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We are extremely proud to take a small but critical part in our customer's groundbreaking pursuits and accomplishments. Some of the most exciting projects were done for NASA (through JPL), Genesis Engineering, Circor Aerospace, Mingo Aerospace, and Ametek to name a few. DFARS compliant materials, FAIR documentation, NADCAP certified processes, and a variety of quality test reports are made available when required.

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  • Alloy Steel Set Screws With Nylon Strip - DIN913 M6 X 1M X 16MM Socket Set Screw With Flat Point

    DIN913 M6 X 1M X 16MM socket set screws with thread locking strip application.  Samples were provided to our customer for testing of thread locking feature prior to running the full volume.  

  • AN126288 Straight Stud Custom Made for Aerospace Application

    This is a dual threaded straight stud made to AN126288 specifications, with one side at 5/16-24 thread pitch and the other at 5/16-18 non standard pitch.  We supplied this part to our aerospace customer at approximately 300 pieces per order.  AMS 6322 steel was used as the material, heat treated to 26-32 rockwell hardness and Cadmium plated to AMS 2400 specification.  Material, heat treat, and plating certs were provided with the parts.

  • AN815-4K Union Flared Tube Fitting for Aerospace Applications

    Engineered Source is a supplier of custom made fittings like these AN815-4K fittings we had produced for our long time aerospace customer. Lead times vary depending on the part, material, and volume but typically range from 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Blue Coated Aerospace Hardware - 1/4" Shoulder Screw In Alloy Steel With Alumazite KL-55 Blue Coating

    This is an example of blue coated aerospace hardware we supply, with a 1/4 diameter shoulder screw in alloy steel coated with Alumazite KL-55 blue finish.  The blue coating was intended to allow an robotic color coded system to recognize the screw and yet maintain its integrity in environments up to 600 degrees F.  The coating is also intended to limit any risk of off-gassing and usability of the hex socket drive.  Only the head is coated to avoid the complications of having any coating on the shoulder and threaded surfaces.

  • Custom .250 Wire Compression Springs - 17-7 Stainless Steel Material

    We supplied 100 pieces of these 2.87" free length custom .250 wire compression springs to our aerospace customer with a first article inspection report (FAIR), MIL-STD-6866 dye penetrant inspection report (Type 1, Method A, Sensitivity Level 3), heat treat certs, and a certificate of conformance.  The outside diameter is 1.218 +/- .010" and the inside diameter is .718".  Heat treat was done to condition CH900 per MIL-H-6875.  Production was done domestically with a rush option to help our customer get out of a timing jam.

  • Custom 1/16 X 7/16 Coiled 302 Stainless Steel Spring Pin, DFAR Compliant

    These US made spring pins are manufactured using 302 stainless steel and are available with full documentation to our customer. They are passivated, DFAR compliant, and we get them cadmium plated (with NADCAP certification) prior to final shipment preparation. A variety of alternative sizes and specifications are also sourced consistently.

  • Custom 1/72 Hex Machine Screw Nut In 303 Stainless Steel

    This is a tiny 1/72 hex machine screw nut we supply to our aerospace customer on a blanket purchase basis. It is made using 303 stainless steel domestically in the United States and is supplied with full certs, including a NADCAP cert for the passivation.

  • Custom 17-4PH Double Shoulder Bolts - Hex Socket Drive With 5/16-24 Thread

    We supplied our aerospace customer 200 pieces of these custom 17-4PH double shoulder bolts. 17-4 PH material heat treated to condition H1100 was used for the domestic production of these parts, with resulting hardness between 34 and 36 HRC. Passivation per QQ-P-35 was performed to complete the production process.

  • Custom 17-7PH Springs - C Shaped Aerospace Spring Clips

    We supply these tricky custom 17-7PH springs to our aerospace customer - unlike the other compression and extension 17-7PH springs we supply the same customer, these are C shaped with two .165" length oval openings. The material thickness was set to .020" and the outside diameter at .550-.555". The angle between the ends was the more challenging part, set at 130 +/-5 degrees. The oval openings incorporated a full radius on both sides and the width was limited to .062" max. A FAIR and material certs were provided with the parts.

