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We supply our automotive customers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, washers, studs, nuts, pins, and much more. We are proud to serve many of the premier automotive OEMs including Brembo, SMP, Spartan, and Edelbrock to name a few. When required we can offer domestic or DFARS raw material, level III PPAPs, and a host of specialty lab test reports.

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  • 1" Custom Shaft Collar Made to Print, Stainless Steel with 10/32 Socket

    We supply our automotive OEM customers a number of different custom shaft collars. This particular collar is a one piece 1" version made using 18-8 stainless steel material with a 10/32 socket. Production is done 100% domestically and the parts are supplied to our customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis, with full certs.

  • Custom 12 Point Flange Bolts With Internal 3/8-16 Thread

    We supplied these custom 12 point flange bolts to our automotive customer at 5,000 pieces per size, with size ranging from 12.6MM shoulder diameter X 1.70" to 12.6MM shoulder diameter X 3.2".  4140 alloy steel material was used for the production with heat treatment to reach 39-45HRC hardness.  Black oxide finish was the last step in the production process.  3/8-16 internal thread was tapped on all size configurations to reach a minimum of 18MM in full thread depth.

  • Custom 17-4 Stainless Steel Double End Threaded Studs - 1/2 X 7 With Coarse & Fine Threads

    These are custom 17-4 stainless steel double end threaded studs made using 17-4 H1100 stainless material with heat treat required to finalize the parts.  200 pieces of the custom threaded studs were made domestically with a lead time of 2-3 weeks from confirmation.  2-1/4 inches of 1/2 coarse thread is incorporated with 1-3/4 inches of fine thread on the other side.

  • Custom 32tpi Socket Head Cap Screws - 4140 Material With 37-44 Hardness And 1/4-32 Thread Pitch

    These are custom 32tpi socket head cap screws we supplied to our automotive customer. 4140 plain alloy material was used and production was done domestically in the USA. The 1/4-32 thread pitch was really the only tricky part requiring a custom production run.

  • Custom 4140 Steel Shoulder Bolts - M11.5 X 136MM With Special Hex Head, 37-44 RC, Special Dog Point

    These are custom 4140 steel shoulder bolts we supplied to our automotive customer. 4140 steel material was used with heat treat to achieve 37-44 RC, with plain finish. The shoulder measured M11.5 x 136MM with a 1.15MM groove approximately 35MM from the special hex head. The special dog point measures 10.447MM/10.540MM by 5.7MM in length

  • Custom Automotive 12 Point Bolts - Grade 8

    We had these custom automotive 12 point bolts manufactured for our aftermarket automotive customer in batches of 20,000-40,000 pieces using 4140 alloy steel material to Grade 8 specifications.  The bolts were finished with either Geomet or Zinc Aluminum and were combined with a Nitrile 70A o-ring to provide a "sealing" effect.  7/16-20 thread was rolled on the part and a .365" X .725" point was incorporated with .125" radius.

  • Custom Automotive 12-Point Flange Bolts With Zinc Flake Finish

    We had these custom automotive 12-point flange bolts manufactured in grade 8 material (4140 alloy steel) with both low head and high head options.  1/2-13 2A thread was rolled on both version slightly undersized to allow for coating thickness of the Geomet zinc flake + top coat and black sealant.  Prior versions of the bolts our automotive customer used were experiencing failures from the hydrogen embrittlement resulting from the use of black zinc electroplating - black Geomet zinc flake coating was used to eliminate this risk and increase corrosion resistance at the same time.

  • Custom Automotive Ball Studs - 1215 Steel, Zinc Yellow

    We had 20,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 steel material with heat treat hardening to 25-34 HRC and zinc yellow finish. The across the flats dimension on this ball stad was relatively large compared with the .25" ball diameter, measuring .437 +/-.01". Overall length measured .950" with the 1/4-28 thread taking up approximately .423".

  • Custom Automotive Ball Studs In Grade 5 Steel With Zinc Yellow Finish

    We had 15,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 medium carbon steel material with heat treatment to achieve 25-34 HRC hardness. 10-32 thread (2A fit) was rolled for these parts and the hex was made to .311" across the flats. Overall length of the part measured .815" and the ball diameter was set to .25".

