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Engineered Source provides a diverse array of secondary fastener services, from patch and pellet applications to matching paint. Our customers manufacture products that run the gamut in industries and applications, and we have made it our priority to ensure that we can service all the specific needs each part carries. The following detail our most common secondary services and should you have a need for services beyond those listed please do not hesitate to reach out to us:

Thread Locking Patch

The patch is typically comprised on nylon material that is applied onto the external or internal thread of the part. This additional material works to create increased contact on the opposite side of the part and mating material, thereby creating the "locking" effect that maintains its integrity even while experiencing severe vibration. Parts with applied patch material can be reused without damaging the part itself, and the patch material is chemical and temperature resistant (both heat and cold). A special high temperature version of this application is available upon request as well for extreme temperature environments.

Thread Locking Pellet

The pellet application also uses nylon or similar material in a pellet form that is inserted into a hole drilled on the part thread. This process provides the same benefits described above for the patch and performs well in high and low temperature environments. Variations in the pellet material are available for more extreme temperature tolerances.

Thread Locking Strip

This service uses the same material used in the pellet that is applied along a channel milled into the fastener thread, along the length of the part thread. The characteristics and benefits of the locking strip application are the same as the pellet, except the channel length allows for greater adjustment and torque parameter control.

Plastisol Sealant Application

Predominantly used for automotive related parts this process allows the fasteners to create a sealing effect by filling the space between the fastener components with the pre-applied PVC material. This application is available for most common fastener parts and materials, has excellent environmental resistance characteristics.

Black Oxide Service

This is the most common and cost effective method of "blackening" fasteners. It is a quick process and can be applied to a large number of parts at once, through a series of chemical baths typically finished with a sealing oil or wax application. The black oxide process only creates an additional layer of approximately micro meter in thickness, limiting the chance of thread parameter impact typically experienced with plating services.

Zinc Plating

Zinc electroplating is a process used to add a layer of corrosion resistant zinc material. This service provides one of the most common forms of corrosion protection and is cost effective when used for a large number of parts. Our standard procedure dictates 8 hour bake as part of the zinc plating process to limit the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Nickel & Chrome Plating

This secondary service is typically requested for decorative or externally visible fastener parts and can be accomplished for both small and large quantities. Polishing can also be incorporated into the plating process if requested by the customer. Plating material thickness can cause issues in the final assembly of the parts and it is therefore critical for the customer to provide us with guidance on the application of the part and plating thickness tolerances required. This process typically dictates a 2 week lead time.

Fastener Painting Services

Our customers often use parts in their assembly that require matching finish to the surrounding material and simply painting the screw heads, washers, etc has been the best way to accomplish this goal. A sample of the color you are matching to is required the first time the parts are ordered and the matching formula is kept on file thereafter. The process is fairly cost effective when applied to a large quantity but can be expensive for small quantities due to minimum restrictions. Lead times for painting can often reach 4 weeks.

Give us a call at 714-435-9140 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide guidance on the optimal approach - our flexibility makes it easy to work out the perfect arrangement!