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We supply our electronics and robotics customers the full range of custom fasteners, including custom screws/bolts, standoffs/spacers, washers, studs, nuts, pins, and much more. We are proud to serve a small but critical part with many of the most exciting companies across the nation and the world including Panasonic, Honeybee Robotics, Emerson, Synopsis, and Vision Robotics to name a few.


  • Custom "Shim" Washers In 302 Stainless Steel

    This specific custom "shim" washer is made using 302 stainless steel and has dimensions of 2.198 ID, 2.647 OD, .018 TH with tolerance of +/- .010 on the OD and ID and +/- .001 for the thickness. Our robotics customer purchases these shims with annual revolving blanket purchase orders to spread out the cash requirement.

  • Custom #12 Combo Slotted/Phillips Type B Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws

    This is a #12-11 sheet metal screw at 1-1/4 inches in length with a lead point incorporated per customer specifications. Manufactured using low carbon steel (case hardened) it is used with a commercial zinc and clear chromate finish. This custom screw is made domestically in the USA with a lead time of 4-6 weeks and production runs typically ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. Internal part number BCPLP-1220-B.

  • Custom 10-16 X 1/2 Phil Pan Hi-Lo In 316 Stainless Steel, Chrome Plated

    These parts are manufactured overseas and supplied to our customer on a blanket as-released purchase order basis.  We originally supplied this 10 X 1/2 phil pan hi-lo in plain 316 stainless steel material but at some point our customer needed additional corrosion resistance in their application.  At that point we had our inventory supply barrel plated to the pictured chrome finish and all future imported parts would come in already chrome plated.  Domestic chrome finish, whether barrel plated or individually racked, typically has a much brighter finish than the finish found on large volume imported parts.

  • Custom 3/16 Hex Jack Screws

    This is a custom hex jack screw (male/female standoff) manufactured in the United States, with full dimensions at 4/40 X 3/16. The parts were made using steel material with nickel plating, as well as nylon patch application per customer's drawing specifications.

  • Custom 302 Stainless Compression Springs - .030 wire size

    These custom 302 stainless compression springs were produced domestically with a lead time of approximately 8 weeks. .030 wire size was used and the free length was set at 1.5". Out of the 18 total coils 16 were active and the outside diameter tapered down to .22" from the max outside diameter of .34".

  • Custom 4-40 X 3/8 Slotted Flat Machine Screws in Copper 110 Material

    This is another 4-40 slotted flat machine screw we supply our long time electronics customer. They are 3/8 in length and are manufactured in the United States using Copper 110 material. Material certs are provided with each shipment and blanket purchase order arrangements are always welcome.

  • Custom 6-Lobe (Torx Alternative) Shoulder Screws in 416 Stainless Steel

    We had these custom 6-lobe shoulder screws manufactured in 416 stainless steel in the USA for our electronics customer.  DFARS compliant material was used and the parts were heat treated to achieve 26-32 RC.  The 6-lobe drive (T10 size) was made using a combination of broaching and punch, allowing us to bypass cold forming that carries a much longer lead time in our current conditions.  The shoulder measures .13" X .500" in length and the threaded portion is #4-40 with a minimal undercut.

  • Custom 6-Lobe Stainless Steel Socket Sheet Metal Screw

    This is unique custom 302 stainless steel #4-24 X .900 socket sheet metal screw. It incorporates a 6-lobe socket drive and a partial thread with a AB type point. These special sheet metal screws are supplied at quantities of approximately 2,000 pieces per order and carry a lead time of 6-8 weeks. They are passivated in the final stage of the manufacturing process and are made in the USA.

  • Custom 8740 Chrome Moly Slotted Bolts - CAD Plated

    These custom 8740 chrome moly slotted bolts were manufactured domestically in the USA for our aerospace customer, intended to offer min 160,000 psi tensile strength.  10-32 UNF 3A thread was incorporated and overall screw length underneath the head is .746 +.015/-.015".  A channel was formed at the bottom of the head to allow for an O-ring to be applied, allowing for a sealing screw application.

