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Rotor Clip BHO Rings
Compensating for accumulated tolerances is what a BHO retaining ring is designed to do in a housing/bore. Once snapped into the groove, bowed rings exert a force or “preload” on the retained parts for the range specified.
Rotor Clip HO Rings
Once installed in the groove of a housing/bore, the portion of the ring protruding from the groove (also called a “shoulder”) holds an assembly in place.
Rotor Clip HOI Rings
Functions like an HO ring in a housing/bore, only the lugs are “reversed.” This version reduces the distance the lugs of the standard HO extend into the inner circumference of the housing/bore and allows for another assembly to pass through unimpeded.
Rotor Clip VHO Rings
These rings look exactly like their HO counterpart, only they have a 15° angle on the outer edge. This combines with a complementary groove angle to eliminate endplay by wedging itself between the groove and the retained part.