class 4.

  • Custom Airframe Double Thread 17-4PH Precision Pins

    We had 4 different size variations of these custom airframe double thread 17-4PH precision pins manufactured for our aerospace and defense customer, with all production done domestically in the USA and the raw material DFARS compliant.  A combination of M6 X 1.0 and 10-32 UNJF rolled thread was required for each variation.  

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom captive shoulder screws were manufactured using a modification to a COTS part for our defense customer using 18-8 stainless steel material with standard 2-56 3A thread and standard socket head dimensions.  Length underneath the head was designed to .750" +/- .005" and the shoulder was turned to a diameter of .052-.054", at a length of .066" +/- .005".  

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - Flat Socket Head In 302HQ DFARS Material

    Slightly over 4,000 pieces of these custom captive shoulder screws were made domestically for our military customer. An MS24671-32 part made using 302HQ DFARS compliant material was used as a base part to create this final version. Part of the 1/4-20 3A thread was turned down to a shoulder diameter of .175" +/-.005 and length of .339" +/- .015. .375" of thread remained after the modification. The resulting captive shoulder screws were then passivated per AMS QQ-P-35 and run through a thread lock patch process per MIL-F-18240.

  • Custom Class 12.9 Metric Socket Head Screws With Cad Plated Finish - M5 - 0.8MM Thread

    These custom class 12.9 metric socket head screws with cad plated finish were manufactured domestically using DFARS compliant 4140 alloy steel material per ASTM A108. 1,100 pieces were produced measuring 5M X 0.8MM X 16.15MM +/0.03MM. 6G class thread was rolled and the head incorporated a cold formed socket drive, fine knurl feature, and a .050" diameter through hole. Parts were run through a cadmium plating process at .0003/.0005" type II, Class 2 per AMS QQ-P-416, followed by non destructive magnetic particle inspection testing per ASTM-E-1444. Full certs and FAIR was provided with the parts.

  • Custom DFARS 316 Stainless Steel Screws

    These custom DFARS 316 stainless steel screws were manufactured domestically with plain finish for our marine unmanned vehicle manufacturing customer.  The two sizes shown here are 8-32 X 7/18 and 10-32 X 5/8, both fully threaded.  The hex socket drive is broached on both sizes for fast turnaround - cold headed version provides better cost per piece but requires a longer lead time.

  • Custom Domestic Alloy Steel Socket Head Screws - 10-32 X 1-3/8

    These custom domestic alloy steel socket head screws were manufactured domestically for our customer that needed DFARS compliant 10-32 X 1-3/8 parts.  4140 alloy steel material was used, heat treated to Rc 37-44 and finished with black oxide.

  • Custom Drilled Stainless Steel Socket Set Screw

    This is a custom made socket set screw made using 303 stainless steel, passivated to Mil QQ-P-35 Type II. It measures 10-32 X .415" +/-.010 and is drilled at a diameter of .126 +.005/-.000 to a depth of .250 +/-.005. We supply them at orders of approximately 1,000 pieces per release and the custom parts are made domestically in the USA.

  • Custom Eccentric Shafts In 431 Stainless Steel Material

    We supply our customer these custom eccentric shafts on a revolving blanket purchase order basis, typically at 350 pieces required annually.  431 material per AMS 5628 material was used to manufacture these tricky parts, with heat treat, dicronite finish per AMS 2530 not to exceed .0002" in thickness.  Dimensional tolerances were very stringent on these parts, at +/- .0002" on many of the cross section diameters along the shaft.  The hex socket drive was broached with engagement to be at .175" minimum and overall drill depth not to exceed .200".  

  • Custom Large Socket Cap Screws - 1-1/4 -7 X 9" In A574 Material With Black Oxide Finish

    A574 material was used for these custom socket cap screws, with minimum tensile strength of 170,000 psi, minimum yield strength of 154,000 psi, and rockwell hardness between 37 and 45.  1-1/4 -7 class 3A thread was required and the overall length underneath the head was 9 inches.  MIL-DTL-13924 black oxide finish was done to complete the parts.  Per their request the shank and threads of each socket screw had to be protected during handling and shipping.

  • Custom Large Square Washers - 3" X 3" In A36 Material

    200 pieces of these custom large washers were manufactured domestically measuring 3" by 3" by .5" thickness, using A36 steel material with zinc plating per ASTM B633, SC2, Type 1. The inside opening had to be machined to a diameter of 1.06" +/- .01". All sharp edges had to be broken to .010-.030". Certifications for the material characteristics and the zinc plating was provided with the parts.

  • Custom Long Compression Springs In 17-4PH Material - 30.331 Overall Length

    The production of these custom long compression springs in 17-4PH material was run at a relatively small batch of only 500 pieces. 17-4PH material was used per AMS 5678 and all production work was done domestically with all secondary processes done with NADCAP certified facilities. A first article inspection report (FAIR) was provided as well with the parts together with all other certs. .060 +/-.0015" diameter wire was used to make this part and the ID/OD was set to .78"/.90". Parts were passivated per AMS 2700, method 1, type 2 or 8 with full certs to complete the production process spanning approximately 7-8 weeks from start.

