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For almost 30 years Engineered Source has proudly served thousands of customers in a diverse set of industries for their custom fastener and hardware needs. We are excited to play a small yet critical role in the products and services they provide to make the world a better and more exciting place.

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Custom Aerospace & Defense Fasteners
Aerospace & Defense: Some of our longest served customers are in the Aerospace & Defense sector and we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the trickiest custom parts they require. Full gamut of materials, processes, finishes, and quality related tests and reports are at your disposal. Our existing customers in this field include some of the most exciting companies in the industry, with Orbital ATK & Northrop Grumman, Virgin Orbit, Circor Aerospace, and Ametek Aerospace being just a few of the noteworthy firms. NADCAP certified secondary processes, FAIRs, DFAR material parts, and multitude of QC testing is at your disposal.

Construction & Architectural Design: We have supplied construction and architectural design firms with a multitude of different type of custom hardware, from large custom u bolts and threaded studs, to custom low profile screws and low/high temperature specific material grade hex nuts. Whether your part requires cold heading, hot heading, bending, machining, or forging chances are we can get it made for you. For larger parts that require forging or hot heading the quantity becomes more critical to spread out any tooling or setup costs. For bending, machining, and cold heading we are usually extremely competitive on pricing and lead time for the small quantities as well.

Automotive: Our customers in this industry segment include aftermarket automotive part manufacturers, custom vehicle manufacturers, and automotive supply companies catering to a variety of niche automotive sectors. A large portion of the parts we have supplied are cold headed and machined screws, pins, nuts, and bushings. Some of the larger custom screws and bolts we supply are hot headed or forged. Level III PPAPs are available on most custom parts we supply upon request at the time of quotation or prior to production start.

Electronics: Our electronic component manufacturing customers service a number of different niche industries. Most of the custom hardware we supply this sector is machined and cold headed, with both metric and inch threads. Standoffs, spacers, bushings, non ferrous (PTFE and the like) parts, and machine screws are just a few of the types of fasteners we supply. Very high volume parts are typically produced overseas, with higher tolerance parts mostly coming out of Taiwan. Blanket purchase order arrangements are extremely common with electronics manufacturers as they typically use a large volume of a consistent set of hardware.

Medical Device: In the recent 3-5 years our work in this industry has grown exponentially. We supply a variety of medical device OEMs with custom machined and cold headed parts. Materials used in the parts we have supplied vary greatly, from 316 stainless steel to different grades of Titanium. Finishes are just as diverse although most have been requested in plain finish. Material certs, first article inspection reports (FAIR), and variety of QC testing reports are available upon request.

Robotics: This is a fast growing industry and we have been thrilled to work on some very exciting projects with our customers. While most custom parts we have supplied in this segment are relatively simple, some have been very tricky to manufacture and to finish with multiple secondary finishing processes. Regardless of the complexity of the part at hand, we are always intrigued with the application of the parts and the end product. We can supply small quantities and fast turnaround on most cold headed and machined parts.

Niche OEM Fasteners:
With the most prevalent sectors separated out in this page, there are simply too many specific industries to list in this category of remaining OEMs, from spa manufacturers to high-end bicycle accessory manufacturers. The goals of our customers within each niche industry is very different, from a greater focus on cost to a more critical outlook on tight tolerance parts and rigid testing requirements for the QC component. We adjust our plans and production offering based on these specific needs, as well as the specific requirements of the individual parts.