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We can paint the head of almost any type of screw/bolt as well as rivets. Typically our customers would provide us a sample of the paint to match, either in the form of a piece of paneling or an existing painted part, and we would then create a matching paint formula to use. Most of the time we provide the customer first article samples to check and approve before we proceed to a full production order stage. We are also careful to assess the surface finish of the parts prior to full volume painting because the presence of a wax coating can result in severe flaking/cracking, even if the parts look perfect immediately after the painting process is complete.


  • Charcoal Painted Truss Head Screws - 14-10 X 1-3/4 Type A Sheet Metal Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    We supply these charcoal painted truss head screws on a revolving blanket purchase order basis, with annual usage at approximately 100K pieces. The truss head screws measure 14-10 X 1-3/4 with type A sheet metal screw thread. The large sharp threads on these screws, combined with the large surface area of the truss head, make these parts very difficult to handle. Without extra care in packaging, with layers of protection between every 1,000 pcs or so, the painted head gets scratched enough to cause cosmetic issues.

  • Custom Black Painted Screws - Stainless Steel #6 X 1/2" Type A Sheet Metal Screws

    We supply these custom black painted screws to our architectural element design and build customer in Los Angeles.  They are 18-8 stainless steel type A sheet metal screws measuring #6-18 X 1/2" that are then stripped of any wax to prepare for the painting process.  The black paint is formulated to match our customer's samples and a satin sheen is incorporated to match that of the paneling they will be used on.  We typically run batches of 30,000 pcs of this specific color and screw, with lead time ranging from 3-5 weeks from initial order confirmation.

  • Custom Grey Painted Rivets - 1/8 X .375 Stainless Dome Head Rivets Painted Grey

    We supplied these custom grey painted rivets to our customer with 4 other similar grey and brown color. We ran the stainless steel rivets through a strip process prior to painting to eliminate any risk of flaking or cracking of the paint. The rivets themselves are fully 18-8 stainless steel, measuring 1/8 X .375", with a grip range of .188" to .250". Lead time for a similar project is typically between 3 and 4 weeks without an expedite request.

  • Custom Matte Painted Screws - 10-24 x 2 Inch Phil Pan Machine Screws In Different Version of Grey

    These are 3 different custom matte painted screws we supply our long time customer - different shades of grey with one (on the right) incorporating metallic flake features with a darker overall look.  All three colors were finished with a flat sheen clear coat to create the matte final result.  This clear coat process was the trickiest part of the process as each color changed differently once that final coating was applied - often requiring a drastic reformulation of the base color to anticipate the adjustments that will take place.  Thankfully, once this initial manipulation is completed the results can be easily replication on subsequent orders.

  • Custom Painted Rivets - 1/8 Blind Rivets In Color Matched Green

    Our customer requested us to match the color of the roofing material for these custom painted rivets. The color is a shade of dark green and the customer specifically wanted us to paint both sides of the rivet - this is very unusual, with only the visible side typically painted since the blind side is never visible after the rivets are installed. This dual application required 2 separate paint applications to accomplish the end result, with a strip process completed prior to paint to ensure there was no wax present on the surface.

  • Custom Painted Screws In White - #6 X 1/2" 18-8 Stainless Steel Type A Sheet Metal Screws With Matching White Paint

    Fresh out of the oven these custom painted screws in white are finished off with flat sealant to provide the matte white finish our customer desired.  We created a matching paint to paneling samples provided by our customer and ran approximately 20,000 pcs in this first run.  Parts are individually racked, spray painted, heat treated to ensure longevity, and then finished off with the sealant to adjust the gloss level.  Lead times depend on the quantities and type of paint used but we can typically turn around parts within 3 weeks or as fast as 3-4 days with an expedited option if we have the paint material in house.

  • Custom Painted Sheet Metal Screws

    These custom painted sheet metal screws are just one example out of hundreds of different fasteners we supply our existing customer base with matching paint or sand blast finish to the mating assembly component.  Typically the customer provides us a sample of this mating component for color matching purposes and then we supply samples of screws with the matching formula.  The customer also often specifically instructs us to the sheen preferred - matte, flat, semi-glossy, etc.  Once the customer approves our provided matching samples we are off to the races to get the full volume painted.