  • Custom Metric Socket Cap Screws - M2-0.4M X 6MM Socket Head Cap Screws In DFARS Compliant 303 Stainless Steel

    These are M2 X 6MM DFARS compliant socket cap screws whose simplicity in look is misleading to say the least.  We were tasked to replicate our customers existing samples and the combination of the hex broach dimensions and depth together with the countersunk angle required a different approach than a standard flat socket head screw.  The part was initially made like a standard socket cap screw without the countersink, broached to required depth, and then machined down for the countersunk angle.  Finally the part was then threaded and passivated.

  • Custom MS16218-9 Slotted Flat Machine Screws

    This is a small quantity (1,000 pieces) batch of custom made dimensional equivalent of MS16218-9 slotted flat machine screws, made in the USA using C65500 ASTM B 98 silicon bronze material - it measures 2-56 X 3/16".

  • Custom Precision Adapter Dowel Pins - 4140 Alloy Steel

    These custom precision adapter dowel pins were manufactured for our defense customer using 4140 alloy steel material with Rc 38-42 hardness with plain finish. Production was done in the USA and the pins measured .10800" +/- .00025" in diameter and .375" +/-.010" in overall length. Full certs were provided with the parts per customer's instructions.

  • Custom Precision Drilled Hex Nuts - 5-40 Thread

    These custom precision drilled hex nuts were manufactured domestically in the USA using DFARS compliant 303 stainless steel material with NADCAP certified passivation per AMS QQ-P-35.  Internal 5-40 2B thread fit was incorporated and two corners drilled at a .026 +/- .005" diameter.  Outside dimensions are 7/32" across the flats and .244" across corners.

  • Custom Precision Machined A286 Stainless Sleeve

    These custom precision machined A286 stainless steel sleeve components are manufactured domestically for an aerospace application.  Overall length is 1.5" and the sleeve incorporates 1/2-20 2A male thread and 5/16-24 2B female thread at a depth of .512".  A number of precision shoulder steps are designed into the exterior and interior of the components.  

  • Custom Precision Machined Housing Components - Aluminum Alloy 2011

    We had 1,000 pieces of these custom precision machined components manufactured domestically in the USA to serve as housing parts in a defense article production application.  Aluminum alloy 2011 (Temper T3) material was used for the production and the parts were set for MIL-STD-171 compliant black dye.  Dimensional requirement were fairly precise with tolerance at +.000/-.001 for most specifications.

  • Custom Silicon Bronze Sleeve Bearings

    We had 8 different configurations of these custom silicon bronze sleeve bearings manufactured domestically for our defense customer.  The inside diameter was set to .116" for all 8 different variations and the length was also consistently set to .125".  The outside diameter however varied from .180" to .210".  

  • Custom Stainless Steel Button Socket Head Screws To Print

    This is a custom made 8-32 X 1" button socket head screw made in the USA using 302HQ material per customer specifications. We typically supply this part in quantities of 5,000 - 10,000 pieces and lead times vary between 5 and 7 weeks from order.

  • Custom Stainless Vented Pins - 303 Stainless Steel

    These custom stainless vented pins were manufactured domestically using 303 stainless steel material and measure .393" +/-.01 in overall length with 3/8-24 partial thread.  They are fully vented with an ID of .124 +.002/-.000.  A slotted drive (.03" across) was incorporated on the threaded side and the parts were completed with a passivated finish per MIL QQ-P-35 Type II.  Full certs were provided with the parts to comply with our customer's requirements.  

  • Custom Tamperproof NAS1352 Socket Head Pin-in Screws

    Our aerospace and defense customer needed NAS1352N04-06 socket head screws for their assembly but with a tamperproof pin-in socket head, which is not readily available off the shelf.  We had the pictured custom tamperproof version of this NAS1352 screw manufactured domestically to fully comply with the NAS specification using DFARS compliant material, with of-course the exception of the drive type.  Parts measured 4-40 X .375" and full certs were provided with the parts.

  • Custom Vented Titanium Screws - 2-56 X 7/8 Socket Cap Screws In Grade 5 Titanium Material

    These custom vented titanium socket cap screws were made domestically in the USA using ASTM B348 Grade 5 material and measured 2-56 X 7/8".  The vent hole has a diameter of .028 inches.  Lead time for similar parts is typically 8-10 weeks but expedited options are typically available upon request.  Our internal part number for this vented screw is SC-002014-UVENT.

  • MS21250-02004 12-Point Flange Bolts

    These MS21250-02004 12 point flange bolts were manufactured using domestic 8740 AMS 8322P steel material heat treated to AMS 2759/1 F AMS 2759 F to reach hardness of 40-43 HRC.  The parts were finished with CAD plating per AMS-QQ-P-416E specification, Type II Class 2.  Full certs were provided with the parts to our aerospace customer per order requirements.

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