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Custom machined hardware is perhaps the largest category of custom fasteners we supply our diverse customer base. It includes CNC machined hardware, screw machined parts, milled parts, and parts with and without threaded components. Material choices and finishes run the full gamut imaginable and depending on the volume involved, tolerance profile, and lead time limitations we can develop the optimal domestic or overseas production plan. For larger volumes, Blanket Purchase Order arrangements allow you to lock in great pricing and to also have parts ready at our warehouse for same or next day shipment when needed.


  • Custom 3/16 Hex Jack Screws

    This is a custom hex jack screw (male/female standoff) manufactured in the United States, with full dimensions at 4/40 X 3/16. The parts were made using steel material with nickel plating, as well as nylon patch application per customer's drawing specifications.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Captive Shoulder Screws - M4-0.7 Thread

    These custom 316 stainless captive shoulder screws were manufactured domestically with plain finish.  The captive shoulder area measured 2.94MM X 12MM +/-.005" and the M4-0.7 thread covered 8MM of the overall length.  Slotted pan head was incorporated per standard IFI dimensions.  The metric thread on these parts was cut rather than rolled.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Button Head Screws - Metric

    These custom 316 stainless steel button head screws were manufactured domestically using ASTM A240 spec raw material.  All dimensions and tolerances were to a drawing provided by our customer.  M2.5 X .45 thread was incorporated (cut thread) with thread length set to 8MM.  Head diameter was set to 4.50MM-4.7MM and head height at 1.36MM-1.50MM.  

  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel Shoulder Screws - 4-40 X 1

    We had a small batch of these custom 316 stainless steel
    shoulder screws produced domestically for our electronics OEM customer. Partial
    4-40 thread was incorporated, with a machined shoulder incorporated per our
    customer specifications.

  • Custom 316L Machined Hardware - 6MM X 1.0M Thread & Straight Nurl Application On The Nut

    We had 100 pcs of this mating custom 316L machined hardware produced domestically with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks.  These 100 pcs were to be used in testing prior to larger volume production.  The rod pieces measures 90MM in overall length and the knurled nut measures 17MM in overall height.  Getting the nut fully tapped turned out to be the trickier part of the process - the taps kept breaking before the full depth was reached.  After a few adjustments and a change-up on the thread tap style used that last issue was finally resolved.  Material certs were provided with the parts per customer's original request.

  • Custom 4140 Precision 10-24 Nuts - AISI 4140 Material With Plain Finish

    Tight tolerances were required on these 4140 steel precision nuts, with most dimensions at +.000/-.005 or +.000/-.003 inches. Overall thickness of the nut was set at .155" and 10-24 class 2B thread tapped all the way through. Full production of this part was at 20,000 pieces and lead time at approximately 75-90 days from order confirmation.

  • Custom Aluminum Round Spacers - 4.3MM X 50MM X 9.3MM Made in the USA

    We supply a large number of standard off the shelf electronics hardware but get really excited about the custom sizes for the more interesting applications.  Pictured here are one of the custom aluminum round spacers we supply a drone manufacturer, along with a smaller custom spacer and a hex standoff to be shown in our next few posts.  Made in the USA at approximately 5,000 pcs these aluminum standoffs measure 4.3MM X 50MM X 12.30MM (OD) with a tolerance of +/-.01MM.  Lead time for the initial release is typically at 6-10 weeks depending on the current work flow and seasonality.

  • Custom Aluminum Standoffs - 6-32 X 4" Female/Female Round Standoffs

    These are 6-32 female/female custom aluminum standoffs measuring 4 inches in overall length and tapped 3/8" deep on each end.  Outside diameter is 1/4".  Production was done overseas for optimal cost and lead time for the first release is typically at 120-140 days.  This part we supply on a revolving annual blanket release arrangement that allows our customer to spread out the cost over the year as they use the parts.

  • Custom Automotive Ball Studs In Grade 5 Steel With Zinc Yellow Finish

    We had 15,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 medium carbon steel material with heat treatment to achieve 25-34 HRC hardness. 10-32 thread (2A fit) was rolled for these parts and the hex was made to .311" across the flats. Overall length of the part measured .815" and the ball diameter was set to .25".

  • Custom Binding Post - Female In 316 Stainless Steel Material With 6Lobe (Torx Alternative) Drive

    These custom binding posts were manufactured using 316 stainless steel material, with 3/8 coarse internal thread tapped as close to the head as possible and a T30 drive cold headed all the way through.  The head diameter is 1.13" head height at .19" +/- .01".  The shoulder outside diameter is set to .63" and measures .75" in length, with both dimensions also limited to a +/-.01" tolerance.  4340 alloy steel material was also considered as an alternative, offering greater strength when heat treated than the 316 stainless steel material version pictured here.

