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Bondhus® tools are known the world over for their outstanding quality, durability, and strength. They deliver superior performance in any application, and include features designed to make any job easier. Bondhus tools are built to work hard, built to save time, and built to last.

Engineered Source is proud to offer the full line of Bondhus tools. From hex keys, L-wrenches, and T-handles to screwdrivers, bits, blades, and more, our readily available inventory makes it easy to find the Bondhus tools you need to get the job done right.

All Bondhus tools are made in the USA from Protanium® high torque steel. They’re precision manufactured to deliver smoother surfaces, sharper corners, and tighter tolerances than any other tools on the market. Bondhus tools are stronger, harder, and more ductile than the competition’s, and are specially designed to generate greater torque while resisting breakage.

Click here to view the complete Bondhus tools catalog and find the part numbers you need, or use the Tool Tutor below to find the perfect Bondhus tools for your specific application.

Bits & Blades

Bondhus Ball End inserts into a screw at a 25° angle, saves time by quickly funneling, tool into screw. Superior Ball End strength and working angle, works in hard to reach places, ideal for use in socket wrenches, power tools or with a Hextender for added reach. Available in Extra Long lengths

Bondhus Screwdrivers

To create a superior screwdriver, Bondhus gives great attention to detail. The ComfortGrip handle is more comfortable and features a better grip than typical screwdrivers. Bondhus is also the only company to match the size of our screwdriver handles to the screwdriver blade’s maximum torque.

Fold Up Tools

A Bondhus Fold Up is a tool for life. When designing the GorillaGrip® Fold Up, Bondhus engineers eliminated the problems of the average folding tool. GorillaGrip® Fold Up tools are stronger, more comfortable and easier to use. Patented Flutes allow for easy selection of one tool at a time. Turn & Flip Feature eliminates constant removal and repositioning in screw head when working against obstructions.

Hextender Tools

Extend tool reach and allow blades to be coupled with Hex or Star tools, extra length can be achieved using multiple Hextender/Blade combinations.

L-Wrench Tools

Bondhus Ball End inserts into a screw at a 25° angle, saves time by quickly funneling tool into screw, 25° angle allows natural hand and wrist movement, superior Ball End strength and working angle, works in hard to reach places

Nut Driver Tools

Ergonomic handle design, non-slip grip, anti-roll handle, high strength chrome plated shaft

Socket Bits

Bondhus ProHold® technology is a revolution in holding systems that makes all other holding systems obsolete. Bits seat firmly into socket. No special tools are required to remove bits from sockets. ProHold® buttons hold bit securely while allowing easy removal without the use of set screws or roll pins. Bits are suitable for use with standard or impact sockets.

Star Tools

Bondhus Star Tip tools are made to the same high standards as every tool we make. Our Star Tip tools are precision machined, available in several handle and tip types, and are the only Star Tip tools made from Protanium® High Torque Steel. Bondhus Star Tip and Star Plus Tip tools fit TORX®* brand screws.

T-handle Tools

Bondhus T-Handles are built to be comfortable, strong and durable. The welded handle and blade joint guarantees a permanent connection. The form-fitting handle fits the curve of the user’s hand. The Bondhus solid steel handle is heavy duty and generates a flywheel effect for super fast insertion and removal of screws.

Wing & Flag Tools

Fits all Star, Star Plus, and TORX®* brand screws. ComfortGrip Handles – soft rubber outer coating for maximum comfort and grip, chamfered tool tips eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head.