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We supply our steel fabrication and assembly customers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, standoffs/spacers, springs, washers, nuts, pins, bent parts, machined components, and much more. We are proud to serve a small but critical part with many specialized steel fabrication manufacturers across the nation including Ellison, Sonnet, KB Sheet Metal, and Carolina Metal Fabrication to name a few.

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  • Custom 1/2-13 X 8-1/2 Low Head Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws

    This is a custom low profile socket head cap screw manufactured domestically in the USA using 303 stainless steel material. It is a coarse thread 1/2-13 part at 8-1/2 inches in length. The threaded portion of the screw is at approximately 3 inches in length. Material certs are available upon request. Our internal part number is SCS-050136-I.

  • Custom 3/8-24 Slotted Alloy Steel Lock Nuts

    These custom slotted lock nuts were manufactured using 4140 alloy steel material heat treated to 28-32 HRC.  A 5% taper on the shoulder was required which created some difficulties in modifying the cold heading equipment to meet the required tolerances.  The outside diameter was set to 1.00" and the tapered shoulder reaches 0.75" at its minimum.  

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts

    We had approximately 1,300 pieces of these custom 316 stainless steel shoulder bolts produced domestically in the USA with thread locking patch.  The shoulder measured 3/8" by 1" in length and the thread was rolled to 5/16-18.  Full certs were provided with the parts and the lead time was approximately 8-10 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Aluminum Diecast Fittings - ADC12 Aluminum Alloy

    These custom trim aluminum diecast fittings for our lighting fixture customer were manufactured using ADC12 Aluminum Alloy material with plain finish.  Overall diameter measured 5.75" and the inside opening diameter measured 2.55".  2,500 pieces were produced in the first production run and a small partial was provided prior to the full balance.  

  • Custom Bent J-Bolts With Drilled Hole - 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom bent j-bolts with drilled hole were manufactured domestically using 18-8 stainless steel material with plain finish.  3/8-16 Thread was incorporated at a length of 1.25" and the distance center to center between the legs was set to 1.38" +/- 1/16".  Inside length at the long let was 2.25".

  • Custom Black Oxide U Bolts - 7/16-14 X 1-7/16 Round In Steel Material

    These are custom black oxide U bolts domestically manufactured for our machine and tooling component manufacturing customer at just 318 pieces.  7/16-14 thread was incorporated on each leg at 5/8" in length and the inside width was maintained at 5/8".  The inside length was 1-7/16.  Our internal part number for these u bolts is UB044023-F.

  • Custom Black Painted Screws - Stainless Steel #6 X 1/2" Type A Sheet Metal Screws

    We supply these custom black painted screws to our architectural design and fabrication customer in Los Angeles. They are 18-8 stainless steel type A sheet metal screws measuring #6-18 X 1/2" that are then stripped of any wax to prepare for the painting process. The black paint is formulated to match our customer's samples and a satin sheen is incorporated to match that of the paneling they will be used on. We typically run batches of 30,000 pcs of this specific color and screw, with lead time ranging from 3-5 weeks from initial order confirmation.

  • Custom Countersunk Double End Studs - 304 Stainless Steel

    We had 5,000 pieces of these custom countersunk double end studs manufactured for our customer that specializes in frozen drink equipment production.  304 stainless steel material was used and the thread was cut on both sides.  Overall length was 41.66MM +/- 0.5 and both threaded sides incorporated 5/16-18 2A thread, at 10.16MM and 15.24MM in length accordingly.  At the maximum diameter point the countersunk shoulder reaches 11.18MM +/-0.2.

  • Custom Hex Head Shoulder Wood Screws - Steel Zinc

    These custom hex head shoulder wood screws were manufactured using mild carbon steel material with Zinc clear finish to our customers drawing.  The shoulder measures .180-.188" by .302-.322" in length, square to the rolled thread transition.  Thread length was set to .585-.645" and the hex head measured .244-.250" across the flats and .096-.115" in height.  Cold heading was used for the production process with turning down the threaded area prior to thread roll.

  • Custom Internally Threaded Square Pins - 12L14 Steel Material

    These custom internally threaded square pins were manufactured using 12L14 square bar stock material - sharp corners were absolutely critical and initial trial runs with alternative material options were unsuccessful until we finally found square bar material measuring very close to .69" across the corners.  The sharp corners allow the pins to lock at the remaining .14" long shoulder seen on the parts.

