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We supply our oil, gas, and renewable energy manufacturers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, standoffs/spacers, springs, washers, nuts, pins, bent parts, machined components, and much more. We are proud to serve a small but critical part with many specialized energy manufacturers across the nation including Panasonic, Arc Energy, and C&J Energy to name a few.

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  • 7/16-14 Custom Socket Head Cap Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material - 7/16-14 X 6-1/2

    These custom socket head cap screws are manufactured domestically for a customer in Texas, with a short lead time of just 4-6 weeks from confirmed order. 18-8 stainless steel material was used and a partial rolled thread of 7/16-14 was incorporated to the customer's drawing specifications. Full certs were provided with the parts.

  • Custom 1/6 X .850 Hastalloy Sensor Pins

    Custom pins of virtually all types, materials, and specific requirements are Engineered Source's specialty. We work closely with our international and domestic factories to supply special pins like this 1/16 X .850 Hastalloy Sensor Probe Pin, chamfered only on one side. This specific part is supplied to our customer on a blanket order basis, allowing for greater flexibility based on manufacturing and financial needs.

  • Custom 5/16-18 X 1-1/4 Hex Shoulder Bolt In Grade 5 Steel Zinc

    We have been supplying this special hex shoulder bolt to the same customer for over five years, made in the USA using grade 5 steel and zinc plated.  Approximately 12 months of supply is carried at all times and parts are released to our customer as needed based on their production.  Blanket purchases are used on a rotating basis to lock in pricing and ensure adequate supply at all times.

  • Custom ASTM-A684 High Carbon Wave Spring Washer

    We supply a number of carbon steel 3-wave spring washers like this ASTM-A684 spring washer we provide a customer on an annual blanket purchase order basis. This washer measures approximately 1.658 on the inside diameter, 2.132 on the outside diameter, and a thickness of approximately .148 inches.

  • Custom Double End Shoulder Studs - A193 B7 Material

    These custom double end shoulder studs were manufactured domestically using B7 material with plain finish.  1" coarse thread was incorporated on one side at a length of 1-1/4".  1-5/8" of 3/4" coarse thread was cut on the other side of the stud, with the shoulder machined to a diameter of .75" +/- .01".  Overall length of the double ended stud is 4" +/-.01" and in plain finish this part can be produced relatively quick with a lead time of 2-4 weeks depending on the production volume required.  Material certs were provided with the parts per customer's requirements.

  • Custom Flat Head Socket Cap Screw in 304 Stainless Steel

    This custom flat head socket cap screw was provided to our energy OEM customer for testing purposes.  The 1/4-20 X 1" screw was made to a drawing provided by the customer, with a 100 degree head at a larger diameter than the standard for this thread size.  Full certs were provided with the part.

  • Custom Grade 5 Left Hand Thread Hex Head Bolts

    We manufactured these custom left hand thread hex head bolts for our customer to grade 5 requirements in plain thermal black oxide finish.  They measured LH 3/4-10 x 2" in length with the hex head measuring 1.100-1.125" across the flats.  Head height was set to .483-.455".  Full certs were made available with the parts.

  • Custom Hex Shoulder Standoffs - 316 Stainless Steel

    We had these custom hex shoulder standoffs manufactured in 316 stainless steel for a physical and accelerator lab in two thread sizes - M3 and M4 thread sizes with 6g thread fit.  The width across the flats on the hex measured 6.8-7MM and the main shoulder diameter measured 5.6MM +/-.05 and the step down shoulder diameter measuring 4.8MM +/- .05.  The internal female M2 X 0.4 thread was tapped to a depth of 4MM min.  

  • Custom Knurled Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

    These custom knurled nylon insert lock nuts were manufactured using SAE J995 class 8 material with zinc clear finish.  3/8-24 internal thread was incorporated with a 45 degree chamfer and a .551-.562 across the flats hex was formed over the nylon insert.  Overall length measured at .519 +/-.03" and the knurled portion measured approximately .34" in length.  

