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Custom stamped parts include the endless variety of custom washers (flat, wave, lock washers etc) and the custom brackets, multi-tiered stamped hardware, as well as deep drawn custom parts. Historically our split on production for stamped parts has been approximately 50/50 with domestic vs. overseas production. Many of the custom washers we supply our customers are produced with overseas facilities due to the significant volume at 500K pieces or more. Many of the tighter tolerance, more complicated stamped parts however are manufactured domestically for greater quality control and faster lead time.


  • Custom 18-8 Stainless Steel Flat Washer

    This is one of the countless custom to print stainless steel washers we supply on a revolving blanket purchase order basis - it is a domestic made 18-8 stainless steel flat washer measuring .170 X .500 X .030. Tolerances on the OD are +/-.0050 and the ID is maintained within .170-.177 per the customer specific requirements. The thickness on the washer ranges between .030 and .040 inches.

  • Custom 316 Stainless Sealing Washers - Neoprene Bonded Sealing Washers In 316 Stainless Steel Material

    These custom 316 stainless steel sealing washers measure 7/8" on the inside diameter, 1-1/2" on the outside diameter, and an overall nominal thickness of .101".  Dimensionally this sealing washer is relatively common in the market but only in 18-8 stainless steel or steel zinc material.  Our customer's application required the use of 316 stainless steel, which necessitated the custom production run.   We typically run production at 12,000 piece increments and release partials to our customer on an as-needed basis over the 12 month blanket period.

  • Custom ASTM-A684 High Carbon Wave Spring Washer

    We supply a number of carbon steel 3-wave spring washers like this ASTM-A684 spring washer we provide a customer on an annual blanket purchase order basis. This washer measures approximately 1.658 on the inside diameter, 2.132 on the outside diameter, and a thickness of approximately .148 inches.

  • Custom Beryllium Copper Wave Washers

    We supplied our customer 10,000 pcs of these custom beryllium copper wave washers.  They were manufactured domestically in the USA with a relatively long lead time of 14-16 weeks due to the material procurement timing involved.  The ID measures .140 +/- .005" and the OD when flat measures .490 +/-.01".  Thickness of the material is .020 +/-.0004" and the outside height post stamping is .080 +/- .080".  Max load is 26.667 pounds and the max deflection is set at .015.  Parts had to be vacuum aged for 2 hours at 600 degrees to complete the production process.

  • Custom Black Nylon Washers - Flat Nylon Washers Dyed Black .187/.500/.040

    These are custom black nylon washers that we supply to one of our oldest customers on a recurring blanket purchase order basis.  Average annual volume it approximately 800,000 pieces and we typically maintain at least a 6 month supply on hand at all times.  Actual production time required is typically 6-7 weeks from order and the flat washers measure .187 inches on the inside diameter, .500 inches on the outside diameter, and .040 inches on the thickness.

  • Custom Extra Thick Square Washer in Q195 Steel

    This is the third component of the thee piece assembly shown below that we supply our customer on a blanket purchase order basis. It is manufactured overseas using Q195 low carbon steel material, with plain and light oil finish. Approximately 1.96" across both directions, this square washer is .600" thick with a tolerance of +/- .06".

  • Custom Flat HDPE Washers - .625 X .250 X .030 In Polyethylene Material

    We supply a number of different custom flat HDPE washers like this .030 thick washer.  This specific .625 X .250 flat washer we supply to our long time customer on a blanket purchase order basis, with a 12 month initial term.  Lead time on a part like this is typically 4-6 weeks from order and drawing approval if applicable.

  • Custom Flat Washer in 302 Series Stainless Steel

    This washer is a very similar part to the other narrow 304 stainless steel flat washer posted some days ago. It is made in the USA using 302 stainless steel in quantities of 1,000-1,500 pieces at a time and carries an approximate 4 week lead time. The dimensions are as follows: ID of .7180, OD of .9680, and Thickness of .0630.

  • Custom Flat Washer in 304 Series Stainless Steel

    We supply our diverse customer base countless special made flat washers, mostly on blanket as-released purchase order basis.  This is a custom 304 stainless steel flat washer made in the USA to an inside diameter of .600, outside diameter of .872, and thickness of .047 inches.