  • Custom Black Aluminum Spacers - 5.3MM X 80MM In 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    We had these custom black aluminum spacers manufactured for an automotive research facility using 6061-T6 aluminum material with black anodize finish.  The inside diameter measures 5.3MM and the outside diameter 13MM.  The overall length is 80MM and tolerance on all dimensions is +/- .10MM.  Production was done domestically with a relatively quick turnaround time of 4 weeks including the anodizing process.

  • Custom Black Thumb Screws - Knurled 6-32 X 3/8

    These custom black thumb screws with diamond knurl were manufactured to our customer's drawing at 2,000 pieces using low carbon steel material with black oxide finish.  The head diameter is set to .313" +/- .005" and the thread length is .375" with the same tolerance.  6-32 thread was rolled rather than cut on these parts.

  • Custom Brass Bushings - 0.688 X 0.875" Machined Bushings In Plain Brass Material

    These are custom brass bushings we supply our automotive customer on a recurring blanket purchase order basis, with monthly releases based on their usage.  They are manufactured overseas in Taiwan and maintain +/-.009 tolerance on the outside and inside diameter, as well as the length.  The inside diameter is set at 0.500 inches, the outside diameter is at 0.688 inches, and the overall length is set at 0.875 inches.  Production runs at approximately 10,000 pieces at a time with a lead time of 120-150 days including ocean freight transit from Taiwan.

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom captive shoulder screws were manufactured using a modification to a COTS part for our defense customer using 18-8 stainless steel material with standard 2-56 3A thread and standard socket head dimensions.  Length underneath the head was designed to .750" +/- .005" and the shoulder was turned to a diameter of .052-.054", at a length of .066" +/- .005".  

  • Custom Captive Shoulder Screws - Flat Socket Head In 302HQ DFARS Material

    Slightly over 4,000 pieces of these custom captive shoulder screws were made domestically for our aerospace customer.  An MS24671-32 part made using 302HQ DFARS compliant material was used as a base part to create this final version.  Part of the 1/4-20 3A thread was turned down to a shoulder diameter of .175" +/-.005 and length of .339" +/- .015.  .375" of thread remained after the modification.  The resulting captive shoulder screws were then passivated per AMS QQ-P-35 and run through a thread lock patch process per MIL-F-18240.

  • Custom Cross Drilled Thumb Screws - M10-1.25 X 25MM-30MM

    These sweet custom cross drilled thumb screws were produced domestically using low carbon steel material with plain finish.  Two different sizes were produced: M10-1.25 X 25MM and M10-1.25 X 30MM.  The head on both sizes measured 15MM in diameter and in height.  The cross drilled holes have a diameter of 6MM with a slight chamfer at each opening.  Typically a thumb screw like this would have knurling around the head but our customer decided to forgo that feature.

  • Custom Double End Studs In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material - with AA1096 microspheres thread locking patch

    These are custom double end studs made using 303 stainless steel (18-8 stainless steel) for our electronics manufacturing customer. Domestically made at approximately 4,000 pcs these parts were made to the drawing shown below with AA1096 microspheres thread locking feature one the shorter threaded end. 1/4-20 thread was incorporated on the long threaded portion, while 10-24 was used for the shorter end with the thread lock patch. A #2 square drive was broached on the 1/4-20 side as well.

  • Custom Electronics Standoffs In Plain Brass Material With 2-56 Thread

    These are custom electronics standoffs we supplied to our customer at just 100 pcs for testing purposes.  2-56 thread was incorporated to run all the way through the part measuring 0.32" in overall length.  The thicker portion of the custom standoff measures .13 inches, with the diameter at .22 inches.  Its thinner section has a diameter of .14 inches.

  • Custom Flanged Bronze Bearing

    Flanged bronze bearing SAE 841 part made to print as a matching component to the 7/8 X .540 X 3/4-16 socket shoulder bolt. It's inside diameter is 7/8" and outside diameter measures 1-1/8". The inside surface area is intended to join with the shoulder of the bolt.

  • Custom Large Stainless Steel Spacers - 1/2" Round OD X 3 Inches In Length

    Our architectural element construction customer ordered approximately 4,000 pcs of these custom large stainless steel spacers. 5/16-18 thread was incorporated internally, 1-1/4 inches of thread min on each side. The gap between the two sides of thread was drilled all the way through for improved production time, allowing the entire part to be drilled through and then each side tapped on both sides. The outside diameter was set at 1/2" and the overall length at 3". Tolerances on all dimensions were +/- .015". 303 stainless steel material was used for production and material certs are available upon request.

  • Custom Machined Aluminum Hardware - 6061 Aluminum With M6-1.0 Thread

    Our customer was in urgent need when she ordered this custom machined aluminum hardware and was having a hard time finding anyone to run a small quantity while maintaining a fast turnaround. We were able to come to the rescue with 24 total pieces and 16 days of lead time to get the parts completed. This was done without an additional rush charge that could further cut this lead time to 1 week. 6061 aluminum material was used and M6-1.0 male and internal thread was incorporated on all the components. The parts with the male thread included a slotted drive on the head, which is absent on the other two accompanying parts.