  • Custom 2/56 X 3/8 Socket Cap Screw in 18-8 Stainless Steel, Cadmium Plated

    Engineered Source has supplied this custom socket cap screw for many years on a blanket order basis - the cad plated screw measures 2/56 X 3/8 and is manufactured in the United States using 18-8 stainless steel material. Secondary service of cadmium plating with NADCAP certification is applied to finalize the cap screws for their end use. Internal part number for this socket cap screw is SC-002006-ID.

  • Custom 4037 Alloy Steel Flat Socket Head Screws With Cadmium Plating

    We had 5,000 pcs of these custom 4037 alloy steel flat socket head screws produced in the USA for our aerospace customer. ASTM A574 4037 material was used for the production and the cadmium plating was dome per AMS-QQ-P-416A TYpe II, with thickness at 0.0005-.0008". Heat treat was performed to get the hardness of the parts to Rc 41-45.

  • Custom 4140 Flat Socket Head Screws - Custom 1/4-28 X .595" Flat Socket Screws For Aerospace Applications

    These custom 4140 flat socket head cap screws were produced domestically for our aerospace customer using AISI 4140 alloy steel material per AMS 6349.  Heat treat to 160-180 ksi per AMS 2759 was performed to finalize the production process.  Magnetic particle inspection per ASTM 1444 (Type I, Meth A, Sens Lev 3) was performed after the machining process was completed.  Lead time for this part varies significantly based on how busy the manufacturing and testing facilities are at the time of start.

  • Custom 440C Precision Machined Shaft Bushings

    We had these custom 440C precision machined shaft bushings manufactured using DFARS compliant AMS 5830 material for our aerospace customer, with a passivated finish to ASTM A967.  The inside diameter on the bushings was set to .6255 +/- .0005" and outside diameter to .7528 +/-.0005", with a width of .185 +/-.002".  Full certs were provided with the parts, including a FAIR and NADCAP certified certs for all secondary processes involved in manufacturing the parts complete to print.

  • Custom 5/8-18 Nickel Plated Palnut For Aerospace Applications

    This is a 5/8-18 palnut that we supply on a blanket purchase order basis to one of our aerospace customers. Per their specific specifications we have the plain steel version of this part nickel plated to QQ-N-290, with copper strike. Parts go through a 5 hour pre-bake process and also an 8 hour post-bake process at 375 degree Fahrenheit. To our customer's request all passivated and plated parts are shipped with a NADCAP cert.

  • Custom 52100 Dowel Pins - 7MM X 32MM

    These custom 52100 dowel pins were fairly ordinary in dimensional requirements but the material was quite tricky and time intensive to procure.  C-52100 DFARS material per S5452100-22810A specification was used with 91.5 ksi tensile strength.  Heat treatment was performed to achieve hardness of 81-83.5 HRA per customer requirements.  Material certs and a certificate of conformance was provided with the parts and all production processes were done domestically in the USA.

  • Custom 6-32 X 3-1/2 Slotted Round Machine Screw in Plain 1022 Carbon Steel

    We supply this part to our aerospace/defense customer after having it cadmium or zinc plated, typically at quantities between 1,000 and 3,000 pieces. This part is made in the USA and is provided with full certs, including DFAR, material, FAIR, and Certificates of Conformance. Lead time is typically 6-8 weeks from order and if needed an updated drawing can be provided for final approval prior to production start.

  • Custom 6-Lobe Stainless Steel Socket Sheet Metal Screw

    This is unique custom 302 stainless steel #4-24 X .900 socket sheet metal screw. It incorporates a 6-lobe socket drive and a partial thread with a AB type point. These special sheet metal screws are supplied at quantities of approximately 2,000 pieces per order and carry a lead time of 6-8 weeks. They are passivated in the final stage of the manufacturing process and are made in the USA.