  • Custom Aluminum Round Spacers - 4.3MM X 50MM X 9.3MM Made in the USA

    We supply a large number of standard off the shelf electronics hardware but get really excited about the custom sizes for the more interesting applications.  Pictured here are one of the custom aluminum round spacers we supply a drone manufacturer, along with a smaller custom spacer and a hex standoff to be shown in our next few posts.  Made in the USA at approximately 5,000 pcs these aluminum standoffs measure 4.3MM X 50MM X 12.30MM (OD) with a tolerance of +/-.01MM.  Lead time for the initial release is typically at 6-10 weeks depending on the current work flow and seasonality.

  • Custom Beryllium Copper Wave Washers

    We supplied our customer 10,000 pcs of these custom beryllium copper wave washers.  They were manufactured domestically in the USA with a relatively long lead time of 14-16 weeks due to the material procurement timing involved.  The ID measures .140 +/- .005" and the OD when flat measures .490 +/-.01".  Thickness of the material is .020 +/-.0004" and the outside height post stamping is .080 +/- .080".  Max load is 26.667 pounds and the max deflection is set at .015.  Parts had to be vacuum aged for 2 hours at 600 degrees to complete the production process.

  • Custom Black Nylon Washers - Flat Nylon Washers Dyed Black .187/.500/.040

    These are custom black nylon washers that we supply to one of our oldest customers on a recurring blanket purchase order basis.  Average annual volume it approximately 800,000 pieces and we typically maintain at least a 6 month supply on hand at all times.  Actual production time required is typically 6-7 weeks from order and the flat washers measure .187 inches on the inside diameter, .500 inches on the outside diameter, and .040 inches on the thickness.

  • Custom Black Thumb Screws - Knurled 6-32 X 3/8

    These custom black thumb screws with diamond knurl were manufactured to our customer's drawing at 2,000 pieces using low carbon steel material with black oxide finish.  The head diameter is set to .313" +/- .005" and the thread length is .375" with the same tolerance.  6-32 thread was rolled rather than cut on these parts.

  • Custom DFARS Slotted Fillister Screws - 303 Stainless Steel

    Custom slotted fillister screws we supplied to our robotics customer - ASTM A582 DFARS compliant 303 stainless steel material (Italy Melt) was used for the domestic manufacturing. 2-56 thread was incorporated at .25-.37" in length, with the overall length underneath the head at .625 +0/-.030". The head height measures .070-.095" and the slot depth is set at .033-.043". Head diameter was set between .145" and .161". Full certs were provided with the parts per our customers usual requirements.

  • Custom Diamond Knurled Stainless Steel Pins

    These are 18-8 stainless steel knurled pins made to an electronics customer's print. They measure approximately .800" in length at a diameter of .118". Of-course the only tricky requirement is the diamond knurling of .150" at each side that is intended to bite into the plastic setting. In order to increase the diameter at the knurled ends and allow for better locking into the plastic the factory adjusted their method to allow for very aggressive knurling, thereby pushing the material further and increasing the overall diameter at both sides.

  • Custom Double End Studs In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material - with AA1096 microspheres thread locking patch

    These are custom double end studs made using 303 stainless steel (18-8 stainless steel) for our electronics manufacturing customer. Domestically made at approximately 4,000 pcs these parts were made to the drawing shown below with AA1096 microspheres thread locking feature one the shorter threaded end. 1/4-20 thread was incorporated on the long threaded portion, while 10-24 was used for the shorter end with the thread lock patch. A #2 square drive was broached on the 1/4-20 side as well.

  • Custom Fully Threaded U Bolts - Plain Steel Material With 4-40 Thread

    These are the more unusual u bolts we have supplied over the years - they are custom fully threaded u bolts.  Typically only a partial length of each leg is threaded, whether cut threads or rolled, but in this case our customer specifically requested a fully threaded version.  1,000 pieces were run through a domestic production process with a lead time of 3-4 weeks.  4-40 thread was incorporated with the inside width at .57 inches and inside length at .75 inches.