  • Custom Machined Flat Head Screws In 303 Stainless Steel

    These are custom machined flat head screws made domestically in the USA using 303 stainless steel material.  The unique application required the custom screw to have a stop shoulder machined and a 30 degree angle under the head.  10-24 thread was used for the threaded area and the head diameter was maintained at .312" +/-.005.  We supplied just 10 pieces of these custom machined screws for prototype purposes before our customer commits to a larger quantity.

  • Custom Machined Nylon Pins - 1/2 Inch OAL

    These are custom machined nylon pins we supply our industrial OEM customer.  They are manufactured overseas with a lead time of approximately 120 days from approved drawing/print.  Overall length is set at 1/2" and the OD drops from 5/16" on one side to 3/16" on the other narrow side.  The machined convex portion measures approximately 5/16 inches in length, leaving approximately 3/16 inches on the 5/16" OD section.  Plain acetal material was used without any dye.  Annual revolving blanket purchase orders are used with monthly releases - estimated annual usage is at 60,000 pcs.

  • Custom Machined PVDF Pin To Print

    These special pins were individually machined to the customer's specific requirements and drawings using plastic material called PVDF. This material is typically used for special applications requiring parts resistant to chemicals and heat, all while maintaining high levels of strength. Since the pins are machined individually we can typically process even small quantity orders for this type of part.

  • Custom Modified Button Socket Screws - 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom modified button socket screws were made using standard off the shelf M3 X 0.5MM button socket cap screws.  The COTS version was modified to an overall length of 7.24MM, inclusive of the head height. The dog point prior to the radius start was set at a length of .015" and diameter of .090".  At the end of that dog point section the radius was machined at R 0.075.  Lead time for a similar modified part is typically 3-4 weeks from the attainment of the COTS version.

  • Custom Modified Grade 8 Machine Screws - Special Head Shape

    These custom modified grade 8 machine screws were made using 5/16-18 X 1-1/4 Grade 8 hex head cap screws in grade 8 steel material with zinc/clear finish.  The head of each COTS part was machined to the shape seen here, with the head height at .190" +/-.005" and head diameter at .485" +/-.005".  Single flat .42" section was incorporated at one section per our customer's provided sample piece.  Total of 300 pieces were modified on this specific production run and the lead time was approximately 2 weeks from the order receipt.

  • Custom Modified Socket Cap Screws - 2-56 X .745 With Machined Groove

    In getting these custom modified socket cap screws made we started with standard off the shelf 2-56 X 3/4" socket cap screws in 18-8 stainless steel material - our customer required the length to be cut and chamfered down to .745" and a groove to be added 1/8" from the point.  The groove measured .052" to .054" in diameter and .061 to .071" in length.  Both modifications were relatively simple and we were able to get the parts ready within 2-3 weeks from purchase order placement.

  • Custom Partial Hex Standoffs - Fully Internally Threaded In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom partial hex standoffs measure M6 - 1.0M X 22MM and are domestically made using 18-8 stainless steel material.  The hex height is set at 6MM and hex across the flats at 10mm.  The round standoff portion is set to 8mm for the outside diameter.  All dimensions had +/-.01MM tolerance.  Lead time to get these parts produced was approximately 6-8 weeks from production start.  Material certs were available upon request with the parts.

  • Custom Precision Dowel Pins In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    Overall length was set to .240" +/- .005" and the diameter was set to .092" +/-.005".  These were relatively simple parts and the lead time was much faster than the more involved parts that require a special finish.  Full certs were provided with the parts.

  • Custom Precision Flange Bushings In Stainless Steel Material

    These custom precision flange bushings were produced domestically in the USA using 18-8 stainless steel material.  The overall length measured .630" +/-.01" and the part incorporated both an external flange and an external flange per customer supplied drawings.  The OD on the barrel portion is .5" and .585" at the external flange, both with the same +/-.01" tolerance.  ID on the inside barrel portion is .45".  These parts were used in an audio product manufacturing application by our customer.

  • Custom Precision Ground Pins In 304 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom precision ground pins were manufactured in 304 stainless steel material for a medical product manufacturer.  The OD of the shaft measured 6.35MM +/-.01MM and the overall length measured 152.4MM +/- .1MM.  Pre-production samples were provided to our customer for approval prior to full production start.

  • Custom Silicon Bronze Slotted Machine Screws - 1/4-20 X 3/4 Slotted Fillister

    These custom silicon bronze slotted machine screws were manufactured domestically with a fillister head diameter of 0.5".  2,000 pieces in total were produced using C65500 half hard siliconze bronze material.  Head height was set at .110 +/- .005" and the thread length underneath the head was set at .75 +/- .01".  1/4-20 thread was incorporated and the slot width was .055 +/- .01".