  • Custom 6/32 X .393 +/-.020 Socket Shoulder Screw in SAE Grade 2 Steel, Black Phos & Nylon Patch

    This is a special socket shoulder screw manufactured in the United States using SAE grade 2 steel material with black phosphate finish.  A nylon patch process is run on the parts to finalize them for use in our customer's application.  We carry these parts on a blanket purchase order basis and typically stock 6-12 month supply for our customer's immediate production needs.

  • Custom 8740 Steel Phil Flat NSN-53505-01-093-0290 & NSN-5305-01-093-2450 Screws

    We provided our aerospace customer two variations of these custom 8740 steel phil flat screws, made using 8740 material per MIL-S-6049 with cadmium plating per QQ-P-416 Type I Class 2.  NSN-53505-01-093-0290 measured 10-32 X .713" while NSN-5305-01-093-2450 measured 10-32 X .837".  Both parts were manufactured domestically with full certs.  

  • Custom A286 MS24693 Screws - Phil Flat 4-40 X 1/4"

    These custom A286 MS24693 crews can look deceivingly simple at first glance. The A286 material was a large deviation from the typical MS24693 specifications and the parts had to be heat treated to 140 KSI. To finish off the production process the parts went through a NADCAP certified sand blast and descale & passivation process per AMS2700 Type 2 Class 1. The production consisted of approximately 50,000 pcs and was completed domestically. NACAP cert for the passivation was provided together with material cert and certificate of conformance.

  • Custom Aerospace Compression Springs - 17-7PH Stainless Steel Material

    .042" diameter wire was used to make this custom spring, with OD at .200" and ID at .116". The free length is 1.391". The ends were closed and ground square to spring axis within 1.5 degrees. 17-7PH stainless steel material is used for the domestic production of these parts, per AMS 5673-F. Our production runs are typically in the smaller 500 piece quantity range for this specific spring, with lead time at 8-10 weeks.

  • Custom Aerospace Socket Head Cap Screws - 8-32 X 4.25" In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    We supplied approximately 1,000 pieces of these custom aerospace socket head cap screws to our long time customer. They were made in the USA using 18-8 stainless steel material (no DFARS requirement on these) with a broached 9/64" hex socket drive with min .077" engagement depth. 1" of the overall 4.25" length under the head was threaded at 8-32. Due to the smaller quantity required the thread was cut rather than rolled. Material certs and a certificate of conformance was provided but no FAIR was required for this specific part.

  • Custom Aerospace Socket Screws - NA0069A040046 Socket Head Cap Screws in 1250 MPA A286 Material

    The trickiest part was the 1250 MPA requirement that our customer insisted on, which is a deviation from the standard NA0069A040046 specification. We were able to supply the custom part faster than our original promise date at approximately 3 weeks from order receipt. M4-0.7 thread was incorporated and test results confirmed 39-40 HRC after AMS 2759/3 Rev. F heat treat process. NADCAP certified passivation per AMS-2700 was also performed and all certifications were provided to our customer with the parts.

  • Custom Aluminum Coupling Nuts Made to Print

    This is a custom 6535AX aluminum coupling nut made for our aerospace customer to print using aluminum material. Physical and chemical material certs are provided with the parts and they are produced domestically within the United States. We stock this recurring part for our customer and release the parts as needed throughout the year.

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom captive shoulder screws were manufactured using a modification to a COTS part for our defense customer using 18-8 stainless steel material with standard 2-56 3A thread and standard socket head dimensions.  Length underneath the head was designed to .750" +/- .005" and the shoulder was turned to a diameter of .052-.054", at a length of .066" +/- .005".  

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - Flat Socket Head In 302HQ DFARS Material

    Slightly over 4,000 pieces of these custom captive shoulder screws were made domestically for our aerospace customer.  An MS24671-32 part made using 302HQ DFARS compliant material was used as a base part to create this final version.  Part of the 1/4-20 3A thread was turned down to a shoulder diameter of .175" +/-.005 and length of .339" +/- .015.  .375" of thread remained after the modification.  The resulting captive shoulder screws were then passivated per AMS QQ-P-35 and run through a thread lock patch process per MIL-F-18240.

