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We supply our agricultural component and equipment manufacturers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, standoffs/spacers, washers, studs, nuts, pins, bent bolts, and much more. We are proud to serve a small but critical part with many specialized OEMs across the nation including Komatsu, Agrilab, Vision Robotics, and Amalgated Sugar to name a few.

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  • Custom 12.9 Alloy Metric Socket Head Cap Screws

    This is a custom M8-1.25M X 24MM socket head cap screw made to print using 12.9 alloy steel with thermal black oxide finish. 4037 alloy steel was used to made these parts in the USA, heat treated to 39-45 HRC. We supply this part on an annual revolving purchase order basis to a long time customer. Our internal part number is CLMP8-SC.

  • Custom 3 Wave Spring Washers

    This is a custom 3 wave steel spring washer that we have been supplying our customer for a number of years.  We stock an approximately 12-18 month supply of the part and release it throughout the year based on our customer's usage.  We can supply custom spring washers in a countless array of materials, sizes, and dimensional parameters.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts

    We had approximately 1,300 pieces of these custom 316 stainless steel shoulder bolts produced domestically in the USA with thread locking patch.  The shoulder measured 3/8" by 1" in length and the thread was rolled to 5/16-18.  Full certs were provided with the parts and the lead time was approximately 8-10 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screws

    These are custom 316 stainless steel socket head cap screws at 10-32 X 1/2 and 10-32 X 3/8 in dimensions, manufactured domestically.  To allow for the small quantity and speed the hex socket drive was broached instead of using a cold headed approach.  You can see evidence of this at the inside of the recess drive where you would see machining marks instead of the typical clean concave interior seen in cold headed parts.

  • Custom A108 Steel U Bolts - ASTM A108 Material With Rolled 1/4-20 Thread

    These are custom A108 steel u bolts domestically manufactured with rolled thread. The picture shows the initial sample pieces made in plain ASTM A108 steel material for testing purposes, with the production order consisting of zinc plated version of the same part. The lead time for these custom round u bolts is slightly longer than usual, at 6-8 weeks from order confirmation. Material certs and cert. of conformance are available upon request and a rush order option is available if a similar u bolt is ever needed in a hurry.

    The inside width is set at 1.01-1.04", taking into account the drawn out material for the rolled thread. Inside depth is set at 1.84" and approximately .62" of thread is incorporated on each leg.

  • Custom Button Flange Socket Cap Screws - 8-32 X .50 In Grade 2 Steel With Nylon Patch

    These custom button flange socket cap screws were produced using grade 2 steel material with black oxide finish and nylon patch thread locking feature.  Full 8-32 thread was incorporated and the flange diameter was set at .357" +/-.005".  Head height including the flange was to be at .087" +/-.005" and a 3/32 socket drive was cold headed during the production process.  The blue nylon patch was applied over 180 degrees of the covered threaded section.

  • Custom Coil Compression Springs - Music Wire At .471" Outside Diameter

    These are one of the many custom coil compression springs we supply our agricultural equipment customer base, made in the USA using music wire and shipped with revolving 12 month blanket purchase orders. The outside diameter measures 0.471 inches, the free length is at 1.391 inches, and the custom springs maintain 9.4 coils.

  • Custom Flat Stamped Nuts - M8-1.25 Thread

    We had slightly over 10,000 pieces of the custom flat stamped nuts manufactured using mild steel material with zinc clear finish.  Outside dimensions measured 22.86mm X 16mm with thickness set to 6mm.  M8-1.25 6h thread was tapped with its center approximately 5.6mm from the edge of the nut.  6mm is probably the maximum thickness to allow stamping for this size nut without exhibiting too much variation in thickness along the profile.

  • Custom Flat Washer in 302 Series Stainless Steel

    This washer is a very similar part to the other narrow 304 stainless steel flat washer posted some days ago. It is made in the USA using 302 stainless steel in quantities of 1,000-1,500 pieces at a time and carries an approximate 4 week lead time. The dimensions are as follows: ID of .7180, OD of .9680, and Thickness of .0630.