  • Custom Hex Shoulder Standoffs - 316 Stainless Steel

    We had these custom hex shoulder standoffs manufactured in 316 stainless steel for a physical and accelerator lab in two thread sizes - M3 and M4 thread sizes with 6g thread fit.  The width across the flats on the hex measured 6.8-7MM and the main shoulder diameter measured 5.6MM +/-.05 and the step down shoulder diameter measuring 4.8MM +/- .05.  The internal female M2 X 0.4 thread was tapped to a depth of 4MM min.  

  • Custom Invar 36 Socket Head Screws - 10-32 X 2"

    These custom invar 36 socket head screws were manufactured domestically for University of Rochester with a broached socket drive for faster turnaround.

  • Custom Knurled Slotted Thumb Screws - Steel Zinc Material

    These custom knurled slotted thumb screws were manufactured at 5,000 pieces using low carbon steel material with zinc clear finish.  6-32 thread was incorporated at .375" length underneath the head.  Knurled head diameter was set to .313" and head height to .188".  The slotted drive was .035" +/-.005" deep and .045" +/-.005" wide.  Our customer used these custom screws in their electronics assembly process.  

  • Custom Length Shoulder Bolts In Stainless Steel - 1/4 X 1"

    We supplied these custom length shoulder bolts to our audio device manufacturer.  The shoulder bolt is essentially an off-the-shelf 1/4 X 1 shoulder bolt with 10-24 rolled thread in 18-8 stainless steel material.  Our customer was unable to use this version as-is due to the combined length of threaded portion and the machined fillet preceding it.  In order to make use these parts that combined length had to be at .24"  +/- .01".  As a relatively simple operation we ran these parts through a cut and chamfer operation to get them to the correct length.  Lead time for this operation was 1-2 weeks from receipt of the off-the-shelf version.

  • Custom Long 316 Stainless Steel Screws - DFARS

    These custom long 316 stainless steel screws were manufactured domestically using a broached socket drive and cut threads to allow for the fast production turnaround required on the project.  The 316 stainless steel raw material was required to be DFARS compliant.  8-32 thread was incorporated at a length of approximately 1-1/8" and overall length underneath the head is 6".  All dimensions outside of the thread length were done per standard IFI dimensions.  

  • Custom Long Machine Screws - 302 Stainless Steel

    Almost 20,000 pieces of these custom long machine screws were manufactured for our electronics manufacturing customer, made using 302 stainless steel material with plain finish.  4/40 thread was incorporated with 1" of usable thread minimum on each screw.  Overall length was set to 4.625"-4.725" and the head was a standard philips pan head for a #4 machine screw.  

  • Custom Low Head Slotted Machine Screws - 8-32 X .375" In 12L14 Steel

    These custom low head slotted machine screws were manufactured domestically using 12L14 steel material and then run through a commercial black oxide process.  Length under the head was set at .375" +/-.03", fully threaded with 8-32 thread pitch.  The head height was set at .055", diameter at .265", slot width at .05", and slot depth at .042".  Our internal part number for this item is MSF-0806-AF and while lead time varies quite a bit depending on production volume required, we typically budget 6-8 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom M18 Stainless Steel Hex Nuts

    These custom M18 stainless steel hex nuts were manufactured using 304 stainless steel material with a 1.5 6H thread pitch.  The across the flats dimension tolerance was at 26.16MM-27MM and the thickness at 8.42MM-9MM.  Standard chamfers were incorporated on the corners and full certs provided to comply with our customer's requirements.

  • Custom Metric Button Socket Cap Screw In 302 Stainless Steel

    This is a special to print custom button head cap screw we supply a long time customer on an annual basis at approximately 5,000 pieces - it measures M3 X 0.5 X 7.24MM.  They are supplied in increments of 5,000 pieces and are made in the United States using 302 stainless steel material with passivation as the final stage in the process.  Fine thread and a special to print point is incorporated in these parts, which resembles an oval point on a standard set screw.