  • Custom Geomet Coated Washers - M5 Flat Washer With Geomet 500 Finish

    These custom Geomet coated washers are produced and finished domestically using 3 runs of Geomet 500 coating.  The washer itself is made using HV-140 steel material and is dimensionally almost identical to a standard DIN125A flat washer, with the thinner height being its only variation.  The ID is 5.3-5.48MM, the OD is 9.64-10MM, and the thickness is 0.8-.85MM.  A large variety of different Geomet coatings are available, not to mention the Xylan, Magni, and other trademarked finish processes at your disposal.  Lead time to get the plan flat washers produced is typically 8-12 weeks, and another 3-4 weeks for the Geomet 500 coating process.  

    Geomet coating is typically done using the dip-spin process, which is cost effective but it does allow for visual imperfections resulting from the buildup you can see in different sections of the parts.  Parts that require more cosmetic uniformity will need to go through a different method to limit these imperfections but as you may expect this comes at a significant premium.

  • Custom L Brackets In Plain Steel Material - 3/4" x 1/2"

    These are custom L brackets we provided our long time OEM customer.  We initially had 100 pieces produced for testing and engineering inspection prior to a full commitment for 20,000 estimated annual usage.  Plain low carbon steel material was used and the initial sample lot of 100 pcs was done within 1 week of print confirmation.  The outside dimensions were 3/4 X 1/4 on the narrow side and 1/2 X 1/2 on the wider section, with 1/8" diameter holes drilled 1/2" from the 90 degree angle on each side.

  • Custom Large Square Washers - 3" X 3" In A36 Material

    200 pieces of these custom large washers were manufactured domestically measuring 3" by 3" by .5" thickness, using A36 steel material with zinc plating per ASTM B633, SC2, Type 1. The inside opening had to be machined to a diameter of 1.06" +/- .01". All sharp edges had to be broken to .010-.030". Certifications for the material characteristics and the zinc plating was provided with the parts.

  • Custom Nylon Flat Washers - .4950 X 3180 X .0310

    These are custom nylon flat washers we supply to a long time customer on revolving as-released blanket purchase order basis.  Estimated annual usage is approximately 100,000 pieces.  They are manufactured domestically and stocked at our Santa Ana location.  Lead time for the initial release is typically at 45-60 days from an approved purchase order.  The custom washer measures .0310 at the thickness, .4950 on the outside diameter, and .3180 at the inside diameter.

  • Custom Precision Aluminum Plates - 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    These custom precision aluminum plates are manufactured using 6061-T6 material with plain finish, with our customer providing their own black and clear anodizing processes.  The plates are .100 +.002/-.005" in thickness and 2.5 +/- .04" in overall length.  The rivet counter-bores are machined to achieve the precise dimensional requirements on the drawing, with the drilled holes .196" in diameter.  Production is typically run at approximately 30,000 pieces at a time, with FAIR, material certs, and certificate of conformance provided.

  • Custom Precision Aluminum Stamped Plates - 6061-T6 Aluminum Material

    These custom precision aluminum stamped plates work in combination with a separate custom aluminum plate in a medical device application. The parts are extremely tight tolerance dimensionally and are clear anodized prior to their final use. The overall length is set at 2.5" and overall width at its maximum point is set at 1.70". Thickness is .100 +/- .004". It took 3 different sample runs to get these parts just right before running full production.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Shim Washers

    This is one of the number of shim washers we carry, all of which are made domestically in the USA. It's dimensions are 2.198 on the inside diameter, 2.647 on the outside diameter, and thickness of .060. Tolerances on these custom stainless steel shim washer inside and outside dimensions is +/- .010 inches, and +/-.004 on the thickness. All of the special shim washers we currently carry are supplied to our customers on a annual blanket purchase order basis.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Washers - 304 Stainless Steel Material

    These flat custom stainless steel washers are supplied to our long time customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis.  They are manufactured domestically using 304 stainless steel material and measure .047 +/- .0030" on the thickness, .8720 +/-.0050" on the outside diameter, and .600 +/- .0050" on the inside diameter.  We are extremely competitive on both domestic and import custom flat washers.