  • Custom Grade 5 Hex Nuts - SAE J995 Steel

    These custom grade 5 hex nuts were manufactured using SAE J995 steel material for an agricultural equipment operator, with black oxide finish.  Width across the flats was set to .551-.563" and the height was specified at .401-.402".  The internal thread pitch was the oddest part for the custom nut, with a 3/8-20 pitch and 2B thread fit.  

  • Custom Grade 5 Rounded Hex Nuts

    These custom grade 5 hex nuts were manufactured with both sides rounded to match the mating fitting internal radius.  Production was done with cold forming process and parts were made to a 17MM across the flats dimension and an overall height of 14MM at the maximum.  M10-1.5 6H thread was tapped with a standard chamfer on each side.  Commercial zinc clear finish was run to complete the parts, with accompanying bake.  

  • Custom Grade 8 T-Bolts For Blade Assembly

    These custom grade 8 T-bolts were produced using SAE J429 material to Grade 8 specifications, finished with a black oxide process.  An existing sample was used to recreate the design and tooling for the head shape.  3/8-20 unorthodox thread pitch was rolled at thread length of .8" minimum.  Overall length of the part was set at 1.212" +/-.01" and the max head diameter reached .757" +/-.01".  

  • Custom Knurled Shoulder Bolts - 41L40 Material With Zinc & Clear Finish

    These custom knurled shoulder bolts are the result of the tests we ran with different knurling methods mentioned in one of the previous posts. Parts came out perfectly but we did run into some challenges with the lead times, being behind initial expectations due to tooling delays early in the process. 41L40 material was used with heat treat and zinc plated finish. 1/4-20 thread is incorporated at 1" in length and the shoulder measures at 5/16 diameter by 1/2" in length. The head is at 3/16" in height and 9/16" in diameter.

  • Custom Long Stainless Steel Dowel Pins

    These custom long stainless steel dowel pins were manufacture domestically using 303 stainless steel material.  The diameter was set to 2.002mm to 2.008mm and the length was set to 100mm +/-.01mm.  Full certs were provided with the parts and thorough QC testing was done on the straightness.

  • Custom Metric Dacromet Coated U-Bolts - M4 X 52.07MM

    We had 1,100 pieces of these custom metric dacromet coated u-bolts produced using 42CrMo  material with heat treat hardening.  The part was originally designed to be made using 17-4PH stainless steel material but a number of attempts resulted in multiple failures during bending - the material was too hard and repeatedly snapped as the tool pressed the 90 degree corners.  As a result we switched to the 42CrMo material with heat treat to obtain the required hardness and strength, with a combination of the dacromet coating to achieve the corrosion resistance needed.  

  • Custom Metric Hex Head Fully Threaded Cap Screw in 410 Stainless Steel

    This is an M6 X 1.0 X 60MM hex head cap screw that is fully threaded per customer's specifications and manufactured in the United States using 410 stainless steel. Parts are then heat treated for required hardness. A similar part is supplied for the same customer at M5 diameter, which will be shown as a separate entry. Both parts are supplied on a one-time release basis at 5,000 pieces each.

  • Custom Metric Threaded Studs - M30 X 3.5M X 338MM In ANSI 1008 Material Plain

    These are custom metric threaded studs we supplied a customer in Orange County at 200 pieces.  They were manufactured domestically with a lead time of 2-3 weeks, made using ANSI 1008 material with material certs and chemical composition specs included.  ASME B1.13M-2005 M30X3.5M thread was required and the overall length for each stud was maintained at 338MM.  Our internal part number for this threaded stud is ATR-M30X35X388MM.

  • Custom Mild Steel Washers - Plain Finish

    These custom mild steel washers were manufactured with plain finish to work on a T-bolt and nut assembly for an agricultural equipment application.  Medium steel material was used for additional strength and the inside diameter set to .406" +/-.015" to fit over 3/8-20 thread on the bolt.  The outside diameter was set to .815" +/- .015" and thickness set to .086"-.132".