  • Custom Large B7 Threaded Studs - 1-1/5 X 6-1/4" With Zinc Clear Finish

    We had 64 pieces of these custom large B7 threaded studs manufactured for our customer, with the cut and chamfer of the plain parts done domestically followed by commercial zinc + clear plating operation.  The threaded studs measured 1-1/5 - 8 X 6-1/4 and were supplied with ASTM A194 2H heavy hex nuts.  

  • Custom Large Metric 12.9 Socket Head Bolts - M90 X 495MM

    These are custom large metric class 12.9 socket head bolts manufactured domestically for our utilities customer at 92 pieces. M90 X 4 thread was incorporated at thread length of 120MM. The shoulder dimeter was set to 84.3MM at a length of 290MM. The 75MM socket drive was broached with a 10MM diameter hole drilled in the center to a depth of 385" from the top of the head.

  • Custom Machined Hex Nuts - Oversize With 3/4-10 and 5/8-11 Internal Thread

    These oversize custom machined hex nuts were made domestically using plain low carbon steel material, to be used in a custom u-bolt/plate combination after all 3 items went through a zinc plating process.  Width across the flats was set at 2" for both the 3/4-10 and the 5/8-11 internal thread versions, and the height was at 3/4".  Parts were completed within 2 weeks of order, with an additional 1-2 weeks for zinc plating with the other two items.  Our internal part number for this machined hex nut is NF-075032-B.

  • Custom Metric Shoulder Bolts - 304 Stainless Steel

    These custom metric shoulder bolts were manufactured using 304 stainless steel material with the head cold formed and shoulder machined to a diameter of 11.965-11.938mm by 80mm in length, with 16mm of M10 X 1.5 6g thread after the relief.  The knurled socket head incorporated a 6MM hex socket drive.  

  • Custom Modified Grade 8 Machine Screws - Special Head Shape

    These custom modified grade 8 machine screws were made using 5/16-18 X 1-1/4 Grade 8 hex head cap screws in grade 8 steel material with zinc/clear finish. The head of each COTS part was machined to the shape seen here, with the head height at .190" +/-.005" and head diameter at .485" +/-.005". Single flat .42" section was incorporated at one section per our customer's provided sample piece. Total of 3,000 pieces were modified on this specific production run and the lead time was approximately 2-4 weeks from the order receipt.

  • Custom Monel 400 Socket Head Cap Screws - 5/8-11 X 3-1/2 With Cut Thread

    These are custom Monel 400 socket head cap screws measuring 5/8-11 by 3-1/2" in length. Domestically produced with a lead time of just 4 days, custom socket bolts incorporated coarse cut thread and a broached socket head drive. Material certs and a certificate of conformance was provided with the parts per our customer's request.

  • Custom Oval Point Set Screws - Metric

    We had 18,000 pieces of these metric custom oval point set screws manufactured for our renewable energy customer in the United Kingdom.  304 stainless steel material was used and all production was done domestically in the USA.  Overall length was set to .384-.404 inches and the oval point was done with a .120 radius.  4MM x 0.7 thread was cut with 6g thread fit and a .0795-.0805" hex socket drive was broached.

  • Custom SAE 863 Bronze Sleeve Bearings

    We provide our customer base a number of different bearings and sleeve type bearings like this SAE 863 part. This part was supplied at a quantity of just over 5,000 pieces and the lead time was approximately 6 weeks. SAE 863 is a powdered Iron-Copper material that boasts greater strength due to its iron content.