  • Custom Metric Dowel Pins - M8 X 35MM In Alloy Steel With One Side Tapped With M4 X 0.7M Thread

    These are custom metric dowel pins we supply to our long time electronics OEM customer.  They are made using alloy steel at M8 X 35MM and are tapped on one side each for M4 X 0.7M thread.  The thread depth is set at 3MM and the other side is left untouched.  These custom dowel pins are manufactured domestically with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

  • Custom Music Wire Extension Springs

    We supply our customer base a number of different custom made compression and extension springs, typically on a blanket as-released purchase order basis.  This special spring part is an extension spring made using pre plated .022 galvanized music wire material.  It is usually supplied to our customer at 5,000 piece increments.

  • Custom Nickel Plated Brass Standoffs - Hex Male/Female

    We had these custom nickel plated brass standoffs manufactured for our electronic instrumentation manufacturing customer.  4MM hex brass material was used for the production and 5MM of male thread and 6MM of internal female thread was incorporated per print.  Hex standoff length was set to 21MM.  Both internal and male thread was 4-40.  

  • Custom Nylon Point Set Screws - 8-32 X 1" In Stainless Steel Material

    We supply our electronics manufacturing customers a large array of custom and specialty fastener products like these custom nylon point set screws.  The set screws themselves are domestically made using 18-8 stainless steel per our customer's specifications.  Lead time for 3,000 to 5,000 pieces is typically 2-3 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Partial Hex Standoffs - Fully Internally Threaded In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom partial hex standoffs measure M6 - 1.0M X 22MM and are domestically made using 18-8 stainless steel material.  The hex height is set at 6MM and hex across the flats at 10mm.  The round standoff portion is set to 8mm for the outside diameter.  All dimensions had +/-.01MM tolerance.  Lead time to get these parts produced was approximately 6-8 weeks from production start.  Material certs were available upon request with the parts.

  • Custom Phillips Drive Shoulder Screws - 1/8 X 1/4 With 4/40 Thread

    This is a custom shoulder screw we have supplying for a number of years, manufactured per drawing in the United States using 304 stainless steel and shipped to the customer on as needed release basis with a blanket purchase arrangement. Lead time for an item like this based on a quantity of approximately 10,000 pieces is 8-12 weeks.

  • Custom Slotted Fillister Captive Screws

    These are custom 8-32 X .47 slotted fillister captive screws made using 304 stainless steel. They are manufactured domestically in the United States and are provided with full certs.  DFARS material options are also available upon request with marginal effect on pricing and lead time.

  • Custom Slotted Flat Copper Machine Screws - 4/40 x 5/16 in 110 Copper Material

    These custom slotted flat copper machine screws are one of multiple sizes we have supplied our electronics customer over the years. They are custom made each time as ordered due to relatively small usage and are typically shipped within 2-3 weeks of order. This specific 4/40 X 5/16 version was produced domestically at 5,000 pcs under our internal part number MSF-0405-Z. Material certs are made available upon request and expedited processing is typically available, depending on raw material availability.

  • Custom Slotted Pins - DFARS Stainless Steel

    We had these custom slotted pins manufactured domestically for our aerospace electronics manufacturing customer using DFARS compliant 303 stainless steel material.  The pins measure .094" in diameter and .35" in overall length, with the slot at .020" in width by .115" in depth.  The outside profile tapered from .094" diameter max to .088" at the narrow side.  

  • Custom Slotted Pins - DFARS Stainless Steel

    We had these custom slotted pins manufactured domestically for our aerospace customer using DFARS compliant 303 stainless steel material.  The pins measure .094" in diameter and .35" in overall length, with the slot at .020" in width by .115" in depth.  The outside profile tapered from .094" diameter max to .088" at the narrow side.  

