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Engineered Source, Inc., is ready to make your life easy! We sell commercial hardware and parts that are traditionally on the lowest rung of a product hierarchy. Typically classified as “C” items, these products are often given to companies’ newest buyers as a way to cut their teeth in the business. However, many of these “C” items can wreak just as much havoc on a production line as “A” items if they’re not right or (even worse) if they’re not there. Everyone has heard stories about sending employees home for the lack of a five-cent part, so the goal is to always have the right parts at the right time. But, you can’t spend all your time trying to keep track of them—that’s where Engineered Source comes in.

We carry a wide variety of commercial hardware parts and products. Standard fasteners are only the beginning— specialty hardware, special coatings and materials, special colors, and special packaging are all within our scope. We sell brass fittings, power cords, wire harnesses, springs, hinges, electrical connectors, shrink tubing, wire form parts, Bondhus brand tools, stampings, injection molded parts, and more. We challenge you to request a piece of commercial hardware we can’t provide!

ESI is completely focused on doing business the way you want. We can help you design special parts for your unique application. We can accept blanket orders for your yearly requirements; we’ll have the part made, stock it on our shelves, and release it to you as you require. We take pride in selling a wide range of “Made in the USA” parts.

Once you choose to do business with us, tell us what else we can find for you. Let us be your vendor for any specialty or commercial hardware you don’t want to worry about. We can also help you find any related items you may need.

Engineered Source has been in business since 1991. Real people answer the phone when you call. We ship stock items the same day. We constantly strive to be more efficient and more adaptable to our customers needs. Contact us today to give us a try—we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Request a quote on the commercial hardware or specialty products you need, or contact one of our representatives to learn more.

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