  • Custom Automotive Flat Socket Machine Screw - 1/4-28 X 1/2 In Grade 5 Steel Material With Thread Lock Patch & Level III PPAP

    These are custom automotive flat socket machine screws we supply our aftermarket automotive OEM customer.  Parts are manufactured domestically with production runs of 5,000 pcs and lead time of approximately 8-10 weeks.  Cold headed 5/32 hex drive is incorporated with fully threaded 1/4-28 body and 60 degree countersink angle.  3/32 of hex key engagement is required and nylon thread lock patch is added to finalize the parts.  Level III PPAP was provided to the customer with the parts.

  • Custom Automotive Hardware - Regulator Vented Plug In Grade 5 Material With Level III PPAP

    These custom regulator vented plugs are a perfect example of the large number of custom automotive hardware components we supply our customer base.  We worked with the customer through a number of design iterations to forgo an initial design that included a brazed component and instead go towards a design shown here with a vented hole.

  • Custom Automotive Hex Flange Bolts

    These custom long automotive hex flange bolts were manufactured for our customer to Grade 10.9 specifications with black zinc finish.  100MM of M13-1.75MM thread was rolled behind a 84MM unthreaded shoulder.  The flange diameter was set to 50MM and the hex above to 19MM across the flats.  Black zinc finish is good for corrosion resistance but is always cosmetically tricky due to the imperfections you get on the surface from the bake process, as well as the tumbling of large parts during packaging and transport.  

  • Custom Black Aluminum Spacers - 5.3MM X 80MM In 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    We had these custom black aluminum spacers manufactured for an automotive research facility using 6061-T6 aluminum material with black anodize finish.  The inside diameter measures 5.3MM and the outside diameter 13MM.  The overall length is 80MM and tolerance on all dimensions is +/- .10MM.

  • Custom Brass Bushings - 0.688 X 0.875" Machined Bushings In Plain Brass Material

    These are custom brass bushings we supply our automotive customer on a recurring blanket purchase order basis, with monthly releases based on their usage. They are manufactured overseas in Taiwan and maintain +/-.009 tolerance on the outside and inside diameter, as well as the length. The inside diameter is set at 0.500 inches, the outside diameter is at 0.688 inches, and the overall length is set at 0.875 inches.

  • Custom DIN 7991 M14 X 50MM Flat Socket Cap Screw In Class 10.9 Alloy Steel

    We supply our automotive OEM customer base countless custom made metric socket screws like this custom to print M14 X 1.5M X 52MM flat socket cap screw in 10.9 alloy steel, with plain and light oil finish. This custom socket screw is manufactured domestically in the USA and is used in both automotive and motorcycle applications.

  • Custom Grade 5 Automotive Screws - Tricky 1/4-32 Thread With Nylon Thread Locking Patch

    These custom grade 5 automotive screws are exactly the same dimensionally as the 1/4-28 version but with two specific distinctions: the thread had to be 1/4-32 instead for this 2,500 pcs batch. The hex socket drive was broached instead of cold heading, the marks of which you can see at the very bottom of the hex recess. That allowed us to save weeks of lead time and we also expedited the thread lock application process as well as all the transit in between processes. Level III PPAP paperwork is provided with the parts per our customers original request and requirement.

  • Custom Grade 5 Lug Nuts - 5/16-24 Thread

    We supplied approximately 21,000 pieces of these custom grade 5 lug nuts to our customer, manufactured using medium carbon steel material with zinc clear finish.  Blue thread lock patch was applied at 360 degrees across the length of internal thread per customer specifications.  An 82 degree angle was maintained at the cone side and .500" width across the flats.  Overall length (height) of the lug nut was also set to .500".  

  • Custom Grade 5 Shoulder Bolts - Steel & Commercial Zinc Finish

    They are domestically manufactured to a grade 5 standard with commercial zinc, bake and clear chromate finish.  The shoulder measures .40" in diameter by .50" in length, with 5/16-18 thread rolled the balance of the screw.  The overall length is 1-1/4" underneath the head.

  • Custom Grade 5 U Bolts To Print - 9/16 X 3.875 In Grade 5 Steel Zinc Material

    These are custom grade 5 u-bolts made to our automotive customer's drawing at 5,000 pieces. The u-bolts were manufactured domestically in steel zinc material and heat treated to RC20. 9/16-12 rolled thread was incorporated on each leg at 1.625" in length. The overall inside length was measured at 3.875" and the inside width at 1.565".

  • Custom Grade 8 Automotive Countersunk Hex Flange Bolts

    These custom grade 8 countersunk hex flange bolts were manufactured for our automotive after market manufacturing customer with zinc yellow finish.  Partial 1/2-13 thread was rolled and the length under the hex (inclusive of the countersunk portion) was set to 2-3/4".  Full certs were made available with the parts.

