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Custom fasteners and hardware is what we are all about - if you have a drawing or samples chances are we can get the parts made. We have supplied an endless variety of custom hardware over the past 25+ years including custom fasteners made using a variety of different steel materials, rubber, PTFE, nylon, and much more. Long time relationships with factories in the USA and abroad allow us to offer you the optimal production strategy for your custom hardware needs.


  • 1" Custom Shaft Collar Made to Print, Stainless Steel with 10/32 Socket

    Among the endless special to print fasteners and related parts we provide our customers you will also find custom shaft collars like these. This particular collar is a one piece 1" part made using stainless steel with a 10/32 socket. We have it manufactured in large quantities and released based on blanket purchase arrangements to our customer needs.

  • 3/8" Neoprene 70A Grade Strips at 2.5" X 3ft Each

    While Engineered Source is focused on being a supplier of custom fasteners, we are nevertheless extremely diverse in the related products offered to our customers. These special 3/8" neoprene strips made to our customer's specific dimensional requirements are a perfect example. Like most parts supplied by Engineered Source, items like this can be provided in a number of rubber material types and a seemingly endless variety of sizes and customization.

  • Custom Brass Inserts - 8-32 X .255" Split Lock Inserts

    These are one of the custom brass inserts we supply our long time customer that had production facilities in the US and in Mexico.  We initially ran a test production cycle of 300 pieces for them to test in their assembly prior to committing for the full 10,000 pcs required in their first batch.  Plain brass material was used and the knurled outside diameter was set at .235".  Our customer was in a rush and we ran an expedited option with lead time at under 2 weeks.

  • Custom Drain Plugs - M17.5 X 2 Three Piece

    These are custom drain plugs we supply one of our core customers on a revolving annual blanket purchase order basis.  They are supplied in 3 separate pieces that are then assembled around the paneling on assembly floor.  While a more expensive and more intricate option was made available to our customer initially, this pictured 3-piece option presented a simpler and drastically cheaper alternative while still fully satisfying the application requirements.  Initial lead time varies depending on the size required and new tooling if applicable.

  • Custom Eye Bolts - 5/16 X 1-3/8 Stainless Steel Custom Eye Bolt With Coarse Thread

    These are custom eye bolts we supplied in 304 stainless steel material, with nuts and washers per our customers requirements.  5/16" coarse thread and bar stock was used and the parts were bent to create a 1-3/8" inside eye diameter and approximately 1" of thread.  Material certs were made available to the customer with the parts and the lead time to produce 75 pieces was approximately 7 business days.

  • Custom Rubber Vibration Isolation Mounts With Steel Zinc Pin - 10-24 Thread

    These are 10-24 thread version of custom rubber vibration isolation mounts we supply our customer base.  This specific part we supply on a revolving blanket purchase order basis.  The vibration isolation mounts are manufactured domestically in the USA and the initial lead time for first shipment is typically at 45-60 days from order confirmation.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Shaft Collars - 1" Stackable Mounting Collars

    We supply a large number of different custom and standard off the shelf shaft collars to our long time customer base, primarily on revolving 12-month blanket purchase order basis. These particular 1" custom stainless steel shaft collars however we supplied to our customer at just 4 pieces. Custom made to his specifications in the USA, we were able to ship them at a relatively quick turnaround. Depending on the material, dimensional requirements, and existing backlog the lead times can vary drastically for these parts.

  • Special Composite Cork Stamped Parts

    We supply our customer based with a wide variety of custom stamped parts, from standard steel/zinc washers to the more odd composite cork stamped parts shown here.  This item is made custom to the customers order at .062 thickness and .63 diameter, and is manufactured in the United States.

  • Special Leveling Threaded Feet With A Rubber Base

    We supply our customers with a number of special to print and standard off the shelf levelers like this 1/4-20 threaded part measuring 1-1/2 inches in length and a 2-1/8 inch base diameter.  These levelers can be provided with a number of different materials, finishes, and specific options catering to the customer's project needs.  They are made in the USA and are currently supplied to our customer based on a blanket purchase basis.