  • Custom Socket Shoulder Bolts In 303 Stainless Steel

    These are custom 3/16 X 1-1/2 socket shoulder screws in 303 stainless steel material, with 8/32 thread.  Production was done overseas to provide optimal pricing and lead time for the large volume our electronics customer required.  Delivery was spread out over a 12 month period to help our customer spread out the cost while locking in lower per piece pricing.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Hex Standoffs - 4-40 X .615" In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    18-8 stainless steel was used and the critical length dimension was set to .615" +/- .01".  #4-40 internal thread is incorporated.  Our internal part number for this item is 260-302508-001 and the lead time varies significantly depending on the quantity requested.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Shoulder Bolts - 1/8 X 1-1/2 Shoulder

    These are custom stainless steel shoulder bolts made domestically in the USA using 18-8 stainless steel material.  We typically run production at approximately 10,000 pcs per order for our customer and the lead time ranges between 5 and 6 weeks from confirmed order.  The shoulder measures 1/8 X 1-1/2, with 4-40 thread.

  • Custom Stainless Vented Pins - 303 Stainless Steel

    These custom stainless vented pins were manufactured domestically using 303 stainless steel material and measure .393" +/-.01 in overall length with 3/8-24 partial thread.  They are fully vented with an ID of .124 +.002/-.000.  A slotted drive (.03" across) was incorporated on the threaded side and the parts were completed with a passivated finish per MIL QQ-P-35 Type II.  Full certs were provided with the parts to comply with our customer's requirements.  

  • Custom Threaded Stainless Pins - M3 & 10-32 Thread

    These are tiered custom threaded stainless pins created for an audio equipment manufacturer in 18-8 stainless steel material.  Production was done domestically with a lead time of 5-6 weeks from order.  The overall length of the part is at 1.4" inclusive of .90" of M3 coarse thread and .37" of 10-32 thread.  Multiple shoulder steps were incorporated per our customer's specifications and the drive-less head measures .50" for the OD and .066" for the height.  The next iteration of this part will likely incorporate a thicker head and a slotted drive.

  • Custom Tin Cobalt Plated 10-32 X 1 Machine Screws - Phillips Truss Head In 316 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom tin cobalt plated 10-32 X 1 machine screws made using type 316 stainless steel, designated by a dot on the head of each screw.  Like the other custom tin cobalt chrome plated screws, these phil truss machine screws are manufactured overseas and supplied to our long time customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis.  The tin cobalt chrome plating is done in a barrel plate format for improved cost efficiency while still producing a very attractive cosmetic finish.

  • Custom Washers In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom washers in 18-8 stainless steel, manufactured domestically at just under 4,000 pieces.  The lead time was approximately 6 weeks from order confirmation.  Inside width on the washer is .340" to .350" and the outside width is .466" to .500".  Plain 18-8 stainless steel material was used and our internal part number is WA-340466057-I.

  • Specialty Stainless Pin With One Side Diamond Knurled

    Similar to the other knurled pin we supply, this is a stainless steel pin manufactured in the USA with a single diamond knurled side.  Made the same way, the knurling is done aggressively to push the material and expand the outside diameter beyond that of the smooth shoulder portion.  The pin measures approximately .980 in length +.005/-.000 and the outside diameter of the smooth shoulder is .118 +/-.0005.  The outside diameter of the knurled side however is .150 +/-.005.  32-35 pitch is used on the knurling.

  • Tight Tolerance Custom Locating Dowel Pins For Transit Gear Units

    We had 500 pieces of these large custom locating dowel pins manufactured domestically in alloy steel material, with heat treat to achieve 47-58 HRC core hardness.  The original drawings were fairly aged and it was difficult to figure out how the transition point between the round and hex portions of the pins should be formed.  We ended up producing samples with two different alternative interpretations and allow the customer to test for the ideal option pictured here.  The round portion of the pin has a diameter of .625" + .0003"/-0" while the hex portion across the flats had to meet .7497 +.0002"/-0".  Overall length was set to 1.4375".