  • Custom Grade 8 Offroad Wheel Bolts

    These custom grade 8 wheel bolts were manufactured for our automotive OEM customer using SAE J429 material with zinc yellow finish with post plating bake.  An 82 degree countersunk feature was incorporated into the head with cold forging with 1/2-13 UNC 2B full thread below measuring 1.25" in length.  

  • Custom Grade 8 Socket Cap Screw With Black Oxide & Oil Finish

    This is a custom 10-32 X .590 socket head cap screw made in the USA using Grade 8 steel with black oxide finish. It is a part we have supplied for many years on a blanket as-released purchase order basis, typically holding 6-12 months of supply at all times to allow for maximum flexibility to our customer.

  • Custom Grade 8 Torx Flat Head Dog Point Screws

    These custom grade 8 flat head screws were manufactured for our automotive aftermarket component manufacturing customer - the dog point was incorporated to allow for better ease of use and the finish was plain thermal black oxide.  5/16-18 thread was rolled with an overall length (including the head height) of .875".  Certs were made available upon request but no PPAP was required for this application.

  • Custom Grade 8 Torx Round Head Bolts With Black Zinc

    These custom grade 8 round head bolts were manufactured for our automotive customer to Grade 8 specification with black zinc finish.  The head was cold formed with T50 torx drive and the approximately 3 inches of 7/16-20 was rolled.  A .37" X .20" dog point was incorporated at the end with rounded corners.

  • Custom Hex Automotive Ball Studs - Zinc Yellow Finish

    We had 25,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 steel material with heat treat hardening to 25-34 HRC and zinc yellow finish.  The across the flats dimension on this ball stud was set to measure .311 +/-.01".  Overall length measured .975" with the 1/4-28 thread taking up approximately .400".

  • Custom Hex Flange Screws, Class 10.9 - M12 X 1.75 X 30MM With Black Phosphate Finish

    With the large volume required we had the parts domestically produced with black phosphate finish.  Measuring M12 X 1.75 X 30MM the hex flange head measured 23-25MM in flange diameter and 14.5-15.0MM across the flats.  Head height was set to 12MM +/-1MM, inclusive of the flange.

  • Custom Long Socket Head Machine Screws - 8-32 & 8-36 Thread In 4140 Alloy Steel

    These custom long socket head machine screws were manufactured domestically using 4140 alloy steel material with heat treatment to reach 37-44 Rc hardness.  Two sizes were produced together in this run: 8-32 X 5.43" length with thread length of 5/8" and 8-36 (an odd thread pitch requested for this one) X 6-3/8" with the same 5/8" thread length requirement.  

  • Custom Low Head Socket Cap Screws - 1/4-20 X 1 Low Head Socket Head Cap Screws In Black Zinc With Nylon Thread Locking Patch

    These are custom low head socket cap screws we supply to an offroad automotive product manufacturer.  Measuring 1/4-20 X 1 to standard IFI specifications, these low head socket cap screws are made in plain grade 5 steel material with black electroplated zinc finish for corrosion resistance.  A standard nylon thread locking patch is applied as the final part of the process to get the parts ready for use.

  • Custom M80 & M45 Large Automotive Flange Nuts

    These custom M80 and M45 thread large flange nuts were manufactured for our EV automotive customer using Class 8.8 steel material with black phosphate finish.  180 degree nylon internal patch was applied to complete the parts per print.  Full certs and level III PPAP were provided with parts per our customer specifications.  

  • Custom Metric Rolled Thread Screws - DIN912 M14 X 1.5M X 88MM Class 12.9 Alloy Steel

    We have been supplying these 12.9 alloy steel custom metric rolled thread screws for over 10 years to an automotive aftermarket OEM.  The alloy steel socket head blanks are ground to a smaller diameter to allow for the M14 thread to be rolled, which is a specific requirement with our customer.  We supply these parts on a revolving annual blanket purchase order to spread out the cost for our customer and lock in better pricing.  

  • Custom Metric Socket Cap Screws With Zinc Yellow Finish And 1193S Thread Locking Patch - M5 X 0.80M X 16MM In Alloy Steel

    These are custom metric socket cap screws with an undersized head diameter that we have provided to an aftermarket automotive product manufacturer for many years. Measuring M5 X 0.80M X 16MM, the socket cap screws are domestically manufactured in alloy steel material and then finished with zinc yellow finish. The final step involves the application of 1193S thread locking patch on each screw.