  • Custom Oval Point Set Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel - 1/2-13 X 1"

    These are custom oval point set screws made domestically in the USA using 18-8 stainless steel material.  While this 1/2-13 X 1" size is fairly common off the shelf in a cup point version, the oval point is a tough find and typically requires a special production run.  We were able to get these set screws completed within 1 week at 100 pieces.  Material certs and our certificate of conformance was available with the parts.

  • Custom Oversize Brass Hex Nuts

    These custom oversize brass hex nuts were manufactured using .661"-.669" across the flats brass bar stock material, measuring .764" across the corners.  They were tapped with 3/8-16 2B internal thread and chamfered on both sides.  The nut height was set to .500" +/-.015.  

  • Custom Phillips/Slotted Hex Washer Head Machine Screw

    This is a part we supply our long time customer on an as-needed basis every two years or so at approximately 40,000 pieces per order.  It is a M4-0.70 X 9.5MM phillips slotted combo drive hex washer head machine screw made using steel material with black oxide and light oil per customer specifications.  Made in the USA this part typically carries a 5-6 week lead time from order.

  • Custom Slotted T-Bolts In 316 Stainless Steel

    These custom slotted T-bolts were manufactured in 316 stainless steel with plain finish based on drawings we created using provided samples.  Unlike the typical slotted drive application we see these t-bolts incorporated the slot for marking/indication purposes to signal the position of the head from the back side.  

  • Custom Socket Shoulder Screws With Thread Locking Nylon Patch - 6-32 X .393" In Grade 2 Material With Phos Finish

    These are custom socket shoulder screws made using grade 2 steel material with phos finish and a thread locking patch.  Measuring 6-32 X .393" with a shoulder at .080" and head height at .125" this custom socket shoulder screw is manufactured overseas in increments of 100,000 pieces to be released to our long time customer on an as-needed blanket purchase order basis.  Initial lead time for the first release is typically 120-150 days from order confirmation.  When needed, we can provide a print with dimensions and tolerances for the customer to approve prior to production start.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Socket Shoulder Bolts

    These custom stainless steel socket shoulder bolts were manufactured using 18-8 stainless steel material with factory passivation finish.  The head was fully cold formed, which took multiple tooling iterations to get just right.  1/4-20 2A thread was rolled at a length of .575" underneath the .305-.311" diameter shoulder.  A .190" across the flats hex socket drive was incorporated at a depth of .120" min.  

  • Custom Tamper-proof Security Lag Screws

    These custom tamper proof security lag screws were manufactured using 304 stainless steel material with a 0.5" hex socket drive with a press fit security pin. Overall length of the screw was 2.5" and the unthreaded shoulder diameter was set to .37". 3/8-7 wood screw thread was rolled to complete the parts.

  • Modified Steel Coupling Nuts - 5/8-11 Internal Thread And 1" Across The Flats At 3.13" Overall Length

    Our customer requested these modified steel coupling nuts in plain steel finish and at just 56 pieces.  We began with an off-the-shelf coupling nut measuring 5/8-11 for the internal thread, 1" across the flats, and 3.13" in overall length.  Material was grade 5 plain steel.  Our customers drawing specifications required the internal cavity to be machined to a .65" diameter opening at 1" in depth for both sides, leaving approximately 1.13" of internal 5/8-11 thread in the middle for the mating part to engage.  Overall a relatively simple process completed within 1 week of order confirmation.

  • Special 7/16-20 Left Hand Thread Hex Head Bolt in 1018 Cold Rolled Steel

    This is a special 7/16-20 hex head bolt with left hand thread that we have been supplying the same customer for over 5 years.  It incorporates a special marked stamp per the customer's print and is manufactured using 1018 cold rolled steel, which is carburized to 1700 degrees, soaked for 2 hours, and oil quenched.  Like many of the parts we supply this special part is supplier on an as-released blanket purchase basis.

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