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Our capabilities for custom nuts include custom hex nuts, lock nuts (nylon insert, all metal locking, crimp, etc), weld nuts, and countless others. Processes involved vary from screw machine production to forged process for the large hex and coupling nuts. Applications and industries we have supplied include construction, aerospace, and everything in-between.


  • Custom 1"-8 Grade 5 Serrated Hex Flange Nuts With Zinc Clear Finish

    These custom 1"-8 grade 5 serrated hex flange nuts were produced at approximately 27,000 pieces, with zinc clear finish per ASTM B633 Type III.  Full certs were provided with the parts to document surface and core hardness, material chemical properties, proof load, and certificate of conformance.  Outside diameter was set at 1.95"-2.00" and overall nut height at .700"-.730".

  • Custom 1/72 Hex Machine Screw Nut Made to Print

    This is a special to print part we sell to an aerospace customer on an as-released purchase order basis, with the releases at approximately 600 pieces.  Made in the USA, this 1/72 machine screw nut is DFAR compliant and was made using 303 stainless steel with 3B thread fit.  Typically lead time from order is approximately 4 weeks.

  • Custom 4140 Precision 10-24 Nuts - AISI 4140 Material With Plain Finish

    Tight tolerances were required on these 4140 steel precision nuts, with most dimensions at +.000/-.005 or +.000/-.003 inches. Overall thickness of the nut was set at .155" and 10-24 class 2B thread tapped all the way through. Full production of this part was at 20,000 pieces and lead time at approximately 75-90 days from order confirmation.

  • Custom Aluminum Cap Nuts - 3/8-16 Acorn Nut Manufactured Per Samples Provided

    Our customer required matching custom aluminum cap nuts for renovation of a historical building and only had a few samples to work from without any dimensional drawings.  We used those samples to recreate the pictured replicas using plain aluminum material with 3/8-16 internal thread.  500 pieces were produced for our customer's need and were provided together with custom aluminum .403" X 1.38" fender washers at 2,000 pieces.

  • Custom Coupling Nuts With Nylon Patch - 5/16-18 X 1.5"

    We had 10,000 pieces of these custom coupling nuts with nylon patch produced for our customer using 18-8 stainless steel material with partial internal thread. The drilled hole depth was at 19MM max and 16MM of that depth was to be threaded. Across the flats measures .500" and overall length at 1.5". The undrilled side required a 45 degree chamfer resulting in a .40" diameter round base. Nylon patch was applied at 180 degrees after the first 2 threads.

  • Custom Flange Nuts In 17-4PH Stainless Steel Material

    These custom flange nuts were manufactured domestically using 17-4PH stainless steel material with 10-24 internal thread.  Overall height of the flange nut was .19" +/-.01" and the diameter of the flange was a critical dimension at .330" +.000/-.015".  The hex was set to .250" +.000/-.005" across the flats.  Our internal part number is NRNS-10-117-4 and typical lead time for full production is 6-8 weeks from order confirmation.

  • Custom Glass Bead Nylon Insert (Thin Pattern) Lock Nuts

    These special made thin pattern nylon insert lock nuts comprise three different sizes we sell to our long time customer on an annual blanket purchase order basis - the sizes covered are 1/4-28, 3/8-24, and 5/16-24. The parts are made overseas with our long time trusted factory source and are put through a glass bead, aluminum oxide and oil treatment prior to further inspection and shipment to our customer.

  • Custom Grade 5 Lug Nuts - 5/16-24 Thread

    We supplied approximately 21,000 pieces of these custom grade 5 lug nuts to our customer, manufactured using medium carbon steel material with zinc clear finish.  Blue thread lock patch was applied at 360 degrees across the length of internal thread per customer specifications.  An 82 degree angle was maintained at the cone side and .500" width across the flats.  Overall length (height) of the lug nut was also set to .500".  

  • Custom Internally Threaded Female Stainless Steel Standoffs

    This is one of the larger custom internally threaded female standoffs we supply to a medical equipment manufacturer. Made in the USA in stainless steel material, these RoHS compliant standoffs are 1/2" across the flats on the outside dimension and 1/4-20 threaded all the way through the 5/8" length. Our internal part number is ESIP1367-M09-F16.

  • Custom Machined Hex Nuts - Oversize With 3/4-10 and 5/8-11 Internal Thread

    These oversize custom machined hex nuts were made domestically using plain low carbon steel material, to be used in a custom u-bolt/plate combination after all 3 items went through a zinc plating process.  Width across the flats was set at 2" for both the 3/4-10 and the 5/8-11 internal thread versions, and the height was at 3/4".  Parts were completed within 2 weeks of order, with an additional 1-2 weeks for zinc plating with the other two items.  Our internal part number for this machined hex nut is NF-075032-B.

  • Custom/Special Grade 5 Coupling Nuts

    This is a special Grade 5 coupling nut that is used together with a special mold bolt and square washer pictured below. It measures 3/4-10 by 1-1/2 inches in length, and can be supplied with plain and light oil finish or hot dip galvanized finish as pictured here. Together with the other two components, this coupling nut is supplied on a blanket as-released order basis.

  • Modified Steel Coupling Nuts - 5/8-11 Internal Thread And 1" Across The Flats At 3.13" Overall Length

    Our customer requested these modified steel coupling nuts in plain steel finish and at just 56 pieces.  We began with an off-the-shelf coupling nut measuring 5/8-11 for the internal thread, 1" across the flats, and 3.13" in overall length.  Material was grade 5 plain steel.  Our customers drawing specifications required the internal cavity to be machined to a .65" diameter opening at 1" in depth for both sides, leaving approximately 1.13" of internal 5/8-11 thread in the middle for the mating part to engage.  Overall a relatively simple process completed within 1 week of order confirmation.

  • Special 1/4-28 Hex Nut With No Chamfer

    We supply a long time customer with a few different sizes of this same type of special hex nut in steel zinc. Their application requires plastic molding that requires minimal or no chamfer on the hex nuts used in order to keep the plastic material from flowing into critical parts of the assembly. Since large quantities (over 1MM pieces) are involved we work with our long time trusted factory in Taiwan to manufacture the parts. We then stock approximately 12 months' usage at a time and release to our customer on as-needed basis.

  • Special Machined Coupling Nut Made to Print In Aluminum Material

    This is a special 6535AX coupling nut made for our aerospace customer to print using aluminum material.  Physical and chemical material certs are provided with the parts and they are produced domestically within the United States.  We stock this recurring part for our customer and release the parts as needed throughout the year.

  • Stainless Steel Custom Hex Nuts With A Hole Drilled Through One Corner - 1/4-28 Thread

    These are custom hex nuts we supplied to one of our long time aerospace customers, made using 18-8 stainless steel to print with a single drilled corner on each nut.  The parts were domestically made with a lead time of 4-6 weeks for the initial release and incorporated a fine 1/4-28 thread.  In terms of the dimensions, the custom nut was very close to the standard IFI version but the added drilled hole made it uniquely fitting for the specific application.  Our internal part number is 2303-0321T and we originally supplied just 1,500 pcs of this hex nut.