  • Custom Class 12.9 Metric Aerospace Screws With Cad Plated Finish - M5 - 0.8MM Thread

    These custom class 12.9 metric aerospace screws with cad plated finish were manufactured domestically using DFARS compliant 4140 alloy steel material per ASTM A108.  1,100 pieces were produced measuring 5M X 0.8MM X 16.15MM +/0.03MM.  6G class thread was rolled and the head incorporated a cold formed socket drive, fine knurl feature, and a .050" diameter through hole.  

  • Custom DFARS A286 Aerospace NAS Socket Head Bolts

    These custom DFARS compliant NAS1352N4LE16S socket head bolts were manufactured domestically for our aerospace customer using A286 stainless steel material from France.  They measured 1/4-20 X 1" and were finished with AMS2411 Rev J silver flash plating and bake, as well as thread locking patch.

  • Custom Dimensional MS16218-9 Slotted Flat Machine Screw

    Customers often ask us to supply them dimensional equivalents of MS and AN milspec parts with a varying degree of documentation and testing requirements. This is a small quantity (1,000 pieces) batch of special made dimensional equivalent of MS16218-9 slotted flat machine screws, made in the USA using C65500 ASTM B 98 silicon bronze material - it measures 2-56 X 3/16".

  • Custom Drilled Socket Head Cap Screws In 17-4 PH, AMS 5643 Material

    These are custom drilled socket head cap screws we supplied our customer that specializes in aerospace parts repair.  They are made domestically in the USA using 17-4 PH/AMS 5643 material with AMS 2759/3, H1100 (30-37 Rc) heat treat, heavy medium sand blast, and finally passivation.  The socket head is drilled in four places at 60 degrees between each pair, using a #56 drill bit at .0465" diameter.  The length is set at .635-.615 inches and the 8-32 UNJC-3A threaded section is to be maintained at .510 to .490 inches.

  • Custom Drilled Stainless Steel Socket Set Screw

    This is a custom made to print socket set screw made using 303 stainless steel, passivated to Mil QQ-P-35 Type II.  It measures 10-32 X .415" +/-.010 and is drilled at a diameter of .126 +.005/-.000 to a depth of .250 +/-.005.  We supply them at orders of approximately 1,000 pieces per release and the custom parts are made domestically in the USA.

  • Custom Electropolished Springs - 17-7PH Stainless Material

    These custom electropolished springs are manufactured domestically for our aerospace customer using 17-7PH material per AMS 5678.  .100" +/- .001" wire diameter is used with an overall free length of 1.355".  Outside diameter is 1.069 +/- .010 and the inside diameter is set at .0869".  Parts had to be heat treated to CH900 per AMS 2759, passivated per AMS 2700 method 1 or method 2, electropolished per PPS 300 Type III, and go through magnetic particle inspection per ASTM E1444.

  • Custom Flat Socket Head Screws - 302 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom flat socket head screws were manufactured domestically at 20,000 pieces in the 1.695" overall length and the same quantity in 1.29" overall length.  302 stainless steel material was used with plain passivated finish.  Head diameter was .375" and head height at .097", with a 90 degree countersunk base.  Partial thread of .75" was rolled for both length variations.  Material certs and certificate of conformance was provided with the parts.

  • Custom Inconel 718 Double Thread Offset Aerospace Bolts

    Custom custom Inconel 718 double thread offset studs were manufactured for our aerospace customer.  The offset head, double thread, and hardness of material made these parts extremely difficult to manufacture.  The head radius measured .203" and a combination of 5/16-24 2A and 1/4-28 2A thread was cut to a length of .842".  Definitely one of the toughest parts we have dealt with - the hardness of the material created countless issues with tool life.

  • Custom Inconel Precision Pins

    We supply a number of version of this custom precision pin made using Inconel alloy C-276 material in the USA. The part is stocked and released as needed to our long time customer. The inconel materal is hot rolled, pickled, and annealed - the final pins shown here measure 1/16 X .850".