  • Custom Large Stainless Steel Pins

    We had approximately 10,000 pieces of these custom large stainless steel pins manufactured for a customer installation in Italy.  303 stainless steel was used for production and the pins measured .249" in diameter by 5" in overall length.  A slight 45 degree chamfer was added on both sides to remove any sharp edges.  

  • Custom Low Hex Head Grade 5 Bolts - 5/8-11 X 1

    These custom low hex head grade 5 bolts were manufactured at 30,000 pieces for our long time customer, with zinc clear finish.  Fully threaded with 1" of 5/8-11 thread pitch these parts came with a low hex head measuring .291-.316" in height and .922-.936" across the flats.  A 15-30 degree standard chamfer was added around the corners and flats.  

  • Custom Low Profile Torx Machine Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom low profile torx machine screws were manufactured domestically using 18-8 stainless steel material, at production volume of approximately 5,500 pieces.  T10 size 6 lobe drive was incorporated and the head diameter at .262" +/-.01" and head height at .263" +/-.01.  6-32 thread was selected for the .185" of thread, followed by a lead point measuring .090" +.000/-.002 in diameter and .050" +.020/-.000 in length.  Parts were passivated per MIL QQ-P-35 Type II to complete the production process.

  • Custom M18 Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

    These custom M18 stainless steel hex nuts were manufactured using 304 stainless steel material with a 1.5 6H thread pitch.  The across the flats dimension tolerance was at 26.16MM-27MM and the thickness at 8.42MM-9MM.  Standard chamfers were incorporated on the corners and full certs provided to comply with our customer's requirements.

  • Custom Metric 316 Stainless Shoulder Bolts

    We had 24,000 pieces of these custom metric 316 stainless shoulder bolts manufactured for our design and construction customer.  The shoulder measured 4MM by 3MM and M3 X 0.5MM thread was incorporated at 5MM in length, including the relief shoulder transition.  Head diameter was at 6MM and a 2MM hex socket drive was cold formed.  

  • Custom Metric 316L Set Screws - M5-0.8 X 6MM Short Dog Point Socket Set Screws

    We ran an order of these custom metric 316L set screws with a short dog point at just 3,000 pieces using domestic production. Lead time was relatively short at just 3-4 weeks from confirmed purchase order receipt. A short .059 dog point was incorporated and a 2.5MM hex socket drive was broached for speed and cost efficiency. Overall length was set at 2.36 inches and the tolerance on all dimensions was set at +/- .005 inches.

  • Custom Modified Grade 8 Machine Screws - Special Head Shape

    These custom modified grade 8 machine screws were made using 5/16-18 X 1-1/4 Grade 8 hex head cap screws in grade 8 steel material with zinc/clear finish. The head of each COTS part was machined to the shape seen here, with the head height at .190" +/-.005" and head diameter at .485" +/-.005". Single flat .42" section was incorporated at one section per our customer's provided sample piece. Total of 3,000 pieces were modified on this specific production run and the lead time was approximately 2 weeks from the order receipt.

  • Custom Painted Self Piercing Crimp Screws - 12 X 1/2 Steel Zinc

    These custom painted self piercing crimp screws were manufactured in Taiwan with a self crimping serrated washer head feature ideal for thin sheet metal applications.  The exposed washer and head surfaces were painted to match our customer provided samples after going through a cleaning process to remove any excess oil or wax.  

  • Custom Slotted Double Thread Studs

    We supplied these custom slotted double thread studs to our furniture manufacturing customer.  Low carbon steel was used for the production with a black oxide finish.  3/8-16 thread was rolled on each side and the overall length measured at 47.60MM.  The part is similar to the hex socket drive version in alloy steel that we supply our automotive aftermarket OEM customers.

  • Custom Slotted Reverse Drive Machine Screws - 1/4-20 X 1" In Zinc Plated Steel Material

    These are custom slotted reverse drive machine screws made domestically in the USA using low carbon steel material with commercial zinc and clear finish.  Approximately 12,000 pcs were produced with a lead time of 8-10 weeks.  The heads were cold headed and the slotting was done as the last stage in the process prior to zinc plating.  Material certs and certificate of conformance was made available to the customer as needed.

  • Custom Stainless Standoffs - Male/Female In 304 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom stainless staindoffs made using 304 stainless steel material in accordance with ASTM A276 and passivated to ASTM A380.  Approximately 100,000 pieces were produced domestically with full certifications.  4-40 thread was incorporated on both male and female parts, with the male part measuring .750 inches and female hex measuring .320 inches in length.  Width across the flats on the hex measures .250 inches.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Double End Studs - 1/4-20 & 10-32 Thread in 304 Stainless Steel

    We provide our customer a small batch of these custom stainless steel double end studs at just over 100 pieces.  They wanted to replicate existing parts but did not have any drawings or prints.  We used a sample piece provided to replicate all dimensions to a +/-.01" tolerance.  1/4-20 thread is incorporated on the larger diameter side and 10-32 on the other, with approximately half the thread turned down into a dog point.

