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Rotor Clip DSH Rings
Once installed in the groove of a shaft, the portion of the ring protruding from the groove (also called a “shoulder”) holds an assembly in place.
Rotor Clip DSI Rings
Functions like a DSH ring in a shaft, only the lugs are “reversed.” This version reduces the distance the lugs of the standard DSH extend beyond the circumference of the shaft. The shaft can then be used in an application where clearance is minimal.
Rotor Clip DSR Rings
The DSR is an extra thick version of a regular DSH retaining ring. As such, it is stronger and can withstand greater thrust loads than its standard counterpart.
Rotor Clip DST Rings
Similar in design to the DSH external ring, this features several “teeth” equally distributed along the circumference of the ring. The increased shoulder offered by the teeth is particularly effective in retaining applications with large radii or chamfers.