  • Custom Knurled Shoulder Machine Screws Made To Print - 1/4-20 X 1-1/4 Round Head In Grade 5.1 Zinc Yellow

    These are custom knurled shoulder machine screws manufactured domestically in the USA in grade 5.1 steel material with zinc and yellow finish. Production was run at a relatively small quantity of 4,000 pieces, which was split into two shipments approximately 4 months apart to our OEM customer. Material certs and dimensional test reports were provided to our customer with the parts, as well as the standard certificate of conformance. Our internal part number is M111957-2.

  • Custom Large Socket Cap Screws For Aerospace Applications - 1-1/4 -7 X 9 Inches In A574 Material With Black Oxide Finish

    A574 material was used for these custom socket cap screws, with minimum tensile strength of 170,000 psi, minimum yield strength of 154,000 psi, and rockwell hardness between 37 and 45.  1-1/4 -7 class 3A thread was required and the overall length underneath the head was 9 inches.  MIL-DTL-13924 black oxide finish was done to complete the parts.  Per their request the shank and threads of each socket screw had to be protected during handling and shipping.

  • Custom Long 316 Stainless Steel Screws - 8-32 X 3 Socket Head Cap Screws

    These are custom long 316 stainless steel screws at 8-32 X 3 in dimensions, manufactured domestically in the USA. The parts were completed in a relatively quick turnaround time-frame of approximately 4 weeks from order, especially considering the holiday timing. To allow for the speed the hex socket drive was broached instead of using a cold headed approach. The partial thread was also cut rather than rolled.

  • Custom Long Socket Head Machine Screws - 8-32 & 8-36 Thread In 4140 Alloy Steel

    These custom long socket head machine screws were manufactured domestically using 4140 alloy steel material with heat treatment to reach 37-44 Rc hardness.  Two sizes were produced together in this run: 8-32 X 5.43" length with thread length of 5/8" and 8-36 (an odd thread pitch requested for this one) X 6-3/8" with the same 5/8" thread length requirement.  

  • Custom M3 X 0.5MM Stainless Steel Shoulder Socket Bolts

    These custom stainless steel shoulder bolts were manufactured in 18-8 stainless steel material for our drone manufacturing customer.  M3 X 0.5MM thread was rolled with a thread relief machined below the 4MM X 5MM shoulder.  A 2MM hex drive was broached at the head and a precision machined profile was incorporated on the head to meet drawing requirements.  

  • Custom Machined Double End Studs For Aerospace Applications - 630 (17-4) AMS 5643T Material With a Drilled Hole Per Print

    These are custom machine double end studs used for aerospace applications and in our case specifically for helicopter repair.  17-4 material is used and the 10-32 UNJF-3A thread is cut after the drilled hole process and machined operations are completed.  A 3/32 hex recess with a .225" deep cavity is created on one side using a drill and broach approach.  The drilled hole on the single threaded side measures .035 in diameter.

  • Custom Metric Invar 36 Screws - M3-.5M X 10MM Socket Head Cap Screws

    These are custom metric Invar 36 screws that we supply the University of Montreal in Canada for applied sciences research and testing. They are manufactured domestically in the United States with a lead time of 4-6 weeks and are provided with all required certifications.

  • Custom Metric Invar Screws - M2.5 X .45M X 8MM Socket Head Cap Screws in Invar 36 Material

    This M2.5 X .45M X 8MM socket head cap screw is the other version of the custom metric invar screws that we supply to the University of Montreal. Plain Invar 36 material is used for the domestic production of the parts and lead time typically ranges from 2 to 3 weeks from confirmed order placement. Material certs, FAIR, and certificate of conformance are available with the parts upon request.

  • Custom Modified Socket Head Screws - M4 - 0.7 X 14MM Socket Head Captive Screw in Alloy Steel Material

    These are custom modified socket head cap screws in alloy steel material.  Standard off the shelf M4-0.7 X 14MM socket head cap screws were modified to allow their use as captive screws with partial thread and modified head dimensions.  The ground shoulder area measures 8.80MM +/- 0.3MM in length and a dimater of 3.30MM +/- 0.15MM.  The head was modified to a diameter of 5.50MM +/- 0.15MM and a height of 4.0MM.  Material certs and a certificate of conformance was provided with the parts per customer's specifications.