  • Custom Stamped Automotive Brackets

    These special stamped parts are provided in small quantities to our long time customer that applies the brackets in their automotive assembly process.  The brackets are made in the USA using ASTM A1008-10CS Type A cold rolled sheet material and depending on the customer needs the lead time can be as short as 1 week.

  • Custom Stamped L Brackets - 3/4 X 3/4 X 3/4 In Steel Zinc At .125" Material Thickness

    These custom stamped L brackets are made using low carbon steel material with zinc plated finish.  .125" thick material is used and the outside dimensions are 3/4" for each leg, as well as the width of the bracket length itself.  Production takes place in the USA and we typically run approximately 10,000 pcs at a time for this stamped part.  Our customer uses it in combination with two other custom stamped brackets used to assemble decorative paneling.

  • Custom Stamped Male/Female Flush Mounting Hardware

    Engineered Source supplies countless special stamped parts, from a number of different custom stamped washers to specialized stamped hardware items like these paired male and female flush mounting hardware parts.  They are stamped at a domestic US based factory that we have been working with for over 10 years and supplied on an as-needed blanket purchase order basis.

  • Custom Steel Spring Washers - Black Oxide Finish

    These custom steel spring washers were manufactured using high carbon steel material heat treated to 38-45 HRC with black oxide finish.  When flat, the inside diameter measures .126" and the outside diameter is at .245".  The thickness is set to .004" +/- .005" with our production parts mostly measuring around .007" in thickness.  In it's final shape the OD across the bent sides is at .231" +/- .005".  Production is typically done at 150,000 pieces at a time, which is the MOQ due to the tiny nature of this spring washer.

  • Custom Washers In 18-8 Stainless Steel Material

    These are custom washers in 18-8 stainless steel, manufactured domestically at just under 4,000 pieces.  The lead time was approximately 6 weeks from order confirmation.  Inside width on the washer is .340" to .350" and the outside width is .466" to .500".  Plain 18-8 stainless steel material was used and our internal part number is WA-340466057-I.

  • Special "Shim" Washers In 302 Stainless Steel

    Engineered Source Inc supplies its customer base an almost endless variety of special washers, from 302 & 304 stainless steel material to Teflon and everything in between.  This specific "shim" washer is made using 302 stainless steel and has dimensions of 2.198 ID, 2.647 OD, .018 TH with tolerance of +/- .010 on the OD and ID and +/- .001 for the thickness.  Special washers, like most other special fastener parts we supply, are typically ordered on a blanket purchase order basis with scheduled or as-needed releases.

  • Special 3 Wave Spring Washer

    This is a special 3 wave steel spring washer that we have been supplying our customer for a number of years.  We stock an approximately 12-18 month supply of the part and release it throughout the year based on our customer's usage.  We can supply custom spring washers in a countless array of materials, sizes, and dimensional parameters.

  • Special Belleville Washer In SAE 1060 Spring Steel

    Special washers are a staple category at Engineered Source and we supply our customer base with a wide range of types, sizes, and materials.  This is a special belleville washer made in the United States using SAE 1060 spring steel material and heat treated to 42-48 HRC.  It measures .475 on the inside dimension, .848 on the outside dimension, and .060 in thickness.  20 degree offset angle is used per customer's print specifications.

  • Special Flat Washer in Steel Zinc

    This is a special steel washer made to ID of 1.504, OD of 2.187, and TH of .062 with standard tolerances in place per customer's specifications. We supply hundreds of special washers in a variety of materials and parameters, both on an as-released blanket purchase order basis and single order release basis. Custom washers like this typically have a lead time of 6-8 weeks from a PO.

  • Special Washer To Print With Glass Bead Aluminum Oxide Finish

    This is one of a number of glass bead finished fastener parts we supply to our long time customer, made using low carbon steel to the following dimensions: .400 inside dimension, .750 outside dimension, and .060 thickness. The part is manufactured in the United States and sold on a blanket as-released purchase order basis. We typically have on hand 6-12 month supply of the part at any one time.