  • Custom Stainless Tamper Proof Sheet Metal Screws - 6-18 X 1/2 Oval One Way Type A Sheet Metal Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These are custom stainless tamper proof sheet metal screws measuring 6-18 X 1/2 inch in length.  A tamper resistant one way oval head is incorporated with type A sheet metal screw thread.  We have these parts manufactured domestically at 30,000 to 50,000 pieces and release them to our customer as needed throughout the year.  18-8 stainless steel material is used on these specific one way oval screws but we also supply an identical part in 316 stainless steel material.

  • Custom Stamped L Brackets - 3/4 X 3/4 X 3/4 In Steel Zinc At .125" Material Thickness

    These custom stamped L brackets are made using low carbon steel material with zinc plated finish.  .125" thick material is used and the outside dimensions are 3/4" for each leg, as well as the width of the bracket length itself.  Production takes place in the USA and we typically run approximately 10,000 pcs at a time for this stamped part.  Our customer uses it in combination with two other custom stamped brackets used to assemble decorative paneling.

  • Custom V Bolts In Steel Zinc Material - 8-32 Thread

    These are 8-32 custom V bolts we had domestically produced for our customer.  Initially 12 pieces were run for prototype testing purposes prior to full production order.  The inside length to the bottom of the V is 1" and .625" between the legs.  0.6" of 8-32 thread is incorporated on both legs.  One thing to note with this type of bent part is that the threaded areas are clamped during the bending process - at minimum this results in a small visual dent in the threads and at worst, if over clamped the thread can be damaged to the point of creating issues running the mating parts.  We carefully inspect the parts to make sure this latter issue is avoided.  Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid grabbing on to the threaded areas for mass production that we have seem, without of-course limiting the amount of thread on each leg.

  • Domestic Custom Sharp Point Wood Screws - Hex Washer Head

    These custom sharp point wood screws were manufactured domestically using case hardened steel material with zinc bake and yellow finish.  A high hex washer head was incorporated without serrations and full #12-11 thread at 1-3/4" in length under the head.  A narrow angle was incorporated for the point that together with a type 17 feature created an extra sharp point to allow for automated feeder systems in our customer's application.

  • Painted Self Drilling Screws

    Custom brown painted self drilling screws in 18-8 stainless steel material supplied to our long time customer at 10,000 pcs per release.  We typically stock these parts based on revolving 12 month blanket purchase order arrangements - pricing is locked in based on 100K pieces but parts are released on a monthly schedule based on our customer's seasonal need.  The sealant on the brown painted heads was set to flat sheen as our customer prefers to avoid glossier finishes.  Lead time for painted parts at these quantities is typically 3-4 weeks from the procurement of the plain version.

  • Special 8-18 Partially Threaded Machine Screw With Tapered Point

    This is a special partially threaded machine screw supplied to our customer at 30,000 pieces. The part is made using 18-8 stainless steel and is slightly tapered at the point to allow for faster use in the customer's application. The head is a slightly off-standard pan head with a phillips drive. Parts are made in the United States.

  • Special DIN965 Metric Phil Flat Machine Screw

    This is a special phillips flat DIN965 machine screw measuring M3 X 0.5 X 9MM and manufactured in the USA using steel with zinc plating finish.  These parts we typically supply to our customer with a production run for each order at the quantity requested, typically around 3,000 pieces.  While a variety of M3 X 0.5 DIN965 screws are available as standards, the 9MM length is often an impossible item to find off the shelf and requires production as a special.

  • Tight Tolerance Custom Locating Dowel Pins For Transit Gear Units

    We had 500 pieces of these large custom locating dowel pins manufactured domestically in alloy steel material, with heat treat to achieve 47-58 HRC core hardness.  The original drawings were fairly aged and it was difficult to figure out how the transition point between the round and hex portions of the pins should be formed.  We ended up producing samples with two different alternative interpretations and allow the customer to test for the ideal option pictured here.  The round portion of the pin has a diameter of .625" + .0003"/-0" while the hex portion across the flats had to meet .7497 +.0002"/-0".  Overall length was set to 1.4375".  

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