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At first glance these custom deep recess phillips drive screws seem like ordinary sheet metal screws.  For the most part that is true - the Type A thread and head dimensions are essentially per IFI specs without any modifications.  A closer look however will reveal a significantly deeper recess in the phillips drive.  Standard #8 phillips drive for a pan head reaches a depth of .108" while this custom part has a recess depth of .120" to .122" - a significant difference when it comes to improved engagement and faster/easier use on the production floor.  This improvement in speed and engagement was the main driver behind our customer's request for this modified sheet metal screw, particularly important when some of the depth is used for paint when the screw heads are painted a variety of different colors.

The factory engineers had to find an optimal balance between recess depth and structural integrity as going even slightly deeper would significantly compromise the strength right underneath the head.  Different variations were tested until a proper balance we configured and production went forward full steam.