  • Custom Slotted Machine Screws For An Architectural Application

    These custom slotted machine screws were made at a smaller 150 piece quantity for our architectural design customer. They were made domestically using 18-8 stainless steel material with a relatively fast turnaround time of 2 weeks from order. We replicated a sample part provided by our customer in the absence of a drawing. 1/4-20 thread pitch was incorporated with the thread length at 1-1/2 inches. Our internal part number for this part is STS-1524-I.

  • Custom Stainless Binding Posts - Painted & In Black Oxide

    These custom stainless binding posts were manufactured domestically to our customer's drawing using 18-8 stainless steel material. 8-32 female thread is incorporated with the shoulder diameter at .250" and shoulder length at .250" as well. The dome head was made to a diameter of .406" and head height of .060". For the final application we provided this part with both custom painted heads to match the color and also with black oxide finish.

  • Custom Stainless Captive Screws - 10-32 X 3/4 In 18-8 Stainless Steel

    These custom stainless captive screws were made using standard off the shelf 10-32 X 3/4" fully threaded socket cap screws in 18-8 stainless steel material. The .130-.150" diameter shoulder was turned down leaving approximately 1/4" of thread at the end of the screw. With a relatively loose tolerance on the shoulder diameter this job was a relative breeze and our internal part number is GM-1104-I.

  • Custom Stainless Standoffs - Male/Female In 304 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom stainless staindoffs made using 304 stainless steel material in accordance with ASTM A276 and passivated to ASTM A380.  Approximately 100,000 pieces were produced domestically with full certifications.  4-40 thread was incorporated on both male and female parts, with the male part measuring .750 inches and female hex measuring .320 inches in length.  Width across the flats on the hex measures .250 inches.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Hex Standoffs - 4-40 X .615" In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    18-8 stainless steel was used and the critical length dimension was set to .615" +/- .01".  #4-40 internal thread is incorporated.  Our internal part number for this item is 260-302508-001 and the lead time varies significantly depending on the quantity requested.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Standoffs - M3 X 12MM X 4.15MM Across The Flats

    Pictured here is one of the custom stainless steel standoffs we supply our drone manufacturing customer.  Production is done in the USA in 18-8 stainless steel material, with passivation as the final step in the production process.  Lead times vary depending on the quantity required and rush options are typically available upon request.  When usage volumes exceed 25K pieces or so we typically switch production to one of our overseas partners to optimize cost per piece.

  • Large Custom Round Spacers In Stainless Steel Material

    These large custom round spacers were manufactured domestically using 18-8 stainless steel material with plain finish - no passivation was required either for these specific parts. The outside diameter was set at 1-1/2" +/- .01" and the inside diameter at 1/2" +/- .01". Overall length measured 2" with the same tolerance as the other dimensions. Slight chamfer was added on both sides to smooth out the sharp edges.
  • M3 X 6MM Hex Standoff In Nylon Material

    Electronics hardware like this M3 X 6MM nylon standoff are one of our long time specialties and we supply virtually every variation to our customer base. Most of the time these nylon standoff parts are needed in significant enough quantities to use our overseas sources but domestic sources are also available when specifically requested. Like all fasteners we supply, stock and release arrangements are commonly used for these nylon fasteners.

  • Special machined sleeve manufactured to print - DFAR compliant & Passivated

    Engineered Source is your source for hot headed, cold headed, and machined special fasteners to print like this machined sleeve. Virtually any special material, certification, or part specific requirements can be incorporated into the process and we can assist you with your special fastener request even when small quantities are involved. This specific part was manufactured using 304 stainless steel, passivated, and run through a water immersion test for 24 hours. Made in USA, this special sleeve is DFAR compliant and original order quantity was for 50 pieces.

  • Special Niche Nipple Repair Plug

    Easily one of the more odd specials we have worked on for a customer, this is the niche nipple repair plug made to a print provided by our long time customer. Each part is machined individually as opposed to injection molding process alternative, making it a fairly expensive item to produce but the ideal way to meet the critical tolerances. We typically ran approximately 1,000 pcs at a time for our customer.

  • Special PTFE Teflon Button Part Made to Print

    Engineered Source specializes in supplying special PTFE teflon fastener hardware like this "weir button" to its wide range of manufacturing customers. Whatever your application or specifications chances are we will be able to source the special part for you using one of our long time trusted factories.

  • Special SAE 863 Bronze Sleeve Bearing

    We provide our customer base a number of different bearings and sleeve type bearings like this SAE 863 part. This part was supplied at a quantity of just over 5,000 pieces and the lead time was approximately 6 weeks. SAE 863 is a powdered Iron-Copper material that boasts greater strength due to its iron content.