  • Custom Painted Sheet Metal Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These are 6 X 1/2 custom painted sheet metal screws that we had painted for our architectural design customer to match their custom paneling.  The darker color on the left is mixed to match the RAL 1019 brown while the lighter color on the right is formulated to match RAL 1015.  Both color screws were finished with satin sheen clear coat to create the more matte finish desired by our customer and required by their finish samples provided.  We typically run parts like this in bulk quantities and the lead time for the paint process is 3-4 weeks.

  • Light Brown Painted Button Socket Screws - 6/32 X 5/16 Tamper Proof Security Screws & Standard Socket Cap Screws

    Our customer requested these light brown painted button socket screws in batches of approximately 2,500 pcs of both the security screw version and the standard button socket version. Pin-in button socket drive was used for the security screw and both parts measured 6-32 X 5/16. Alloy steel with thermal black oxide was used for the base part material, and the security screws had a wax coating that required stripping prior to the paint application. Painting the screws without this stripping process would result in a good looking part until you actually tried to use them, at which point the paint easily chips and peels off the surface. Unfortunately it's often difficult to discern whether the part has this wax coating or not, requiring a sample test run to be sure.

  • Metallic Silver Painted Machine Screws - 10-24 X 1" COTS Stainless Steel Machine Screws

    These custom matched metallic silver painted machine screws are supplied to our long time customer in annual quantities of approx. 150,000 pieces using a revolving blanket purchase order.  A standard off the shelf 18-8 stainless steel 10-24 X 1 machine screw is used, which is typically manufactured in Taiwan or mainland China, and the painting and sealing of the heads is done domestically in the USA to maintain the desired finish quality.  

  • Orange Painted Sheet Metal Screws - #8 X 3/4" in 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These orange painted sheet metal screws are one of the brighter and more colorful painted screws we supply our customer base. Most of the painted screws are in more subdued varieties of white, grey, and brown to match a variety of paneling used by our customers in their respective assembly lines. The base screw itself is a standard off the shelf 18-8 stainless steel #8 X 3/4" type A sheet metal screw. Lead time for this color is similar to the others at 2-3 weeks from order confirmation but an expedited processing option is typically available upon request.

  • Painted Self Drilling Screws

    Custom brown painted self drilling screws in 18-8 stainless steel material supplied to our long time customer at 10,000 pcs per release.  We typically stock these parts based on revolving 12 month blanket purchase order arrangements - pricing is locked in based on 100K pieces but parts are released on a monthly schedule based on our customer's seasonal need.  The sealant on the brown painted heads was set to flat sheen as our customer prefers to avoid glossier finishes.  Lead time for painted parts at these quantities is typically 3-4 weeks from the procurement of the plain version.

  • Painted Wood Screws And Painted Countersunk Washers - #8 X 1-3/4" Phil Flat Wood Screws In Steel Zinc

    This photo shows the painted wood screws and painted countersunk washers together with the paneling they are used on during the assembly process.  Our customer calls this color Pacifica Grey and we supply a number of other sizes for both the wood screw and the washer in this matching color.  All the parts are supplied on revolving annual blanket purchase order basis.  While this customer uses the countersunk washers with the flat head screws, others use a modified truss head screw for the same application.

  • Custom Modified Truss Self Tapping Screws - #9 X 1-5/8 Type A Self Tapping Screws In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    We have been selling these custom modified truss self tapping screws since 2004. As of 2018 we supply this part in plain 18-8 stainless steel, black oxide finish shown here, satin sheen brown, and satin sheen grey shown below.  Originally the black version was supplied with a painted head as well but we switched over to the black oxide finish to lower the risk of chipped paint inside the phillips drive to drive the cost down as well. Turnaround time on black oxide is also drastically faster at just 1-2 days compared to 3-4 weeks for the painted hardware, assuming you have the plain stainless steel version in hand. All finishes are supplied to our customer on annual blanket purchase order basis with same day shipments when release directions are sent our way.