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Rotor Clip BSH Rings
Compensating for accumulated tolerances is what a BSH “bowed” retaining ring is designed to do on a shaft. Once snapped into the groove, bowed rings exert a force or a “preload” on the retained parts for the range specified.
Rotor Clip SH Rings
Once installed in the groove of a shaft, the portion of the ring protruding from the groove (also called a “shoulder”) holds an assembly in place.
Rotor Clip SHI Rings
Functions like an SH ring on a shaft, only the lugs are “reversed.” This version reduces the distance the lugs of the standard SH extend beyond the circumference of the shaft. The shaft can then be used in an application where clearance is minimal.
Rotor Clip SHM Rings
The SHM also functions like an SH retaining ring, but in “smaller” applications. It is also a tamper proof ring which does not have any lugs and can not be easily removed once installed.
Rotor Clip SHR Rings
The SHR is an extra thick version of a regular SH retaining ring. As such, it is stronger and can withstand greater thrust loads than its standard counterpart.
Rotor Clip VSH Rings
These rings look exactly like their SH counterpart, only they have a 15° angle on the inner edge. This combines with a complimentary groove angle to eliminate endplay by wedging itself between the groove and the retained part.