  • Custom NAS9921C5B20F & NAS9921C5B19F Shear Bolts

    5/16-24 thread pitch is used for the threaded section, with a thread locking patch. A286 material is used to make the part, with heat treat and passivation per AMS 2700. The lead time was quite lengthy for these parts at close to 20 weeks and full certs were provided to comply with our customer's requirements.

  • Custom Nickel Plated Socket Head Screws - 4340 Material

    These custom nickel plated socket head screws were produced domestically using 4340 material instead of the originally requested 17-4PH version, with heat treatment to get the parts up to required 35-45 HRC hardness.  1/2-20 thread with 2A thread fit was incorporated with thread length of .77 inches.  Overall length underneath the head was set at 1.37" +.00/-.03".  The large .945" diameter head presented a challenge from the start for the cold heading operation - it took multiple sets of tooling and adjustments to finally get the head shape just right.

  • Custom Precision Tapered Pins In DFARS Stainless Steel Material

    We supplied our aerospace customer with these custom precision tapered pins in DFARS stainless steel material, with production done domestically.  The pins were produced to an overall length of 0.765" and tapered from .125" max to .110" on the narrower end.  A .020" wide slot was incorporated at a depth of .135".

  • Custom Slotted Fillister Screws - 303 Stainless Steel, DFARS Compliant

    Custom slotted fillister screws we supplied to our aerospace customer - ASTM A582 DFARS compliant 303 stainless steel material (Italy Melt) was used for the domestic manufacturing. 2-56 thread was incorporated at .25-.37" in length, with the overall length underneath the head at .625 +0/-.030". The head height measures .070-.095" and the slot depth is set at .033-.043". Head diameter was set between .145" and .161". Full certs were provided with the parts per our customers usual requirements.

  • Custom Stainless Aerospace Pins - One Side Chamfered In Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom large 18-8 stainless steel pins we supply to our long time aerospace customer.  Only one side is chamfered to the customer's requirements and the custom parts are run through NADCAP certified passivation prior to shipment. They measure .310 at the diameter and 3" +/.02 in length.  Production is done in the united states and full certs are made available with the parts.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Compression Springs - 302 Stainless Steel Material Per AMS 5640

    These are custom stainless steel compression springs we supply our aerospace customer, in 302 stainless steel material to AMS 5640.  The initial production run was relatively small at just 500 pieces, completed domestically with First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) and all applicable certifications.  The freestanding length of the custom spring was set at 2.472 inches +/- .010 and the outside diameter of the coil is set at .261 +/- .005 inches.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Precision Pins - 303 Stainless Per AMS 5640 V Type 1

    220 pieces of these custom stainless steel precision pins were produced domestically for our aerospace customer using 303 stainless steel material. Original specifications on the drawing called out for 303 stainless steel per AMS 5638 but we obtained a deviation approval to provide the part using a similar AMS 5640 V Type 1A spec material instead. Passivation per AMS 2700, method 1, type 4, class 2 was done to complete the parts prior to QC inspection. Overall length measures at 1.131" +/-.005 and the shaft diameter is set to .074-.075". The width of the flattened section on one end reaches a diameter of .084" +/- .005. The other end is rounded at R .078.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws In 303 Stainless Steel - 8-32 X 4-1/2"

    These are custom stainless steel socket cap screws made domestically using 303 stainless steel material. We supply this part to our long time aerospace customer approximately once a year with full paperwork. It measures 8-32 X 4-1/2 and had a relatively short lead time of 3-5 weeks for production. Our internal part number is SC-008068-I.

  • Custom Vented Titanium Screws - 2-56 X 7/8 Socket Cap Screws In Grade 5 Titanium Material, Vented

    These custom vented titanium socket cap screws were made domestically in the USA using ASTM B348 Grade 5 material and measured 2-56 X 7/8".  The vent hole has a diameter of .028 inches.  Lead time for similar parts is typically 8-10 weeks but expedited options are typically available upon request.  Our internal part number for this vented screw is SC-002014-UVENT.

