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Engineered Source provides a full variety of kitting options at your disposal with customization of parts, packaging, and labeling.

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Loose Fastener Kits & Flange Kits

Simple kitting with loose hardware placed inside cartons for optimal cost and cosmetic appearance. Most often provided for hardware in the automotive, construction, and waterworks industries.

Security & Defense Hardware Kits

Defense, aerospace, and specialty security production customers often request kits that require some form of protection beyond a simple carton or poly bag. This is often in the form of an ammo style box like that pictured above or a large case that allows for lockability. Naturally the hardware included is often of very high value to warrant the protection and cost accordingly.

Hardware Assembly

Some kitting and package requests from our customers require us to assemble the hardware prior to kitting or bulk packaging to help save time and add convenience in the field or on the production floor. This is particularly useful for applications where the hardware is installed off-site and having a matching quantity of hardware is imperative to avoid missing components required to install an assembly.