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We supply our medical equipment OEM customers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, washers, springs, studs, nuts, pins, precision machined components and much more. We are proud to serve many of the premier manufacturers in this field including iCRco, Dini Group, New Paradigm, and Panadent to name a few.

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  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Button Head Screws - Metric

    These custom 316 stainless steel button head screws were manufactured domestically using ASTM A240 spec raw material.  All dimensions and tolerances were to a drawing provided by our customer.  M2.5 X .45 thread was incorporated (cut thread) with thread length set to 8MM.  Head diameter was set to 4.50MM-4.7MM and head height at 1.36MM-1.50MM.  

  • Custom 316L Machined Hardware - 6MM X 1.0M Thread & Straight Nurl Application On The Nut

    These mating custom 316L machined components were produced domestically with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks. The rod pieces measure 90MM in overall length and the knurled nut measures 17MM in overall height. Getting the nut fully tapped turned out to be the trickier part of the process - the taps kept breaking before the full depth was reached. After a few adjustments and a change-up on the thread tap style used that last issue was finally resolved. Material certs were provided with the parts per customer's original request.

  • Custom 6-Lobe Socket Head Cap Screws - 6-32 X 1-1/4 In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    Custom 6-lobe socket head cap screws manufactured domestically in 18-8 stainless steel material at approximately 8,000 pcs. Our customer wanted us to provide these custom screws in black oxide finish after running them through ASTM A967 passivation. Partial unthreaded shoulder was incorporated and the thread was rolled instead of the cut alternative. Lead time for similar projects is currently running at 8-12 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Dog Point Screws - 10/24 X 5/8 Socket Head Cap Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel With Half Dog Point

    We have been supplying our long time OEM customer with these custom modified parts for many years.  They are 18-8 stainless steel socket head cap screws with a half dog point.  Flatness of the point is most critical to our customer's application and the process had to be refined over the first few years to get it absolutely right.  The half dog point dimensions are based on ASME B18.3-2003.

  • Custom Flange Nuts In 17-4PH Stainless Steel Material

    These custom flange nuts were manufactured domestically using 17-4PH stainless steel material with 10-24 internal thread.  Overall height of the flange nut was .19" +/-.01" and the diameter of the flange was a critical dimension at .330" +.000/-.015".  The hex was set to .250" +.000/-.005" across the flats.  Our internal part number is NRNS-10-117-4 and typical lead time for full production is 6-8 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Internally Threaded Female Stainless Steel Standoffs

    This is one of the larger custom internally threaded female standoffs we supply to a medical equipment manufacturer. Made in the USA in stainless steel material, these RoHS compliant standoffs are 1/2" across the flats on the outside dimension and 1/4-20 threaded all the way through the 5/8" length. Our internal part number is ESIP1367-M09-F16.

  • Custom Knurled Shoulder Screws - 1/4-20 X 1-1/4 Round Head In Grade 5.1 Zinc Yellow

    These are custom knurled shoulder screws manufactured domestically in grade 5.1 steel material with zinc and yellow finish. Production was run at a relatively small quantity of 4,000 pieces.  Material certs and dimensional test reports were provided with the parts.

  • Custom Long 316 Stainless Steel Screws - 8-32 X 3 Socket Head Cap Screws

    These are custom long 316 stainless steel screws at 8-32 X 3 in dimensions, manufactured domestically in the USA. The parts were completed in a relatively quick turnaround time-frame of approximately 4 weeks from order, especially considering the holiday timing. To allow for the  speed required the hex socket drive was broached instead of using a cold headed approach. The partial thread was also cut rather than rolled.

  • Custom Low Head Metric Screws - M3 X 0.5MM X 3.25MM With Thread Locking Patch in 303 Stainless Steel Material

    Custom low head metric screws manufactured domestically using 303 stainless steel material. The 1/16 hex drive was broached with a 1.5MM drive depth. Heavy torque blue thread locking patch was applied to conform to a .60 to .33 Nm minimum torque testing. Head height measured 1.75MM and the width at 9.65MM. The rounding around the edges of the head was set to R 0.020. Production samples were provided for customer testing and approval prior to commitment to a full production run. Lead time for production is 8-10 weeks from confirmed order. Certificate of conformance, First Article Inspection Report, material cert, and passivation cert were required with the parts per our customer's request.

  • Custom Nylon Flat Washers - .4950 X 3180 X .0310

    These are custom nylon flat washers we supply to a long time customer on revolving as-released blanket purchase order basis.  Estimated annual usage is approximately 100,000 pieces.  They are manufactured domestically and stocked at our Santa Ana location.  Lead time for the initial release is typically at 45-60 days from an approved purchase order.  The custom washer measures .0310 at the thickness, .4950 on the outside diameter, and .3180 at the inside diameter.

  • Custom Precision Aluminum Plates - 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    These custom precision aluminum plates are manufactured using 6061-T6 material with plain finish, with our customer providing their own black and clear anodizing processes.  The plates are .100 +.002/-.005" in thickness and 2.5 +/- .04" in overall length.  The rivet counter-bores are machined to achieve the precise dimensional requirements on the drawing, with the drilled holes .196" in diameter.  Production is typically run at approximately 30,000 pieces at a time, with FAIR, material certs, and certificate of conformance provided.

  • Custom Precision Aluminum Stamped Plates - 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    These custom precision aluminum stamped plates work in combination with a separate custom aluminum plate in a medical device application. The parts are extremely tight tolerance dimensionally and are clear anodized prior to their final use. The overall length is set at 2.5" and overall width at its maximum point is set at 1.70". Thickness is .100 +/- .004". It took 3 different sample runs to get these parts just right before running full production.

  • Custom Precision Step Pins in 303 Stainless Steel

    These custom precision step pins were manufactured domestically in the USA using 303 stainless steel material per ASTM A581, with the raw material comprising of 3/16" round USA melt bar stock.  The outside diameter is .031" +/- .002" for the extended pin and .125" +.0005/-.0000.  Overall length was set to .313" and a 45 degree chamfer was incorporated on both sides of the .125" diameter portion.

  • Custom Stainless Slotted Pins in 416 Stainless Steel Material - RC 26 to 32

    We supplied our long time medical device customer 2,500 pieces of these tricky custom stainless slotted pins.  Production was done domestically using 416 stainless steel material - the original design called out for 17-4PH stainless steel material but that was found to be unnecessary for the relatively simple application.  416 SS provided a much more cost effective and faster alternative while still providing the "spring" action required when the four petals were contracted.  10 pieces were provided out of the production batch for testing and approval before the balance was completed with the slotting process.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Compression Springs - .240 X .032 X 1

    These are custom stainless steel compression springs we supply to our customer on an as-needed basis at approximately 20,000 pieces per order.  The lead time is typically 4-6 weeks for full production.  The stainless steel wire used is .032 in thickness and the total static length of the springs is 1 inch.

CALL US WITH YOUR INQUIRIES AT (866) 243-3044 OR EMAIL US AT [email protected]