  • NAS 1351C4H16 Aerospace Socket Head Cap Screws - 302HQ Material

    These are special made NAS 1351C4H16 aerospace socket head cap screws in 302HQ stainless steel material. They are manufactured domestically within the USA using DFARS compliant material with production running at typically 50,000 to 60,000 pieces. We supply these NAS socket screws to our long time aerospace customer at revolving annual blanket purchase terms. 1/4-28 UNRF-3A thread to MIL-S-7742 thread specification is incorporated and a minimum hardness of 80 HRB is maintained. All applicable certifications are provided to our customer with each release.

  • NAS-1352C02-3P Socket Head Cap Screws In Cad Plated Alloy Steel

    This is one of the cadmium plated NAS parts we carry on an annual blanket purchase order basis for our customer. This NAS1352C02-3P socket head cap screw is made domestically and is supplied with material certs and certificate of conformance. Alloy material per FF-S-86 is used with cad plating in accordance with AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2.

  • Nylon Pellet Set Screws For Aerospace Applications - 8-32 X 1/2 Socket Set Screw With Cup Point in 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These are specialty nylon pellet set screws we supply our long time aerospace customer on scheduled release blanket purchase order basis. The cup point set screws are made in the USA using 18-8 stainless steel material and are then run through the nylon pellet secondary operation. Our customer using approximately 500 pieces every six months and the lead time to prepare the initial shipment for these nylon pellet set screws is typically 1-2 weeks from order. Our internal part number is SSC-0808-INPELL.

  • Precision Custom Stainless Steel Dowel Pins - .1160 X .625 Made to Customer's Drawing

    This is a small batch of custom stainless steel dowel pins manufactured domestically in the USA at just over 1,000 pieces. 303 stainless steel was used and the custom dowel pins measure .1160 at the diameter by .625 inches in length. The diameter was the most critical dimension with a tolerance of +/-.0001". Both sides were chamfered at .010 X 45 degrees and +/-.005 tolerance was called for on the length. We were able to get production completed and parts shipped in less than 3 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Specialty 50FM-172 1/72 Flexlock Hex Nuts

    This is a specialty flex lock hex nut with a locking machined shoulder we supply to our aerospace customer on a 12 month blanket as-released purchase order basis. It is made in the USA in plain 303 stainless steel material and we supply it with full documentation, including signed C of C, DFAR material cert, and dimensional test report. Our internal part number for this item is 50FM-172.

  • Specialty MS20426AD3-4 Solid Rivet In Anodized Aluminum Material

    We supply a large variety of milspec hardware to our aerospace and defense customer base and this is one of the solid rivets we supply on an annual blanket purchase order basis.  It is a domestically made MS20426AD3-4 solid rivet made using aluminum material finished with chemical film per MIL-DTL-5541F Type 1 Class 1A.

  • Specialty MS21209F1-10 Helicoil Thread Inserts On A Strip Feed Wheel

    We supply our aerospace customer base with a large variety of thread inserts like this MS21209F1-10 on a strip feed wheel for greater efficiency and convenience.  Both standard off the shelf variations and custom made to print thread inserts are available with typically short lead times.  We can supply any parts with annual volume exceeding $1,000 on a 12 month blanket purchase order basis.  All paperwork is available with the parts upon request.

  • Stainless Steel Custom Hex Nuts With A Hole Drilled Through One Corner - 1/4-28 Thread

    These are custom hex nuts we supplied to one of our long time aerospace customers, made using 18-8 stainless steel to print with a single drilled corner on each nut.  The parts were domestically made with a lead time of 4-6 weeks for the initial release and incorporated a fine 1/4-28 thread.  In terms of the dimensions, the custom nut was very close to the standard IFI version but the added drilled hole made it uniquely fitting for the specific application.  Our internal part number is 2303-0321T and we originally supplied just 1,500 pcs of this hex nut.

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