  • Custom Slotted Pins With Partial 6-32 Thread - 304 Stainless Steel Material

    We supplied our renewable energy customer these custom slotted pins with partial 6-32 thread. Just over 2,000 pieces were produced domestically using 304 stainless steel material. The 6-32 thread length was set at 0.18" and all other dimensions were derived from the samples our customer provided us. These parts were relatively simple without any special services or paperwork requirements.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Metric Male-Female Standoffs

    These custom metric male/female standoffs were manufactured using 303 stainless steel material with commercial passivation.  M5 thread was tapped to a depth of 8MM and the male extension was machined without thread to a diameter of 3.8MM and length of 3MM.  The distance across the flats used for wrenching during the application was set to 7MM.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Shim Washers

    This is one of the number of shim washers we carry, all of which are made domestically in the USA. It's dimensions are 2.198 on the inside diameter, 2.647 on the outside diameter, and thickness of .060. Tolerances on these custom stainless steel shim washer inside and outside dimensions is +/- .010 inches, and +/-.004 on the thickness. All of the special shim washers we currently carry are supplied to our customers on a annual blanket purchase order basis.

  • Custom Stamped Bent L-Shaped Bolts

    These custom stamped bent L-shaped bolts were manufactured with a cold formed/stamped stop shoulder critical to the assembly application.  5/16-18 thread was incorporated underneath the shoulder/flange feature, at approximately 14.42mm in length.  The unthreaded length measures 31mm on the outside and the flange/shoulder diameter is 17.5mm.  Zinc + clear finish was applied to complete the parts after heat treat.

  • Custom Undercut Flat Head Machine Screw in 4037 Steel

    Custom 1/4-28 X .571 dime slotted undercut flat head machine screw manufactured domestically in the USA, made using 4037 steel and further processed with glass bead and rust inhibitor for optimal performance in our customer's application. Parts like this typically carry a lead time of 6-10 weeks, depending on the secondary services involved and the quantity required.

  • Extended Thread Large B7 Hex Bolts - 7/8 X 9 ASTM A193 B7 Hex Bolts With Reworded Extended Threads

    Our customer needed 24 pieces of these extended thread large B7 hex bolts, measuring 7/8 X 9 with coarse thread.  The cut thread was extended as far as possible for each of the 24 pieces and the turnaround for the small quantity was relatively fast at just a few business days.  The finalized hex bolts were supplied with nuts and washers.

  • Large Custom Double Sided Studs - Grade 8 1-1/4 X 52 Inch Overall Length

    These are large custom double sides studs made using grade 8 steel material at 1-1/4 diameter and 52 inches overall length.  Each side had 6 inches of thread and a grade 8 nylon insert zinc yellow lock nut.  Production for 8 pieces took approximately 1 week.  Material certs were made available to our customer upon request.

  • Small Custom Plain Steel U-Bolts - 5/16-18 X 1.38" With Rolled Thread

    This is one of our small custom plain steel u-bolts made domestically to our customer's drawing and tolerances. 5/16-18 rolled thread was requested with a .06 X 45 degree chamfer and undersized first two threads. The center to center dimension was set at .81", inside length at 1.38" and thread length at .62". Lead time was approximately 4-5 weeks since the customer was not in a rush to get the parts sooner. Faster lead time was available in needed.

  • Special Belleville Washer In SAE 1060 Spring Steel

    This is a custom belleville washer made in the United States using SAE 1060 spring steel material and heat treated to 42-48 HRC. It measures .475 on the inside dimension, .848 on the outside dimension, and .060 in thickness. 20 degree offset angle is used per customer's print specifications.

  • Special M3 X 0.5 X 10MM Socket Cap Screw in C276 Hastelloy Material

    These custom metric hastelloy socket cap screws are M3 X 10MM with a 0.5MM thread pitch. They were made using C276 Hastelloy material, manufactured domestically in the United States and supplied to our customer on a revolving blanket order basis with full certs.

  • Special to Print Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screw With Black Oxide Finish

    We supply approximately 20,000 pieces of this custom grade 5 hex cap screw annually on an as-released basis to our long time customer. The parts are made in the USA and measure 5/16-24 X 7/8. With the black oxide finish typical lead time for parts like this hex cap screw is approximately 5-6 weeks from order.

CALL US WITH YOUR INQUIRIES AT (866) 243-3044 OR EMAIL US AT [email protected]