  • Custom Partial Thread Socket Shoulder Bolts

    These custom partial thread socket shoulder bolts were manufactured for our automotive customer using 18-8 stainless steel material and cold formed 3/16 hex socket drive.  Approximately .50" of 5/16-18 thread was incorporated and the shoulder measured .312" in diameter at 1.25" in length.  The threaded section was turned down prior to thread roll operation.  

  • Custom Precision Dowel Pins In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    We had 3,200 pieces of these custom precision dowel pins made domestically for our automotive customer using 18-8 stainless steel material with plain finish. Overall length was set to .240" +/- .005" and the diameter was set to .092" +/-.005". These were relatively simple parts and the lead time was much faster than the more involved parts that require a special finish. Full certs were provided with the parts.

  • Custom Shoulder Bolt To Be Coupled With Bronze Bearing

    This custom shoulder bolt was made per print for our automotive customer and measures 7/8 X .540 with 3/4-16 rolled thread. 304 stainless steel was used to produce the parts with passivation to complete the process. It is intended to work in unison with a flanged bronze bearing. The head diameter is 1.25" and head height at .40".

  • Custom Shoulder Pins In Grade 2 Steel With Zinc Finish - 5/16 X 13/16 Shoulder

    These are custom shoulder pins made using grade 2 steel material with zinc finish, manufactured overseas in Taiwan at approximately 100,000 pieces. We supply them to our long time automotive OEM customer on revolving 12 month blanket purchase orders, delivering parts as they need them. The shoulder was maintained at 5/16 X 13/16".

  • Custom Socket Shoulder Screws: 1/8 X 3/8 in 303 Stainless Steel, 4-40 Thread

    Manufactured in the United States, this part is made using 303 stainless steel with a shoulder measuring 1/8 X 3/8 inches and thread at 4-40. Standard lead time for this part is 6-8 weeks upon placement of purchase order.

  • Custom Stamped Automotive Brackets

    These special stamped parts are manufactured per drawing for our long time customer that applies the brackets in their automotive assembly process. The brackets are made in the USA using ASTM A1008-10CS Type A cold rolled sheet material with plain finish.  

  • Custom Steel Spring Washers - Black Oxide Finish

    These custom steel spring washers were manufactured using high carbon steel material heat treated to 38-45 HRC with black oxide finish.  When flat, the inside diameter measures .126" and the outside diameter is at .245".  The thickness is set to .004" +/- .005" with our production parts mostly measuring around .007" in thickness.  In it's final shape the OD across the bent sides is at .231" +/- .005".

  • Custom Tapered Dowel Pins In 303 Stainless Steel

    We had 50,000 pieces of these custom tapered dowel pins manufactured using 303 stainless steel material for our automotive component manufacturing customer.  Overall length was set to 12.56mm +/- 0.3mm and the diameter measured 4mm +.05mm/-.10mm.  The tapered point was machined to a 54 +/- degree angle.  Full certs were provided with the parts per our customer requirements.

  • Custom Titanium Dowel Pins - 1/16 X 1/4 OAL

    These custom titanium dowel pins were manufactured domestically using ASTM B348 Grade 5 material.  The 1/16 diameter had a tolerance of +/- .005 and the .25" has a +/- .001 tolerance.

  • Custom V Bolts - 5/8 Diameter In A36 Material With Yellow Zinc Finish

    These are custom V bolts we had manufactured domestically for our automotive customer. A36 steel material was used with zinc yellow and bake finish process. 5/8-11 thread was incorporated on both legs, at 2 inches in length. Center to center inside width was set at 4-1/2 inches, with the inside length set at 5.88 inches. The inside angle at the V was set to 90 degrees.

  • Large Custom Aluminum Standoffs

    We supplied our automotive customer slightly over 1,000 pieces of these large custom aluminum standoffs using 6061 aluminum material with plain finish.  The diameter was .75" and we ran two separate lengths: 4.75" and 5.125".  The female/female thread on both lengths was 1/4-20 with minimum thread depth of .50".

  • Unslotted Hex Washer Head, Trilobular Thread Forming Special Screw in 410 Stainless Steel

    This is a custom trilobular thread rolling hex flange screw manufactured in the United States, which we provide to our automotive customer on a annual blanket purchase order basis. The thread forming screw measures 10-32 X 1/2 and is made using 410 stainless steel, bright hardened and passivated. Finally the part is then run through the last secondary process of applying a thread locking patch.

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